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Johnny Depp Sketch Outline, How to BeginThis is the very beginning of a pencil sketch that I am working on of Johnny Depp’s famous character Captain Jack Sparrow.  I have done this piece a few times on different media – a bar stool, 2 pieces of 1/8 inch cedar, an iron on transfer for a book bag. 

I have enjoyed each one of these drawings and projects.  This is one of the most famous poses you will find this character in.  I start out with a soft woodless graphite pencil and begin with the outline of his features.

I used to save the eyes for last, but I think if you begin with the eyes, you will notice the drawing “pop” earlier.

After I get the intial outline done, I take and begin with the Captain Jack Sparrow Pencil Sketchdarker corners of the subjects face and shade in those area’s – for this I used a woodless charcoal ebony, and then I use several sizes of “tortillions” to get the charcoal to move where I would like it.  I have often seen artists use their fingers, this works well if you are not working a porous surface as the above serving tray.

I begin to add a little color just to put it into perspective for myself.  In the piece above, I did not care for the shading on his nose, so I did go back through and lighten up the nose to make it more broad as it truly is.

More on the finishings to come…

Happy New Year.

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This is a finished copy of a bar stool that I auctioned off in 2007.  I decided to repeat Captain Jack Sparrow Pencil Sketch Johnny Deppthe process and share with you as I go along the pictures of how I drew a pencil sketch of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow the one, the only Pirate of the 21st century! Well, I am sure Mark and Annie would have something to say about that.  This piece  had an inlaid piece of jewelry within Jack Sparrows Dreadlocks.

The piece shown is a copy that I turned into a book bag for my mommy, I again produced the stars and celestial effect using photoshop, but the original circle image is what was created on the bar stool  With a gloss finish on the top and a flat black on the legs of the bar stool, the contrast really was quite interesting.

The picture on the right is now floating around Wauconda, Illinois or a near suburb as someone’s ass end is sitting on Johnny’s face drinking rum no doubt, no horror in that ladies!

In the coming days, I will share with you the beginnings of a serving tray that I am working on with a very similar picture of our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow!

Soul to Soul


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Devin Hester – Chicago Bears

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As I sit and watch the Chicago Bears – I ponder the question, how long will it take for the Chicago Bears to trade him? Would it surprise anyone? Will they see dollar signs and think he is trading material?

I certainly hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me!

This piece was done on a vintage window, I sprayed the front with frost and sketched with white and black charcoal pencils the Chicago Bears Logo – for my brother in law.

Pencil Sketch Chicago Bears Logo

I also want to thank Koz for recently donating several autographed photo’s of the Chicago Bears players for our 15th annual Christmas party – due to weather conditions – the attendance was down this year, but I was able to raise $200.00 and donated it to The Assisi Foundation in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  I was amazed at the phone calls I made to organizations, I wanted to help out kids that were not going to have any gifts under the tree, and never got any calls back.  Thanks for your concern – so the money went to an organization that needed and appreciated it!

We adopted our two cat’s Carly and Stanley from Assisi over the last two years, and I would recommend them highly.  The Cat thats afraid of Scissors!.

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New Years 2008 and 5 little things!

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Share your likes and indulgences – get to know your fellow bloggers!

New Years is approaching all to quickly – planning on staying in for most of the weekend, its pretty typical Chicago-Style weather, dreary, ugly and I am waiting for Summer!

What makes us all tick, what makes us happy? With so much death and distruction in Chicago Bears Office Chairthe news and all around us, I’d like to take this time to open up the floor for comments and conversation.

Things that make me happy or put a smile on my face these days:

1 – Stevie Ray Vaughan – any way shape or form (I know..its getting old)
2 – My new Chicago Bears Office Chair – even though they blew off the entire year, but  they swept Green Bay!
3 – Fresh Clean Sheets
4 – Playing Nap on a cold day
5 – A purring cat in my lap

Whether its a corn dog at Coney Island, or a ski lodge filled with laughter – what puts a smile on your face?  Go for it, even if it involves your nasal passage – what a funny conversation that was over at Bloggeries Forum!

