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Nominee for Young Blog Awards

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Young Blog Awards Nominee

I’ve been nominated for Young Blog Awards – check out it out – and throw a vote my way if you feel so inclined!

 Thank you so very much!.

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Pencil Sketch of Stevie Ray Vaughan with Number One & His Signature HatYeah, I know, it’s a repeat Stevie Ray Vaughan Drawing.  I originally brought two with me to allow Cutter his choice for the SRV Memorial Ride, but on our second visit to Heart of Texas Music on South Lamar Street, and meeting Ray Hennig, I knew that this picture was to have a home in one of Stevie’s favorite hangouts, and the place he first layed his hands on his ’59 Strat.  AKA Number One, the story behind that is a great one, I will share it the upcoming days.  Stevie was in Ray’s store each and every day.  It was great to hang out and just feel the nostalgia there.

Ray Hennig was one of Stevie’s closest friends, and what a kind southern gentleman he is.  Ray took the time to share stories about Stevie and several things that went on during those beginning years, and told us the story of how he would throw Stevie a pack of strings over the counter, when he would buzz in before he was going to do a show.

As we were getting ready to leave, Ray asked Jake what strings he used, and set him up with a bag full.  I got one of the greatest compliments that I have in my life, being that Stevie is such a passion of mine to draw, Ray asked if I would inscribe it to him, as I was doing so, he put his hands over Stevie’s mouth, and said the mouth looks good, and I have seen a lot of drawings of Stevie, but you really captured his eyes, and that nose dead on.

Ray was going to hang this in the back, so no one stole it, and I inscribed it – To: Ray, thanks for sharing your stories.

Susie Kleiner

~ Soul to Soul from Austin !.

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Happy Birthday Steven Tyler

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Steven Tyler Pencil SketchHappy Birthday Steven Tyler!

Steven Tyler has a style all unto itself, if you have ever listened to Just Push Play, the beginning of the song starts with a sassy nanananahhhh, nannahhhnna from a front man that can belt out some fantastically ferocious lyrics.

You Gotta Move debuted on Tuesday, November 23rd at 7:00 PM at several Regal Cinema’s across the country, I happened to snag tickets for this IMAX type event.  My son & husband crabbed the entire drive, by the end of the Big Screen Concert they were pleasantly surprised.

This was truly a unique experience, with interesting footage of the band. 

Steven Tyler says, “I just spent four weeks in Pandora’s Box mixing this puppy into a sweet 5.1 lather, and tonight, for one night only, you’re gonna hear, see and feel 30 years of clubs, arenas, juke joints and jams rolled into two hours of sweet concert insanity!”

While I was watching this Big Screen Concert, it was clearly evident that this man’s mind never stops ticking, constantly trying to figure out the best mix of crazy composing and blending it correctly to make yet another number one song.  Dedication to his passion, is most likely the drive behind the success and continuation of a band that has seen the seemy side of life, and lived to tell about it..

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Austin, Texas, The SRV Ride & Bone Art

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After a long March, caulked full of bad news, the good news is, we will be in Austin, TX as you read this.  I am a huge fan of the book, Can’t Stop a Comet, by Cutter Brandenburg and have emailed with him back & forth since I purchased his book.  Pencil Sketch of Stevie Ray Vaughan with Number One & His Signature Hat

Some will argue, it’s not all about SRV, but it is about life, and it is about dedication of what friends and people do for one another.  The book is full of information of Cutter’s life on the road, and the people he met, and how they touch his life.

Life is short, NO DOUBT, take that for what it is,  use it, live it, learn it, and continue to grow it.  There is no going back in life, you may be able to correct the wrongs, but you will not be able to re-live the moment. Cherish the people around you and enjoy life. 

Stevie Ray is an icon, he is a legend, his music will envoke in you a person you never knew existed, take the time to listen.  My friend Danny over at Guitar Players Center takes time, each and every night, not only playing his own stuff, but playing the licks, the riff’s and the melodies of those that have shaped our world with music as great as Stevie, Jimi, Lighting and Buddy Guy, plus many, many more. 

