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A smile danced across my soul

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Smile Sketch This is a drawing of the face behind, Time for a Smile, a blog worth reading once a day if not more.  Is laughter the best medicine?

How can you not feel the effects when you show those pearly whites, and your belly hurts from laughing.

Are you more apt to walk into an office when you see someone smiling or when they have a scowl on their face? I think that  smiles reproduce themselves on an entirely different level that we are not even aware of.

Engaging in a conversation with someone that ends in a smile or a chuckle, will have profound effects on your productivity.    Somewhere within the core of our genetic make-up, that smile will breed positive energy and will boost your morale, self-esteem and your outlook on what is in front of you.

It is a simple concept that is lacking in our current state of affairs.  People are fearful of their jobs, the economy & the rising prices of fuel.  Those issues tend to over shadow the importance of the basics in life.  When it comes down to it in the end, what is it we have?

We have our families & our friends, and we have ourselves, we need to recognize the value in that.  The importance of laughter & smiles can bring happiness into your life.    When negativity and anger are in the drivers seat, there will eventually be a crash, in that I have “no doubt

When I first met my husband, he left me a little card with a flower one day – it read…

I thought of you and a smile danced across my soul.

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It's easy if you try

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John Lennon

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…..

I was hoping to have this sketch of John Lennon finished for Memorial Day, but time just slipped on by.  There are several quotes from John Lennon, that provoke one to think of peace.

Peace resonated out of John Lennon, his music and his art.  If we can take a moment each day to find that little slice of peace, we can all come together to turn into an infectious cycle.  Turn off the TV, put down your paper, and forget the reality television shows for just a day.  Turn your attention to creating a peaceful moment for someone.

Send a short note to one of our many service man that are somewhere in an un-peaceful situation, let them know they are thought of and we wish them a moments peace.   I have worn a Military POW/MIA Bracelet for one of our Veterans for several years his name is Anthony F Housh, and I just got in contact with one of his nephews, he knows that this man is being thought of, and for his service being honored today.  I hope that brought peace to him and his family to let them know, he is not forgotten.

Peace is a tough challenge to concur, one that’s been debated for centuries,  but if we begin with one foot in front of the other, among ourselves, our families, our friends…it’s easy if you try.

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Giving animals a chance

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I was sent two pictures from a friend down in Texas, someone who has opened up his heart and his stories, and has so kindly shared them both with me, my husband and my son.

Cutter, stumbled across some pictures online that reminded him of his two buddies, Chance & Spirit.

This was my first attempt at drawing dogs, and it’s the eyes in the animals that I was fixated on. The amount of comfort an animal can give us when needed has always amazed me, ever notice how if you are not feeling well, they are by your side or on your bed with you?

They have unconditional love for us, they rely on us to fill the water bowls, let them out and just love them. They don’t look for material things, well, my cats do, they are always stealing whatever they can. They won’t turn their backs on us, they are loyal and loving and can add warmth to our lives.

A Man’s best friend, I loved the names and had to incorporate it into the drawing, there are so many animals that need help, give them a Chance for their Spirits to soar.

We have two cat’s in our house that are never not in the room with one of us, they add a special something to our home. When you curl up on the couch for your favorite show, or just a good book and one of them joins you, curls up on your lap, starts purring and falls asleep, you can feel the compassion they have for you. Unconditionally, no strings, they just want to be loved & kept safe.

We adopted both our cats from Assisi Animal Foundation I highly recommend them and their plight as a no kill shelter.

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All Your Love & Magic Sam

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Magic Sam

All Your Love & Magic- live each day to it’s fullest, focus on the positve, and eliminate the negative. Life is to short!

I have to admit, this one I learned from my sixteen year old son, his music knowledge never ceases to amaze me. When he talks about music, he doesn’t talk about Green Day or Linkin Park these days, it’s been about the blues.

If you do not know this man – let me introduce you:

Magic Sam – Gene Maghett – b) 2/14/1937 d) 12/1/1969.

Jake showed me a video of him on youtube – and wow! All Your Love and Magic Sam’s Boogie. Playing with greats like Charlie Musselwhite and Homesick James Williamson.

Magic Sam was drafted in 1950 to the army, realizing he was not much of a soldier, this was when he deserted the army, paying the price with six months of prison time. Beginning in 1963 he began to gain the attention for his bluesy ability.

