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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Shake for Me Sketch

I was asked to do another version of my very first post of Stevie Ray Vaughan, but incorporate more tree’s and an icy river within the conches of his signature hat.

The song Shake For Me resonated in the back of my mind, the icy part, I am in Chicago, so that is so not an issue at this very moment, as we are under a winter weather advisory. Shaking is the only option as you go out into this winter mix of ice, snow and cold.

The original piece that I did with a woodless graphite pencil is still without any conch design. So I happily obliged. I did a tropical beach scene in the last mutli-medium sketch of Stevie, which some liked and some had comments that it did not look right.

Well, I suppose the additional order of for another Stevie proved them incorrect. I painted the original tree’s and mountains on an 8 x 10 canvas, enhancing the icy waters of the river with water caps with white tips. The tree’s in the background were begun with a ebony black and I added the greenery with a rough round bristle brush. Adding depth to the trees along the river bank.

I put the dark reds with the orange setting sun just as a glimpse in the rivers bed towards the end of the river. The entire 8 x 10 was done in Acrylics by Anita, a real reasonable paint to purchase for any art project!

Upon completion of the painting, I scanned and used photoshop to merge the two pieces, I had to use the lasso tool in photo shop to inlay the painting into the conches! I will elaborate later on the signature “no doubt” that sits at the bottom of the sketch.

Enjoy ~.


Hendrix and Vaughan – Guitar Legends

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Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar Legends

This copy is for sale! Hit the Contact Susie Page to inquire.

Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar Legends.  Stevie Ray never got to see Jimi perform live and yet, he had great success in uncovering his talent.    Stevie once said humbly about being compared to Jimi Hendrix, that “there is only one Jimi Hendrix.” “I just want to keep his music alive.”

As Stevie never got to see Hendrix live, I did not get to see Stevie live, my husband Buck had the honor to do so in concert 1986 at Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates, his girlfriend back then, nut job she was, would sit in her shoe closet, and hit herself in the head with reebok’s, it’s a good thing he got rid of her. Someone gave her tickets, not knowing who Stevie was, said take these, “who wants to see some hillbilly a$$ehole…”  

I searched YouTube for the rare interview that I have of Mark Goodman and Stevie, when Stevie talks about the dreams he had of Jimi, where they sat across from one another, just listening and sharing.  I believe if we are all open minded enough, we can feel the energy of those that have past.   If you want to see an honest, humble Stevie Ray Vaughan on YouTube watch this clip when his friends talk about him, he is head down and uncomfortable with the compliments.  Yet he touched so many.

What motivates us? When I hear Stevie rip through a song, with grace and ease, like he is walking down the street, that motivates me.  That put’s me in a mind frame of getting things done.  When we get up in the morning, we should be getting up to something that makes us feel good.  Why the guilt when we indulge in ourselves in activities that we enjoy and make us feel good. 

I sat here the other day, pencil in hand and thought, I should clear out the dust bunnies and get the floors scrubbed.  Instead, I took three hours to start a painting and get some items in order that will be auctioned off in February.  (more details will follow.)

Life is too short, enjoy and always remember “no doubt.”

~ Soul to Soul.

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Custom Pencil Sketch from Photo

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Custom Pencil Sketch from PhotoThis is my son Jake, when we were in Puerta Vallarta last February.  We stayed at Club Meza Del Mar.  Which, I would highly recommend for anyone that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. 

Club Meza Del Mar was one of the first hotels to offer all- inclusive.  I have to say, the breakfast was over the top with variety.   The rooms are spacious, we stayed in a 2 bedroom suite.  Could you get better accomodations? Yes, but it is well worth the price.  We did not spend alot of time in the room, it could use improvements for sure, but if you are planning on alot of beach Vallarta Adventures whale watching trip.time, this is the place to stay.

This picture of Jake was  taken after a long day of whale watching and lunch & a snorkeling attempt at Las Caletas, it was extraordinary and absolutely beautiful little getaway and we had several whales that were following the boat, here is a baby that surfaced.  

I started this drawing a few months back,  and figured I would post it showing some points that need improvement.  If you look at Jake’s eye, you will notice that he does not appear to be looking completely forward, and that is throwing it off as an exact replica.  I used  charcoal on this drawing and had a heavy hand in the shading and blending. I need to adjust the tip of his nose as well, as you can see I have not captured the little ball on the end of his nose. 

I often have the problem of using to heavy of a hand with outlines and shading, which will cause issues, when you need to go back and erase and re-draw.  A lighter touch at the beginning of the drawing will help when you are starting out, it is so much easier to correct your mistakes..

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Feedburner Widget, text not working

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I had an issue that one of my readers pointed out and I searched several terms this morning trying to figure out why my text link would not work if you clicked the feedburner icon, it worked, but the text did not. 

I followed many instructions, editing the .htacess files, and the side bar files.  No such luck.  I had a RSS Widget with the data in it, and low and behold it is as simple as using a text widget with your feedburner code added.

What a bone head! I need to draw myself with a dunce cap on! And learn to read all the way to the end of the directions!.

