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Any Given Sunday – Mike Ditka Drawing

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Mike Ditka

The Coach” as he is known in Chicagoland, had a way about him like no other.  Never at a loss for words, he said it like it was, how often would we like to do that? 

Not giving into political correctness, this famous moment in time was captured as he did what he did so well, let people know, he didn’t care what they thought of him or his tactics. 

I have a list of some folks I would like to do this too, someday, I may just gather up enough courage! So, I guess you could say, this is my silent way of doing so…..

Yet, all that pent up anger and tenacity did not help his health, he was fun on Any Given Sunday.

With the NFL Draft in full force, we Chicago Fan’s can not forget a living legend.  With hopes of a season that will bring us victory.  Over the years our quarterback situation has absolutely gone down the tubes, we don’t have that sassy attitude anymore from the Ditka Day’s.  Our offensive line needs to be re-adjusted to protect the man in the pocket or just protect the man that has the ball. 

In spite of the seasons past, I will forever remain a Bears Fan, blue & orange is in my blood, from the early 1980’s betting a friends father a buck a game, to sitting in the basement with my own father, and screaming for a win. 

I call my office/studio my happy place, 2 of the four walls are painted blue and orange with Bears Curtains flying in the late April wind’s, autographs of some of the greats.  I have a few items that will remain forever close to my heart, thanks Dan Hampton – I remember your kindness each & every day, and it’s been several years.  (A story for another day) Those that know me, know how this famous stranger touched my life and another’s who lost her’s.

I wish we would have found Ditka’s Restaurant on our journey downtown several years past, but Buck had to much to drink!  Ironically enough, the original pencil sketch you see of Mike Ditka was recently auctioned off at the 3rd Bi-Annual Prime Line Seminar and it was won by a Green Bay Fan.. Bruce took the drawing quite graciously, and said it would find a home somewhere in Wisconsin.  I am hoping it’s not a dumpster, but I was assured, he knew who would end up with it.

Bear Down Chicago Bears…..


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Moment in time with your idol

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Celine Dion Sketch

I recently read a post over at John is Fit that asked what inspires you? On any given day, that question can create hours of conversation. 

This is a sketch that I feel is “Moment in Time with your Idol” what a better way to find inspiration. A pencil sketch from photo’s can capture you and someone who inspires you.  It can be a daily reminder to you to continue to strive and be strong.

Celine Dion has crossed many barriers and is known world wide, being the youngest of 14 children, and rising to the fame she has,  is quite inspirational.

What inspires me is the inner strength that drive’s people’s passions to greatness.  Being able to see what it is you want, reaching out to it, grabbing hold for longer than 8 seconds, and following your dream.

It’s not easy in today’s world to go out and forge your own path, start a new business or just do what makes you happy. We are tied with the constraints of mortgages, taxes, credit card debt and health insurance.  If you can take a moment each day to find something inspirational and think about it for even five minutes, it will help you grow as a person and it will help grow your passions.

Thanks Cecilia for hiring me to draw June and Celine and giving June her “moment in time” with her idol!.

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Mark Farner Friday

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Mark Farner

Mark Farner and Grand Funk Friday’s Sketch,  as my son said, “a great guitar player, a great musician, what more can I tell you mom.” 

This is a sketch I did for my son’s 15th birthday, he was only 8 months into playing.  I’d come home from work and I would hear “I’m Your Captain” screaming out of the speakers with the old lp’s and the crackling sound,  what a throw back for us over 40 folks.

Mark Farner has a good heart, good values and fights for his country and personal freedom.  It seems he has a true love of life, with the trials and tribulations of Rock Bands from the 60’s to now, the continued success of Mark Farner has to come from within. 

This drawing of Mark is early in his career, with a Microfret Guitar, of which I never realized how few of them were produced. 

Because of a neck injury, Mark Farner now plays a Parker Fly, due to the weight.  A favorite guitar in our household is the Messenger though, it has a sound like no other.

Mark Farner was a true American Musical Innovator that never got his due.  Inspiring more bands than people know.  From Grand Funk to Grace is a must read for true Farner and Grand Funk fans, giving insight to a guitarist that lives by his passions.

“Everybody, Listen to me…”.

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Telecaster Guitar – Story & Sketch

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Telecaster GuitarGE Smith Sketch

Who say’s flannel is out of style?

GE Smith bangs it out on his line of Fender Telecaster Guitars with enthusiasm and passion often times in flannel shirts, my son is on to something!  

If you long for a Telecaster, but can’t afford the top dogs of guitars,  here is a interesting story written by the my dear husband Buck, on the right.  Albeit, I was hoping for a strat….

Written by: The Best Bang for your Buck

The Telecaster Guitar you see on the screen to the right, was made from a kit purchased from Grizzly Industrial.  It’s price will shock you, as well as the quality.  “The Best Bang for the Buck”, I have ever found.  Now I did modify the kit slightly from the original, but with all parts from Grizzly. 

Except for the bridge pickup, my modification was very simple and I got the idea from “Lindy Fralin”, (you will  have to do your research on that one.  Who is that man in the background on TV.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact The Best Bang for your Buck at buckaroo1953 at ameritech dot net.


