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I Don't Believe – Joe Bonamassa

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Joe BonamassaI Don’t Believe I just stumbled across this excellent guitarist and musician.  Joe Bonamassa, I found his site yesterday when I was running through different stats on my site, with a post about Stevie Ray and was looking where my site ranked, and somewhere there was a link to Joe’s Forum.

WOW.. I am like a kid in a candy store today – I just downloaded my first Joe Bonamassa Recording from ITunes..called You and Me. As I sat down to draw, I became  mesmerized by his roadhouse durable blues.

You know when a child discovers how to do something new? That excitement, when their entire body is riddled with enthusiasm.  This is how I feel when I find music that reaches in and touches the soul!

I am ashamed to say this is the first I’ve actually heard of him, I guess I need to get the head out of the sandy beach dream, and start opening up the Guitar Player Magazine when it comes in the mail.

This is certainly my pick of the day!.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan – 18 Years After

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial
I wept at his grave, during a Midnights slumber
He told me to be brave, I had no idea whose spell I was under

He walked with me, among all the stones
Guaranteed me,Your never alone

Its on a hawks wings, that he does soar
He has challenged me, he’s opened a door

As his hat tipped, on that final song. The music, the man, lives on strong

As time continues to pass, its his memory that will flourish, and his music that will last.
His faith, his friends…continue to grow. He stopped on in, just to let us know.

During that midnight slumber… written by: Susie
18 years ago, on August 27th, four years to the date of his father’s passing, Blues Rock lost one of the best and it’s still obvious today that Stevie Ray Vaughan is an influence to many. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, are still revered all over the world.

A statement that I read from the boxed set collection was by Stevie’s brother – Jimmie Vaughan and I am sure it still stands true to this day, “The world misses his music, but I miss my brother” Jimmie was one of the biggest influences on young Stevie which continued throughout his career. (A Jimmie & Stevie sketch is on the drawing board)

Fans of Double Trouble and Stevie Ray Vaughan have gathered for the past 13 years for The Annual S.R.V. Memorial Ride down near Dallas, this year marks the 14th Annual Event. I sent some sketches down to Cutter Brandenburg to be raffled off for this years event as well as a piece of New Zealand Bone Art that I had purchased and hung on the Stevie Statue during our visit to Austin.
If you are a fan of SRV and Double Trouble, there is a great new book out by, Craig Hopkins called Day by Day – Night after Night, this is full of great pictures and information on Stevie’s life and a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.
I am passionate about drawing, and Stevie is an influence on perfecting a talent, and he is a fantastic subject to draw. Throughout the past few years I have donated a few of my pieces to charities for different events. If I can draw and help benefit someone in need, it’s good day!
The dark day that happened 18 years ago, effected an entire circle of people. Loosing a brother, a friend, a front man in a band. Loss happens to each and every person throughout the world, it’s not as publicized because we are not all in the lime light.
The people that are in our own circles, should be remembered each day, life is short. Cherish what is in front of you, around you and honor those that influence you and those that love you.


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Brillante Award – Climbing the Steps

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Climb to the TopI was honored yesterday by Carol over at She Lives with an award, what a great way to start a morning to find a reader that enjoys what you do!

Thanks so much Carol!

I added the award to a photo I took at Starved Rock State Park – how brilliant nature can be and it seemed fitting,  it’s been fun climbing the steps of blogging, and the people I have met along the way have been incredible.

I now pass it along to some of my favorite places…

I love the humor over at Monkey Fables and Tales thanks for the laughs that start the day.

Sexy Old Broad Find out for us over 40’s, 50’s and well..whatever your age, what’s fun & whats sexy for us to do!

Evolving Beings – Evita is full of spiritual information and she writes beautifully. This is truly a blog that I feel is a sanctuary on a rough day.

Mental Health Humor -A great place to heal your mental health, with facts and drawings that will help you deal with mental health issues.

Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars – humor at it’s finest, this is a place where if your are drinking a glass of milk, it will be OUT THE NOSE!

Connect with your Teens – a great resource of teen knowledge, how to communicate and participate with your teen! Dedicated poster and full of great information for parents.

Artistic Flair by Deb Disalvo – beautiful fused glass creations – talented lady here, with a fun sense of humor and she got a tat!

There are so many bloggers out there that lend a hand each and every day to our success and our Brilliance, just open your eyes, look around and let them know that somehow they touched your world and they are appreciated.  Climbing those step to Brilliance is not accomplished by oneself..