As you read this, I am hopeful that I will be meeting up with Cutter and will be able to give to him the piece above, so it can be auctioned off at the 14th Annual SRV  Memorial Ride, along with a brand new piece of Hei Matau Bone Art from New Zealand.   I worked on this piece in one afternoon, dedicated and decided, that this would be the one that I would donate, it shows off the fine Hei Matau Bone Art that Stevie worn later in his career. 

WOW.. that’s truly why I have been drawing this magnificient man.. his bone structure is like no other, the boxer nose, the fine eyes, and those to die for big, beautiful Vaughan hands! When you watch Stevie, take a peek at his arms.. the veins popping and the hands just don’t stop as they hit those notes and cords with astounding passion and love for the music he has left us with. 

~ Soul to Soul


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Sweet Home Chicago – Buddy Guy

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Buddy GuyOriginally written in 1936 by Robert Johnson, Sweet Home Chicago has been debated time and time again, regarding the true meaning behind the lyrics, with many references to California.  Does it matter? Not to me, I enjoy listening to any great guitarist buzz through the legendary song, with their own style and rendition.  

When I think of Chicago Blue’s music, Buddy Guy comes to mind instantaneously.  With his well known club – Buddy Guy Legends.  Even though Buddy’s beginnings were in Louisiana, he has become a household name in the Chicago area. 

Where mind you the first day of spring brings us a winter weather advisory.

The original form of Blue’s music is said to have a single line repeated four times, with a very loose narrative.  I recently read the book Moanin’ at Midnight – Howlin’ Wolf, and if you are interested in getting down to the nitty gritty raw life style of a true blue’s musician, this should be on your to read list.

One of my favorite CD’s of Buddy Guy’s is Damn Right, I’ve got the Blues, released in 1991.  “Remebering Stevie” is one of the tracks that makes you feel Damn Right, I’ve got the Blues, you can feel the heartfelt emotion felt by a friends loss, a beautifully done instrumental with that gut wrenching power of the blues..

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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Flipping channels and seeing Madonna’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was something to see, ever the choreographer and business woman, she certainly Elvis Presley Pencil Sketch Drawingis an entertainer. 

I have never been to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but was told by a dear friend, you can spend a decade in there and still not grasp the entire collection.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Whether you are planning a move or just a weekend trip you can find a wealth of information at the Cleveland Real Estate Blog 

Ohio is the state with the theme song of “Hang on Sloopy” and many great people that formed our history as we know it.  Neil Armstrong, The Wright Brothers & Charles Goodyear. 

Elvis Presley was inducted into the Rock & Roll  hall of fame in 1986, wow.. that seems like many moons ago. 

Receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award the same year was John Hammond, and I mention him because he was the one who brought Stevie Ray Vaughan’s legendary guitar playing to label in 1983.  What an accomplishment and a great justice for all of us sharing with us Stevie with his Fender guitar called Lenny and Number One.  I personally like the attitude of Ol’ White..

This sketch is one that I did in woodless graphite of Elvis as well as ebony charcoal for the guitar to “pop”.  I am counting the days until I take off to Austin, to walk the streets that carried Vaughan through the hard times, as well as the good times.  I can’t quite think past it, but I certainly have on my radar the Rock & Roll hall of fame, and will be checking out the sites, as well as Cleveland Real Estate, just in case I plan to stay!


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Solitary Thought of Nature

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Chickadee on a Pine PaintingThis is one of my paintings done on a glass window that was removed from someone’s home while remodeling.  Not quite an antique, but certainly no longer in a landfill.

Chickadee’s have a delicate look and and soft features when you watch them.  Dainty creatures of nature, I could watch them flutter for hours around the feeder. 

