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Sponge Bob BacardiCheers! I was out and about stumbling this morning and ran across a fellow blogger running an awesome contest that uses ArtPad.  Woohooo.. I found a new toy to check out!

This is a simple contest similar to the contest I won on Station Atomica with his Entre-card Anti Contest.  Quick drawings and just plain old fun, with a bonus at the end. I did not even know there were credits involved! Plain old fun – no sign up for this, write this, do this, dance upside down, bowl between your partners legs or have a chinese fire drill!

This is a spongebob that I morphed into a picture from Cabo San Lucas – at the very tip of the penisula! I did this in charcoals and had to add the bottle of Bacardi for good cheer!.

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Mama, I'm coming home

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Ozzy Osbourne & Sarah Pencil SketchYou made me cry, you told me lies
But I cant stand to say goodbye
Mama, Im coming home
I could be right, I could be wrong
Hurts so bad, its been so long
Mama, Im coming home!

This was a gift for the little girl I never had! Sarah! How would we all feel if our daughter called you and said.. Mama, I’m coming home……and she brought home someone like the famed Ozzy? What a story that is, I watched Dee Snyder’s wife talking about when she brought him home. What a fun program to watch.  It doesn’t always turn out bad!

Sarah’s a rocker – that’s for sure, at the great old age of 11, she know’s what good rock music is! I love seeing when younger kids get into the heart of rock ~n~ roll, that my generation grew up with.  I enjoy seeing the spark of interest in the old albums that have been tucked away into the attic and they start digging through them.  My son, Jake has been playing guitar for two years now – and he isn’t playing all the new stuff, he is concentrating on Grand Funk, Aerosmith and some I have never heard of even from my era. 

I took a light box to get the characters correctly proportioned on this sketch for Sarah’s birthday.  Having to take and manipulate the pictures via scanning and printing to get them sized correctly so they would fit into one another like a puzzle piece.  Done in Woodless Graphite – 97-4B..

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Twenty Minutes with Past Grammy Winners

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February 26, 1985 – I am going with Twenty minutes with past grammy winners… it came to me when I 1985012.jpg ran across a blog that had referenced Led Zepplin and it’s all about the music throwing me right back into my second year in high school.  Student lounge, late passes, smoking lounge and hanging out and learning to drive. 

I decided to look up my past in rock history.  Grammy = service mark in the recording arts and sciences.  If someone asked me to say off the top of my head who won, the lifetime achievement award in 1985 – I would never had uttered Chuck Berry.  We all know Chuck Berry, foot out front and a dance that’s impossible to most. 

Best New Artist – 1985 Grammy went to Cyndi Lauper

It’s true,  girls just wanna have fun.. ! I guess I was having a scad of fun, I certainly remember the high pitched sound and the dancing in circles.   How about Tina Turner winning Best Record for “What’s love got to do with it?”

I collage’d  these three artists together for your day in Grammy history, from a sharpened number two school pencil, I ran them together, with just a touch of smudging with only my pinky finger..

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Going down to the beach!

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Going to down to the beachDo you remember growing up and having Saturday Chores, when all you wanted to do was watch cartoons?

I do, but it was my sister who got to do the chores, I got to watch her and cartoons! (me-sticking my tongue out)

Well, now that I have grown up and have a home of my own, those chores need to be done regardless of what cartoons are on.

I set out one Saturday morning to clean the stairwell that leads to our basement. It gets alot of traffic, this is known as “The Bat Cave” and my batty husband spends the majority of his winter down there. Well, needless to say, with the nitty gritty dirty salty dusty residue that collects on the shelves and the walls. I had pulled all the junk out of there, and was all set to clean it.

I realized, I didn’t want to clean it, it needed something else. So, out came the paints and five hours later, we had Buck’s Beach. This was done in all Acrylic Craft Paints, I put some real sand in the paint to give it a bit of texture, as if you are looking out at a beach. Done on the 3 walls that encase the stairway, it gives a brighter look to the “Bat Cave”

So, when you are not up to cleaning.. I say paint it!

I also ran across a new RSS Feed Site today, you may all want to check it out!

~ Soul to Soul.

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Twelve Minutes with Scarlett Johansson

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Twelve Minutes with Scarlett JohanssonScarlett was born around Thanksgiving, and who of the male pursuasion is not “Thankful” for that! I honestly have not had her on my radar, but some friendly folk over at Bloggeries were tossing thier ideas into the artistic arena, so boys.. this is for you!

Thanks for the idea! I sat down, google imaged Scarlett Johansson, and couldn’t even get the name correct.. I need to flip on the tube a little more often and see who’s hot and who’s not.  Is Mick Jagger still hot?

I am an old rocker who worked for two lads in the 80’s that I called Cheech and Chong, at 5 o’clock the door to their office would open, and pot smoke would billow out in wafts of fluffly scented clouds.

 So, my knowledge on Scarlett is not truly up to par, I shall admit.  I am stuck in the 70’s and early 80’s. 

 This is my twelve minutes with Scarlett..I hope you all find enjoyment out of it.. she is truly a beauty..the lips are like the big blossoms on peonies.. her curves remind me of Marliyn Monroe!