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Find your voice

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Bono of U2 Bono truly believes that what he is popularizing will change the world, by changing how we communicate with each other…

Being active bloggers, we do that each and every post or at least try.  But when it comes to matters of the heart, how hard is it for many of us to communicate? I found this statement on communication –

denotes the allowing of others to partake or enjoy in common with ourselves

Sometimes the matters at heart are tough to take – but bottling up what it is we feel, and not communicating it properly will only weigh down your soul, it will bring to you emotional cob-webs.

I haven’t dated anyone in a very long time, I have been married to my guitar guru for 20 years, and I recently listened to someone who has is getting back into the dating circuit, and my mind was blown away by the “games” that are played with communication.  If we need something from someone, why do we skirt around the issue.  Why are we afraid to speak openly and honestly?

The Fear of the Loss of Love by Benny says it best, he does do an entire series on Fear,  I can not compete with his words, nor do I want to try.  What I do have to say is, if we do not say what is in our hearts to those around us, you will eventually regret it. Life is short!

Bono has a powerful voice, both with his music and his activism, he has the star status to back him up, but I belive he has a powerful inner strength that drives him to be the success he is, both with his music and the causes he belives in.

We all have things we believe in, utilize that belief,  turn it into something beautiful, give yourself the voice that will warm your heart, do not stifle your voice with your fear.  Disappointments will come sometimes when we communicate what it is we want, that’s a given.  If you don’t follow what it is you really believe in,  will it get you anywhere?

This is what is being said about the upcoming  U2 The Hype and the Feedback

A band of paradoxes, ironies, ambition and sincerity, their influence in the worlds of music, entertainment, popular culture, humanitarian relief and the global politics of peace and social justice should be the stuff of spirited conversation..

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Tropical Moon Light Beach PaintingIn no means is this post supposed to offend anyone – just a little story of a heterosexual male that had an eye opening experience while people watching.

This is a painting I did over the weekend of my memory of the wee morning hours in Puerta Vallarta, of which I would wake sleepy eyed, and see my husband standing on the balcony reminding me of some great Hendrix Lyrics

All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Bare-foot servants to, but huh
Outside in the cold distance
A wild cat did growl
Two riders were approachin
And the wind began to howl

Someone sure was howlin’…. My spousal unit fessed up to his eye opening experience later that morning – watching a couple about 8 hotels down, wandering the beach and enjoying some frisky behavior as they walked holding hands and smooching from time to time. Getting a bit more frisky as they approached and lying in the sand in the moonlight, they shared a moment of passion.

As they strolled closer to the hotel, my husband realized it was not a man and woman as he thought in his mind.  Do our eyes see what our mind wants them to see? Are somethings better left unsaid?

I really believe that it is better to leave somethings to the imagination!.

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Giving your world some wings

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WingsI would like to thank Edgar Allen for giving me a big old kick in the butt this morning.  I am not sure if it was meant that way, but in my inbox this sunny morning, I got the following comment.

“I wish you would post more often…this is my “coffee drinking” blog:) “

I have neglected posting recently due to a “learning marathon” for a new job.  Which all tie’s into this post, “Giving Your World Some Wings” Quick sketch to go along with the post, so don’t critique it to badly, it only took me about 4 minutes to complete.  So, those of you who have been leaving the comments about, you suck, wrap it up, that is terrible, have at it!

How often do we say “Thank You” and really mean it? I had not heard those words in my professional life for close to two years, and in the last week, I have heard from four people, genuinely pleased with what I am trying to accomplish.  WOW…

The power of thank you, I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s certainly has lit a fire in my accomplishment and achievement camp, it’s like showing a child how much fun life can be.  I recently did a guest post for The Encouragement Foundation titled Watch me, Watch me.  It correlates with the power of Thank You’s, you may enjoy it. We do many things for self satisfaction, but when we do something for others, and a personal thank you comes our way, watch out your world will start to grow wings.

Do not take for granted what others do for you, it only creates sloppiness – if you think your  accomplishments and achievements are solely your responsibility remember, someone, somewhere along the line gave you the foundation that you have grown on.  Tell them Thank You! Whether it was a teacher, a parent, a friend, a boss, or a lover.  Your acknowledgment of that fact will give their world some wings!

Thank you to a few people who have helped me grow –

My Guitar Modification Guru of a husband Buck
Mom of Course!!!
My Angel – (Dad) – Mom may disagree..but ya gotta admit, he is a cutie!
My Son – who has grown himself into a 6 foot 4 inch Gentle Giant, each day I am thankful for his guitar playing during the afternoon hours of work!
Frank over at Tech Jaws for helping a newbie and teaching me the ropes -and who hasn’t commented in way to long!
Becky – who always is an encouraging force and taught me what a keyword was
Carol – for her strength & support
Bruce – for taking me under his wing

There are many more – I shall save those for a different post

Go out today, and be thankful for the little things that life has to offer, and grow your worlds wings!.

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