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Horsin' Around – Farm Heritage Shows

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Growing up on a small farm was awesome, a few years back my Horse Pencil Sketchingfather, son and nephew restored an old 1951 Allis Chalmers Tractor, they were in the Lake County Farm Heritage Show, and I was in awe of all the kids that were completely fascinated by the animals, equipment and tractors. 

This was a daily part of my life from five years on.  It’s funny how most little girls when I was growing up were enthralled with and had a love for horses. Than we grew up and it changed to men.  Boy, if only we knew!

Baling hay is still part of our summer ritual, and my dad at 82 still is out there busting his hump.  This is a sketch that I did of one of my first horses, he was eight years old when we bought him when I was five, he lived to be over 35 years of age.  Gunsmoke went blind at an early age, it is called ERU.  It was amazing how comfortable this horse seemed in his environment, he didn’t seem to loose all his sight at once, and was in such familiar territory.  Caring for a blind horse can have it’s challenges, but there are many resources.  It seemed Gunsmoke did not shed his winter fur as well as he aged, he became a wooly mammoth, if he was not attended to regularly.

As spring time approaches, and the weather warms up and if you have small children, I highly suggest to take a drive in the country or search for a Farm Show to expose not just your children to this type of history, but yourselves as well. .

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Biker in Paradise

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Biker in ParadiseI can only say..FREEZING here in the suburbs of Chicago.. this piece was out of the archives.  It now resides somewhere in Canada, where it can be quite possibly colder than Chicago.  Not a pretty thought.

This is a window that came out of an old barn in Elgin, Illinois. (Thanks Aaron) I wanted to portray “freedom” and as I was told by the gentleman who purchased it, thats just what it said.  It reminded him of his weekend  ride down in Florida.   This is one window that I did not leave in tattered state, it was cleaned up and painted with outdoor oil paint, semi-gloss white.  The mullions were in terrific shape! I used a recycled piece of cardboard for the canvas, and painted the ocean, streets and palms.  The canvas was painted with acrylics by Anita, and I painted the front of the glass in enamels, giving it a more of a 3D effect.  I used silica sand to mimic the waves crashing on shore. 

When I look at my pieces that are tropical themed, they immediately take me somewhere warm, which by the way is not the suburbs of Chicago, where there is now in my opinion way to much snow on the ground!.

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Criss Angel by: Sierra

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Criss Angel by Sierra

I just love when other artist’s share their work and their drawing style.  Sierra took the time to email me some of her sketches of Criss Angel. 

I must agree with her when she says that one of the reasons she loves to draw Criss is because his looks are always changing. 

Criss Angel is Sierra’s role model in her career of illusion and art. Drawing has always been a passion for her, since little of on. 

She enjoys drawing people who have an air of beauty and mysteriousness about them.  She belives Criss Angel fits that bill! Being big on shading, as I am, she walks away from her sketch book with fingers full of graphite!

Thanks for sharing Sierra!.

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Jim Morrison Sketch Step Two

The chin on this pencil sketch has given me fits all day, so I say to Jim..

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I’ll never look into your eyes…again

It really will not be the ending, but I did want to share my mistake piece with my followers.. somehow, Jim got a double chin.. and that is not a good thing.  

This is not the Adonis that I wanted to create, its more like Jim Belushi after too many Bears games, oh yeah..we don’t have to worry about that, cuz the bears stunk this year.  Back to Mr. Mojo Risin’ – The majority of work that I did on this piece was truly a very light layer of charcoal, and then I blended and blended, and I blended the poor bloak a double chin.

Stay tuned, he will come to life! I will also post the photo of which I took this drawing from!.

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19 the Entrecard Forum

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I just started out the other day at work using Entrecard, I got a wonderful recommendation from a Fawnzy Entrecard Forum, for my personal blog. With some knowledgeable people and interesting tips for those of us that are just starting out on Entrecard!.

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Jim Morrison – Pencil Sketch

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Jim Morrison - Pencil Sketch How To“We want the world and we want it now! ” One of the best one liner’s that came out of the rock era thus far.
IMO – From When the Music’s Over. Throw that song on in a dark room with incense burning.

Jim Morrison enchanted and mesmerized the late 1960’s with his lyrics and his Adonis persona.  Listening to Jim Morrison and The Doors instantly brings me back to my days in  high school, with the romantic and eerie organ that would hang in the background of Jim’s vocals, you could be transported any where your imagination could take you.  Or was that the extra substance that was sprinkled on the brownies.. none the less.

I started this pencil sketch of Jim and magnified it to 24 x 18-I bought a new toy.  The Tracer, it will magnify images up to 14 times their original size.  Rock on there, I see a few murals in my house in my future.

Going back to a basic number 2 pencil the outline and the shading have been smudged and blended.  Adding depth to the deep pockets of Jim’s eyes, I have used General’s Pastel Chalk – 4481 Black.   I have not laid down alot of lead, or chalk yet at this point,  I have manipulated the outline and the darker parts of his facial features strongly with blending.  .

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