 I will now have to go research this honey of 2008 and find out a little bit more about her.  The sketch was done on regular copy paper with a Generals Layout/Ebony Pencil # 555, it is not cleaned up or refined.. this was a timed venture.. How many of you would like to spend 12 minutes with Scarlett?

~ Soul to Soul.

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Wellness Wednesday – The Forgiven

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The Forgiven Pencil Sketch DrawingWellness Wednesday… during a conversation yesterday with a friend who is stepping into the unknown playing field of a Breast Cancer Battle, someone told a story of a Wellness Bracelet. 

Wearing this bracelet on the left wrist, one is supposed to be aware of the “complaint’s” we have. When you complain you are supposed to remove the bracelet and place it on your right wrist.

Day to day, do we stop and realize all we are fed up with. That would be a mighty yes, do we stop and realize all the blessings in our life.  Not quite as often.

On this Wednesday, let’s stop and forget about the pain in the ass at work or the person that cut’s us off at the light. Let us remember, the day our children were born, the day we fell in love and just what makes us smile and feel content. 

This is a copy of The Forgiven, that I donated to a church auction about a year ago.  The sketch was done in graphite, the edges were burned and it was laid on a piece of mighty oak, representing the strength in us all.

~ Soul to Soul.

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Marilyn Monroe Monday Morning

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Marilyn Monroe SketchMarilyn Monroe Monday Morning –  This piece is another one that I did on a bar stool, this was  a bar stool, that my dear husband found whilst  dumpster diving.

The treasures that are thrown out in the Village he works for are priceless.

I used a soft HB woodless graphite pencil to draw Marilyn in two of her famous poses.  I can say with certainty, I am not crazy about the bottom of the drawing, I did not feel I captured the softness of her curves.
Curves that were mind you a size 14, in todays standards that would be considered a XL or even heavy.  Stunning in her classy dresses, and her quite nature.

“Some Like it Hot”  classic, with her wit and charm, along with sex appeal.  Marilyn was a stunning woman, and had such grace..

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Recycled Light Switch Covers

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Hand Painted Light Switch PlatesLights Out!

But not for these bad boys that I had found in the summer months during junk days!

These are light switch covers that I found in a box, there had to be over 50 of these switch plate covers at the curb waiting for the garbage truck.   Waiting to end up in the land fills.

Metal, Ceramic and Plastic switch covers, from one slot to four.  I took the ceramic one and had my husband sand it down, and I put a base coat of flat white spray paint on it, and I added the tropical sunset to give it some flare, using enamel craft paint by Anita,

I mixed solid black with an amber red to get the dark water’s.  The three slotted light switch has silica sand embedded in it, and gives a bit of a glow in the evening so that you can actually see where the switch plate is at.  With beads of real sand and a bit of texture, it is a beauty in any sun room.  Using several tones of blue for the water, and combining white gives the depth as the beach scene meets the horizon.

I shot them with a glossy lacquer to give them more protection from wear and tear in rooms that are have more frequent traffic. 

I love finding items that have been disgarded that I can bring back to life by giving them a unique look and turning them into works of art.  There are many different forms of recycling, and if you are unsure if there is a recycling collection center around, check out Earth 911..

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Entrecard Contest with a bonus

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100 Stevie Ray Vaughan PlateEntrecard Credit’s going on the auction block, along with my commemorative plate of Stevie Ray Vaughan and a blog review from Bloggeries!  I decided to do throw a contest, to turn over some of my art stock, this hand crafted plate was done by a woodsmith that lived next door while I was growing up.

The sketch was done in graphite pencil and a bit of charcoal.  To qualify for the 100 entrecard credits and the plate, which will be mailed to you via priority mail

To enter the contest – 

Comment on any post that you choose on Pencil Drawing Sketch Art make sure you make reference to the contest.

Stumble this post with a review

Pick any post on Pencil Drawing Sketch Art and blog about it. 

It doesn’t have to be long, just a ditty on Custom Pencil Sketches or what you may like about a particular piece.

I will choose the winner through and once I do will notify you by email – to obtain where you would like the commemorative plate sent to as well as the 100 entrecard credits and your review will be taken care of by Rob over at the Bloggeries Forum

Contest will end February 22nd!.

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Romancing the Sketch

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Pencil Sketch from Photo

Candle light and a glass of wine, this is a very special time. 

 A warm fire, a soft glow.  A midnight movie or the late late show?

Cuddlin’ on the sofa, sipping from the glass.  Asking for a kiss, he say’s nah..think I’ll pass.

Laughing about the joke, teasing is the game,  the chuckles we have, spark the flame.                                                ~ susie

Valentine’s and Birthdays! I was commissioned to draw a couple in love!

This was an interesting project that I got through a testimonial of I put on Hawkhost, which is great by the way!

Bryan & Adriana – Sometime in January Bryan contacted me for a Valentine’s/Birthday gift for Adriana, and he sent me the original picture, which I honestly struggled with because of the shading of both their faces.  I struggled with the detail of their eyes mostly, because they had such a shadow over them.  I did the original drawing about 6 times.. and was not pleased, neither was Bryan.   Sending me back this photo, I got a clear picture of the couple in love!

I did this entire drawingin graphite, and added the backdrop of the original picture to the final sketch! If you are commissioned to do any type of drawing, and are not comfortable with the outcome, and struggle as I did, move on, take a step back and ask for another photo!.

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