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Pencil Sketch from Photo of Sting

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This particular pencil sketch was done for Becky – Pencil Sketch of Stingfor those of us who know her, we know there are no others like her, Diana, the comment box is waiting for you….

I drew this on a rainy sunday afternoon knowing Becky’s birthday was coming.  With plans to go see Sting in concert I thought it was a great way to send her off for her weekend adventure to Washington. 

I first started out with several pictures of Sting, and have one where he sat solemly on a set of city stairs, in one quick view it looked like him, but this one captured his essence, it captured something celestial that Becky is all about with a little bit of help from photoshop, I added the moon in the background.  This pencil sketch was done with a woodless graphite pencil HB.

When I first met Becky from what I heard of her, I was not sure we would get along, it was.. Becky – The Woman, The Myth, The Legend all in an hour and a half interview.  I did not know whose shoes I was filling nor did I know if I could stand in them and walk with as much grace.   I never imagined what a true and honest person that I was about to meet.  I owe alot of my knowledge on SEO and Internet Marketing to her, and her thirst for knowledge was a driving force in my insatiable quest as well.  A friend that I will carry with me, no matter what road I choose to travel.  No strings, no judgement, and NO DOUBT!

Soul to Soul ~.

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Pencil Sketch Picture Baby PhotoCongrats to John & Chrissy up in the snow covered tundra of Minnesota on the arrival of Madeline Rose – born on Christmas Day 2007 after a long night..but I hear there was an epidural involved in the process – you cheaters! What movies did you watch?

I looked at some pictures after Jake was born, during the early 90’s and the horrific HMO’s that were in place.. I felt like I went through a drive through delivery.. umm.. what would you like… “a baby” okay..your cost..over five grand, please pull forward.

Jake is now six foot two and over 250 – yeah, one would think that he would play football with my love for the game, but not happening in our household, but he sure can play good guitar.

Enjoy it to its fullest John & Chrissy – before you know it, she will be dating…and they may be just like John! I am looking forward to taking Madeline’s Flat Stanley to Victoria Secret as well!

I drew this using graphite and charcoal, I added the pink for the baby girl with Photoshop!

Soul to Soul


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Stevie Ray Vaughan Pencil Sketch Drawing

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Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music is still an inspiration to me, and his story as so many know, has been written about and talked about since his passing in 1991.  One of my all time favorite guitarist’s, his dedication to his music should be a lesson for all of us. Stevie Ray Vaughan Pencil Sketch Drawing

It doesn’t matter what mood I am in, the minute I put on some of Stevie’s best, my attitude can change, from the moment he hits the first cord in the song Hug You, Squeeze You, it brings me to life. I can picture his fingers on the neck of Number One, and can feel the passion he had for what he did through his playing. 

This piece of Stevie was younger in his career and yet, it speaks.  I once read about the Vaughan forearms and you can clearly see as I tried to bring out in this portrayal of him, the muscle that he had behind his playing.  I love watching as he plays and uses the thumb on his left index finger on the neck of his favorite guitar, adding to the uniqueness of his playing and his style.

This was a graphite drawing that I hang proudly in my office, I used photoshop on this original piece to add the light behind him and the stars that float above him.  The price he paid for the hard road that he lead was only beginning to become a written piece of his history, with those chapters un-finished due to his un-timely passing.   Any fan will agree, I am sure, that the remaining chapters of his life would have surpassed many of his guitar hero’s and his mentors.  

Fender Artist Series Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst

Fender Artist Series Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst

Select alder body. Special oval neck shape. Pao ferro fretboard. A trio of Texas Special single coils. Gold left-side tremolo.


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Criss Angel Mind Freak Sketch

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This one is dedicated to Sarah Chris Angel Mind Freak Sketch

the little girl I never had!

What a delight to draw, this is my rendition of Criss Angel from Mindfreak!

The six pack ab’s, they were delightful to draw, this was done in graphite pencil and I enchanced his hair with black charcoal.