At the age of 32 Magic Sam lost his life to a heart attack, gaining the recognition he deserved was cut short for this man. It is for so many, friends & family of any of us. Live each day to the fullest, enjoy those around you. Yesterday I attended a Native American Pow Wow, we honored many veterans, elders and family.

Take a moment today to honor someone!.

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Universal Love – Bloggers Unite

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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray & Jimmie Vaughan – Family Style

Tick – Tock

One night while sleeping in my bed
I had a beautiful dream
That all the people of the world got together
On the same wavelength
And began helping one another
Now in this dream universal love was the theme of the day. Peace and understanding and it happened this way.

May 15th – Bloggers Unite for Amnesty International

Coming together as a whole, coming together for a common cause is what get’s things done.  When we are passionate collectively we can accomplish the greatest things we imagined.  Learning from one another the barriers and road blocks in each others worlds and those worlds that we are not even aware of because we are so concerned with our own little corner of life, is what stops us from achieving. 

I am not versed well enough on many of the topics that Amnesty International is involved in, and only became aware of the May 15th Bloggers Unite Campaign just a few days ago, I would rather leave that to the probloggers and writers to drive all those points home. 

In 1983 “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie became his first #1 Hit, in the US and in the UK with Stevie Ray on Guitar.  Uniting here were two very different styles of people and musical talent, coming together to create. 

As a team people can create beautiful things, no matter what their goals are or what they set forth to accomplish.  .

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Big Hair & Bad Boys

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SlashBring back big hair?

Those of us who had raging hormones in the 1980’s know all about the big hair movement, there are some, very few and far between that are still sporting the big hair.  Slash – sporting his Les Paul Guitar is still going strong with those bad boy long locks.  Rock on Slash the locks are great.

David Coverdale sported some pretty furious locks back when, and there is also Michael Bolton when he sang with Blackjack, who has cleaned up his locks to sport the new age look.

Baton Rouge – Kelly Keeling, everyone seems to fall into place, when the time is over.  But, there are the dedicated big hair groupies.

We have fallen back into the 70’s looks of the Marsha Brady parted down the middle flat as a board, no bounce & no jiggle, with the question of — is my part straight?

I do have to give my kudo’s to Slash for continuing what he is comfortable with, and sporting those curly long locks and rocking us wild with his great playing and fantastic licks that scream through our dreams!  Sweet Child of mine, mistake on his part, he said it wasn’t his favorite, but the video of him, in a field of green, hair in his eyes, does a body good!

Big Hair

I fell right into that big hair bonanza, yes, this is me in my glory in the 1980’s – with the perm, the laminates hair spray and anything that would keep that hair big!

Who has big hair now?

When will big hair come back? Straight is in, when will the 1980’s be revitalized? It’s gotta be right around the corner, it seems it all comes back in some form or another.

Do we have predictions, do we have hair to share?

Share your pictures, share your stories! I dare ya!

This quick sketch of Slash was done with a sharpie fine point marker, while I listened to my husband tuning his guitar, the stack of magazines where two feet high, so I started thumbing through them to find my latest post, and here it is.. enjoy...

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Politicians – Work or Play?

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Clinton Obama“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation.  He hardly knows which is which.  He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing.  To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”   Francoise Rene Auguste Chateaubriand

How do we begin to digest the above statement with our current political situation that is on the early news, the midday news, news breaks and nightly news. 

Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama’s mud slinging, name calling and debating have surrounded us in the media for several months, is this work or play? Politicians must have a passion for this, but do they find pleasure in it? Running at such speeds and wheels constantly turning, where is it that they find peace?

I have laid in bed awake with the wheels spinning, either with work or with play and find it hard to fall asleep. Hoping to master the marriage of work and play is not an easy task.  Do current day politicans have this mastered or are they just playing the game?  You tell me,,,,.

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Group Grope – Link Lovin'

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Stratocaster Definition of Group…any number of entities (members) considered a unit
Definition of Grope…(slang) Grab or squeeze

Entering this thing called the blogosphere has been very interesting for this nature loving, rock and roll soul, hanging at the creek during lunch hours gal. It was Pink Floyd’s – Another Brick in the Wall that got me through high school, chasing my brother-in-law’s brother (thank god I didn’t catch him).

There are to many famous groups that come to mind, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Beatles and even The Highway Men who have shaped what we know as famous groups.