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A Slick Saturday Evening

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Grace SlickLet me start this post with a confession: I thought Ginger Baker was a woman, and I did not realize that Grace Slick was white.. I knew the names, but I honestly never paid attention to the face.

Yes, Di and Shannon, I spent several lunch periods at the creek, but once I figure it out I get it, and it sticks.

I once said to my dear husband after way toooo many Corona’s, if Stevie Ray was alive, I would be a groupie.  TRUST me..that is truly not something you tell your spouse of 20 years.  Another tip, if you ever get one of those email’s that ask… if you could spend the rest of your life with anyone, who would it be?   First off, leave your husband off the list if you answer anyone else but him.

Speaking of Groupies, I have a blog groupie, who has been loyal, honest and most helpful.  THANK you Frank, the recent re-vamp, re-work and re-design of my little old blog is due to a fine man that took the time to help out a newbie.

Thank you Frank! This Grace is for you!.

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Lennon & Cobain today in Rock History

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Lennon & Cobain Pencil SketchWhat an unlikely trio to crsoss paths on this day in Rock History, John & Julian Lennon & Kurt Cobain.

Twelve Minutes in Rock History – April 8th – I did this sketch with a Kimberly 2 H Pencil that blends quite nicely in twelve minutes, my last Stevie Sketch was done with this same type of pencil and I love the feel of it.

Make love, not war was something Lennon lived by and for his life to be tragically taken in 1980 from such a violent act, shocked the masses. A father & son sit and a moment in time was captured. Julian Lennon was born on April 8th, 1963, and ironically on this day 31 years after, Kurt Cobain on his own accord, became lifeless.

The cosmic possibilities in our lives are almost non-comprehensible. A man who set the 1960’s on the seat of peace, and asked us all to “Imagine” do you ever think he imagined, what our world would be in the 1990’s or into the new millenium?

He sits with his son in the photo, and the proud father is evident. In the eyes of Cobain, a tortured soul emerged and took control.

We go to great lengths for our children, Cobains story was not an unfamilar one on the scene of rock.

Do not let your memories live only in photo’s, reach out to your kids and those you love & appreciate. Capture those moments in time and reach out to them now, before they get away. Let them know how much they are loved, you may not get another chance..

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Are you a guitar hero?

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My Guitar Hero Pencil Sketch DrawingGuitar Hero has skyrocketed to every office conversation and into so many homes.  I have no clue how to play guitar, I tried bass, but let’s just say, that fat lady sang within minutes.  I leave the guitar wizardy to my husband and my son.

This sketch is of “my guitar hero” with a Gibson ’69 Deluxe, with soap bar pickups, these two pictures where taken when Buck was about 17 years old, on the rooftop of their apartment in Arlington Heights, Illinois.   This guitar was purchased at Olsens Music in Palatine, brand spanking new.  

The first song he attempted to play and has since perfect was by Grand Funk – Inside Looking Out.   His favorite guitar of present day is an Custom Epiphone Dot, with Seth Lover pickups and a ABR Bridge, the reason for tone.   The Acoustic of choice these days is an Epiphone PR 5 Limited Cherry Finish.   Look for his video on YouTube coming soon circa 1985 – with Future History. Gotta get my son out of bed to do that, and off of Xbox.

Playing through an Ampeg Gemini 2, vintage 1968 is what produces the sweet sound of Heartbreaker by Grand Funk that continues to be a household favorite.  It works well for his re-arrangement for My Guitar Gently Weeps and several originals.   And don’t forget your original tube screamer!.

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A lasting memory of Austin

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Heart of Texas Music was one of our favorite hang out’s down in Austin.   As mentioned in my previous post, one of my Stevie Ray sketches found a home with Ray Hennig.  Never did I imagine they would be as kind to display it front & center.

House of Texas MusicWhen we left the shop on Thursday, I figured Ray would hang the picture in the back of his store, he said he did not want it to get stolen.

Well, we stopped in Saturday before we left, and when Buck held the door for me, there in the front of the store, is my Stevie.

My passion for drawing Stevie is like no other, the lines of his face and that boxer nose of his flow pretty freely with any type of pencil.  He has a unique nose, from a surgery from when he was a young child.

I am completely honored that in Stevie’s favorite guitar store, hangs one of my sketches.   The store is filled with walls of guitars and nostalgia on the wall.  I spent hours walking around and reading about all the accomplishments of Ray and many of the players that have walked through Heart of Texas Music.  1002-1004 South Lamar Street, Austin!

Sitting in the aisle where Stevie found Number One, knowing he sat there for hours felt as if we were living a piece of true blues history.  A man that had a passion, but no cash, rose to fame because of his true love and dedication to what he knew he was supposed to do.  The feelings and emotions that were part of  Stevie’s soul, came out through his music, he left us with so much of it to enjoy.

But, let’s not forget the man, listening to Ray’s stories, behind this player, was a compassionate, humble and loving person.  For those that knew him, he left a mark way beyond his music.  For those of us who didn’t, we could only hope to be as dedicated and humble to our passions, family & friends..

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