I frosted the front of this window, with spray to give it an easier base to paint on.  Similar to the Stevie Ray Vaughan Painting but instead of using charcoals, I used enamel paint for the soft pine and chickadee, I used the KISS approach on this painting – Keep It Simple & Straightforward. .

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Mick Jagger in Thought

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I remember years ago my mom telling me that Mick Jagger from the Stone’s had saidMick Jagger Pencil Sketch Drawing that Elvis was to old and should get off the stage.   I bet he is re-thinking that statement, or perhaps doesn’t remember making it.

This sketch was early in Mick Jagger’s career, the soft lines of his face were not yet affected by the road trips or acid trips. 

The Stone’s formed in 1962,  and time has only perfected their music and their legendary rock status.  When the Bigger Bang was released in 2005, Stone’s fans of all ages where in line with their wallets out.  Leading the band into the highest grossing tour in history, lasting until 2007.  

I just recently read that Mick’s Song, “Charmed Life” was used in a Dell Commercial during the recent superbowl! 

I chose this particular drawing of Jagger, because of the softness of a young rockers beginnings, we are used to Jaggers on stage, energetic jumping bean performances.  When we all know there are times in life, we must relax.  I felt this sketch brought out that quite nature behind the beginnings of a Rock Legend.  Jagger’s lips are well known all over the world, his on stage persona never sits still. 

I enjoy looking at this sketch, it brings out that quieter side of rock & roll.  A legendary singer in thought..

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Sunday's Sketch of Joe Satriani

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Joe Satriani - Pencil Sketch Drawing

Thanks to my blog groupie for sharing his thoughts on Joe Satriani as follows:


The technical and scientific sounds from one of the best, if not the best modern day guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani are inspiring. Joe is certainly not of this earth as most fans will tell you. His music has emotion, feeling and power. The greatest thing about an instrumental is that the listener can have their own interpretation of the song. You can put yourself in a place where you once were when relating to a song composed and played by Satriani.

Born in Long Island New York and a teacher and mentor of the Steve Vai, Joe has created a new sound that was influenced by the great bands of the early 70’s. His music is passionate and yet non-intrusive, though that’s my interpretation of it. The first album released was in 1986 “Not Of This Earth” and featured one of my favorite tunes “Rubina”. This song really touches you deep that only Joe Satriani can play so well.

Joe Satriani is an influence and a genius to many guitar players. Joe formed G3 which featured Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen and others. The greatest guitar players of the modern era. If you were fortunate to be part of it, you would know what a great display of genius and technical composition this tour had.

Joe Satriani has released over 20 CD’s since 1986, and the CD that really put Joe on the map in my opinion was “Flying in a Blue Dream”. Though there’s been so many great releases such as Live in San Francisco which has all of Joe’s greatest compositions.

Using an HB pencil for most of the drawing to bring out the distinct lines in Joe’s intense features, blending the darker corners of his face, and then adding lines with the HB brings out the detail a bit more.  I chose to put charcoal ebony for his shirt, making the other features around it pop out.


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I believe

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Jesus and the cross

“I Believe” I believe above a storm the smallest prayer
Can still be heard
I believe that someone in the great somewhere
Hears every word.

Life can be overwhelming on a good day, the bad day’s put an emphasis on what is really important.  Trying to hold onto that line of thinking can be tough, this week I am finding it quite tough and questioning if the above statement holds any water. 

Finding out bad news that a friend  has developed breast cancer and is undergoing surgery and treatment, to the sudden loss of a co-worker, a man that I spoke with every hour of every day for the last six months.  Growing very fond of and enjoying the jokes and the support system we created with one another, this makes me question why we get ourselves so engrossed in all the negativity and don’t bother to get ourselves engrossed in the blessings we have right in front of us.

My day’s will be a little less bright with the loss of my friend, tell someone today that they brighten your day.

~ Soul to Soul

On that note, I just would like to pay it forward by giving the following sites 100 Entrecard credits for being my top droppers!
Fantasy Baseball
Colin King Marketing
Joan Joyce
El Gigante Verdoso


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