My all time favorite stunt of Criss is the one where he walks through solid glass, where a solid can not pass through a solid.   It is a stunning video of his true capabilities of an illusionist.  Freaky all the way through – you will get goose bumps if you haven’t seen it..

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Pirate Sketch & Drawing

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Yo’ Ho’ Captain Jack Sparrow, taken from the similarities of Johnny Depp’s character, I wanted to create a pirate that watched over who ever decided this piece was going to be in their collection.  

This is a piece that was done on a vintage window taken out of an old house.  This was an unusual piece that took me quite some time to perfect.  The front of the Pirate Sketch Drawing Captain Jack Sparrowwindow was painted to create a frosted effect, the back of the window was painted black gloss.  

I used charcoal for the majority of the painting, along with some enamels to actually bring out the dreadlocks that this pirate is sporting.

I have auctioned a mighty fine bar stool at a charity auction recently that was a spot on image of the true Captain Jack Sparrow – Johnny Depp, I will post that soon.  It can as well be seen at The Trade Show Blog just search Captain Jack Sparrow and he will come up.

This piece was put on Ebay and I sent it off to Florida to a couple who belong to the Krewe of South Shore Marauders.  Mark & Annie stand here with the hand crafted treasure chest on their way to one of their parades.  

Mark had this to say about the Krewe of South Shore Marauders:  Krew South Shore Marauders Pirates

As a Krewe we raise money for scolarships in our area as well as performing community service projects such as Locks of Love and the cancer walk. We also do an annual Pirate Idol fundraiser. We are also participate in eight parades a year. We are in parade season now. We have already done the Ruskin Veterans Day parade and the Kwewe of Venus Christmas parade. The biggest parades are coming up in Jan. and Feb, These are the Gasparilla Childrens parade, Gasparilla Day parade and pirate Invasion(third largest in the country) and the St. Yago Knight parade.”

Thanks Mark & Annie – I hope this pirate watches over all who sleep beneath!


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Tropical Painting Palm Trees OceanIf anyone knows me, they know that I do not like winter. If it snowed two days a year, that is one too many. Christmas day with snow is fine in my book but after that, it’s bring out the beach towel and give me sand between my toes, a good book and the beach.

Oh-and do not forget the Corona Light – that’s a staple!

As life dicates, that is not yet able to happen. So, I find pleasure in painting and drawing the tropical sunsets and beaches.

Thanks to Island Lake Tanning & Travel – they book ‘em and brown ‘em and I give them a little taste of paradise during the snow filled dreary days.

Go figure, she owns a Tanning Salon – that would be Jennifer Koeppen and her husband Bob Koeppen owns a snow plowing company.

I have been able to display alot of my art work, from pencil drawings to paintings. Here is a piece of a piece that hangs in the salon. Alot of the material I use is found in the junk or in recycled piles that people have tossed to the curb. (thanks buck) This is actually a piece of old used cardboard that I took from Primeline, Inc. when I worked for Sully!

Please read on to find out more about Island Lake Tanning & Travel and give Jenny a call next time you want to take a trip – God know’s I wish I did! More on that story tomorrow!
Island Lake Tanning & Travel – “We book ‘em & brown ‘em!- 847-526-0680 211. E. State Road, Island Lake, IL. 60042 (next to Culvers on Rt. 176)

Conveniently located: 8.5 minutes from Lakemoor, 5 minutes from Wauconda, and 10 minutes from Mchenry

Monday-Friday: 8 am – 9 pm – Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm – Sunday: 8 am – 12:00
Any laydown bed $5 and $1 for standup

3 levels of laydown and the latest in tanning bed bulb technology. Come experience the strongest and quickest stand up tanning with a maximum exposure time of 7 minutes.
Your full service tanning salon has an in-house travel agent. When you book your next vacation, you earn free tanning to get ready for your trip.

Let Jenny book your vacation plans or just a trip home to see loved ones. She works hard to find the best deals and promotions for her customers!

New Customers print this out – and mention the Blog and you get a free laydown tan or stand up.


Offer expires December 31st, 2008.
Thanks for stopping by!
Soul to Soul.