What made these groups? Their loyalty and their dedication to one another and their passions.

As a beginning Blogger and Internet Marketer, there are several people who have assisted me in driving my passion for blogging and posting.

This is my group grope to them…..

Rob over at The Bloggeries Forum, my first experience with bloggers, and quite a wealth of information to be had.

Frank over at Technology Blog & More, took his time, his knowledge to teach me and help me out of a terrible header and blog layout.

Stan at Razzball, who no matter what he posts on the forums makes me laugh and I find a tip or two from.

Acadia over at Superficial Gallery and the Bat Cave Forum where humor takes a twisted turn.

Small Business Brief Forum, where I met several nice people and gained some great contacts.

Entrecard – gave me a jump start with my new blog and quite a great resource to find fellow bloggers and gain some loyal readers.

Becky who was my mentor and taught me what a keyword was… she is supposed to be working on Reality TV Burnout but has been slacking big time!

SueZ a real Mark Farner Fan who sent my site onto Mark Bowsher and gave me some really great kudo’s

Mark Bowsher over at Mark Farner’s Website, who posted one of my sketches and gave me quite a bit of exposure, thank you.

Brian who runs Blogengage, what a great venue for us to post our blogs and our interests. This site has really done well, and is a great resource for anything blogs.

Sam and his Controversial Marketing Blog for giving me an honest critique that made me seek out Frank for a much needed makeover.

Danny over at Guitar Players Center for being a fan, being loyal and being honest, and from what I hear a kick ass guitarist!

Tony over at Hawkhost, who no matter what stupid question I instant message him with, he is kind, supportive and quick to respond.

I group grope all of you! Sending you some link love! Go grope some others, it may be fun.

To all those who have commented, there are to many to list, thanks !

“No Doubt” Delve into your desires and your dreams, and come out holding your destiny. sdk1988.

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Grand Funk RailroadWritten By:

Buck Kleiner

“I am being asked to write a “blog” post.. what the….. ^$%#@ is that?”….about my favorite band, Grand Funk Railroad, the band that wrote songs that struck a common chord in the hearts of the common man. (Move over Aaron Copland).

The band that scared the shit out of Led Zeppelin and had fun doing it. (Boy’s… kiss and make up) America is “in need”.

(This is my first band, and us attempting Zeppelin)

To further complicate my life, my “Blog” wife has asked me to remember the years 1971 and 1972, and what I was doing when the band released “Closer to Home.” I am lucky that I can remember yesterday, let along ’71 and ’72. Well, I shall give it a try.. I need to get my “big gulp full of rum”

I had just graduated from High School, had a girlfriend that could suck a golf ball thru 50 feet of garden hose..or so it seemed. I worked at a local car wash, 10 miles from ground zero (home)… (Blog wife says..yeah..and you walked bare foot, in the snow.. ) and I wore out 2 copies of the “Closer to Home” album.. ahhh vinyl!

I stood in my room at night, wondering and fantasizing about being able to play like Mark and the Boys, those headphone nights, with the lights out, and Grand Funk blasting through my head. ” I was on top of the world”

Sorry Eric, Grand Funk was My Guitar Band, I know at the time “Clapton was God” but not in my eyes. The first 3 albums were my sonic relief, after a hard day in my teenage world, Mark, Mel & Don made it all right.

I am still looking for Mark to pick up that Messenger again...

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What makes people change?

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This is a question that I have pondered through out my life.  I am not talking the obvious reasons people change:

Having Kids
Medical Issues
Different Job

I am wondering what makes those around us, that we thought we knew, throw us a curve ball?

I was watching Moonlight last night, and the reasons Mick St. John changes are far out of his control. Those reasons I can comprehend, but yet, he stands true to one of his friends, no matter the cost to him.   What happened to good old fashioned friendship?

I don’t have an answer for this question, I can only wonder, if we all communicated what we thought, wouldn’t it be easier to accept a curve ball? What happened to honesty and integrity when it comes to friendships?  Just because we don’t like something one of our friends does, does it mean that we still can’t love the person?

Why are people falling short in the loyalty department? Why does there have to be so much drama around friendships?  When did “high maintenance” become part of the friendship DNA? What happened to just helping a brother out?

Does this boil down to the me generation? See, the questions continue to roll right out.  I am curious on how people just walk out of other people’s lives without ever turning back?

I am turning this post over to the floor for debate?


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