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This is a bloggeries on Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys – that is an awful lot of b’s!
My subjects are quite diverse…and I did this sketch in a matter of 40 minutes, so go easy on me for the imperfections.

Sebastian Bach – Canadian Born – Heavy Metal Singer & Front Man for Skid Row and then there is Vin Diesel – Actor, writer, director and producer from New York.

Two totally different personalities and appearances.  What drives our desires for other’s and how can they be so diverse?

I can go from Old Country Western Music (yeah.. sappy, I know), but I grew up with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson & Marty Robbins playing on the radio, so it’s buried in my soul somewhere from years gone past.  I have no problem mixing it up and as soon as Willie’s crooning stops on Ladies Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, I can switch gears and listen to 18 & Life, so what are the reasons that we are attracted to what we are?

Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys, either one, I say diversify!

How about you ladies out there in the blogosphere? What are some of your tastes that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum?

Guys, feel free to jump in and let me know your lady taste that fall on the opposite ends as well?.

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Opening the doors to Inspiration

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Inspiration from our Mentors

Mentor = a trusted counselor
Inspiration = unusual creative activity of the mind

Putting the two together creates a phenomena, and when we get the chance to meet up with someone that we have looked to as a mentor, watch out for the creative hurricane to begin.

Carol Moxley of She-Lives and Bass-ically Speaking had the chance to interview one of the most talented woman bass guitarist in our history. Carol Kaye – The First Lady of Bass.

In one of the quotes, Carol Kaye say’s…”Your whole demeanor changes when you change that inner voice that keeps you locked up in chains.”

Competition in every aspect of our daily lives is overwhelming, in every adventure we seek there will always be someone who came before us that did extraordinary things, someone we can learn from. We do ourselves in when it comes to mentoring those around us, and those that have the knowledge that we seek do the same by locking themselves up for “security” reasons.  Whether it’s job security or emotional security or just down right ego.

For Carol Kaye to take the time to allow Carol Moxley to do an entire series on her life as a musician,  struggles in a male dominated industry and the challenges she faced throughout her career, she not only became more of a mentor to Carol Moxley, but she became a mentor to the bloggers that visits She-Lives.

Ego’s too big to give you the time of day are appalling to me and offer up absolutely no inspiration what so ever…last year, I contacted a local radio station – WLUP in Chicago, and wanted to donate some of my artwork for a charity drive they were having, I can’t fork out cash, as many of us can’t,  but I have had great success in generating cash for charities with pieces of art work that are auctioned off.  A single bar stool with Stevie Ray Vaughan went for 465.00 a few years back.  The emails I sent to the local radio were ignored and when I left a note on one of their blogs, I was told “The artwork on this site, looks like vomit on a White Camero after eating black crayons.” Very nice, huh, extremely professional..not.. Needless to say, my radio dial has never hit 97.9 again, and I do have a screen shot to back that statement up.

Remember, we touch everyone’s lives somehow, keep your thoughts positive, keep your options open, keep the communication going.  We never know how we touch people when a little bit of time is spent, we can walk away better people, we can walk away with new experiences and new friends.  Carol Kaye gave something to Carol Moxley that she will always treasure, she gave her time and her thoughts….

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Do we even realize the vast amount of musician’s that are at our fingertips these days?

If you are a practicing musician or just thinking of picking up a guitar, here is a place to strut your stuff. It’s truly a fresh new Strat stomping ground, with discussions on Stratocaster, Telecasters and an Acoustic Café’ where the coffee could be brewing, the beer could be flowing and the knowledge is being shared.

Creative juices begin to flow when you surround yourself with like minded people. I am a firm believer in having more than one set of eyes looking at something it will get you a totally new outlook on what it is your looking at.

In this case you may want to pull out the ear plugs and listen to some practicing musicians and new musical talent.

There is a place for bass guitarists, but it’s lacking some action, so when you get a moment to set the bass down, why not go on in and share some of your throaty bass sounds.

With talk on the amp thread of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe vs. The Blues Deluxe Reissue or even just how to stop tube rattle & buzz, you can walk away with tips and tricks from players and pro’s and perhaps find some valuable resources.

Musicians Plaza has also opened up the floor to put your music talent out there, record yourself and sign on up to win a Bad Monkey Overdrive Pedal, a guitar players chance to get some exposure, show off your talents and see if you could be the lucky winner of a free pedal. Take a moment to register and introduce your self over at Musicians Plaza and see for yourself the talent that we are fortunate enough to see now through the digital highway.

Garage Band Gangs can now connect through that digital byway of the World Wide Web, it’s like an afternoon with your buddies, but they can be time zones away and with a completely different musical background and culture. It’s all about expanding your musical repertoire and musical network!

Owner of Musicians PlazaBrandon Roy started out strumming some acoustic songs by Edwin McCain. His world changed when he discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan’s performance at Montreux Jazz Festival which prompted him to go out and get an electric guitar. Feeling the blues down to his toes, he knew that’s what he wanted to focus on. As in any musician, fan or blue’s lover, once Stevie touches you, there is no turning back,you will investigate the late great’s that influenced his playing. With a line up such as, Howlin’ Wolf, BB King, Albert King, Albert Collins, Jimmie Vaughan or Lonnie Mack the chain of influences is made of solid blue’s steel.

Many great artists come before those that redefine the genre of music, Brandon’s intermixes the style’s of Stevie & Larry Chaney creating Musician’s Plaza is a place where his vision is a new generation of players that can come together and continuing to Rock our World!


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A Message from Cutter Brandenburg

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April 25th, 2009 – For those that are worried about Cee/Cutter – He is alive and fielding many phone calls from folks that received an email yesterday that he died in his sleep.

This email was a cruel joke and had many saddened.  Cutter wants everyone to know he woke up this morning, he is breathing and he is okay.

Thank you Cutter for sending the following message – your friendship has enlightened my world….

To all of Stevie’s family (Fans). We all still miss Stevie in so many ways. I think I tried to share some of my memories in my book. Note from Susie: Well worth the money

I still say that Stevie was such a Comet that passed our way. I don’t really believe his light is out. I believe that because of his music here on this planet he lives on. Stevie continues to influence yougins and that is such a great testament to him. He always wanted to reach people with his music.

I know he continues to do that and I feel he knows that. Stevie was a very special and spiritual man. Some wish they knew him personally. I understand that and still say that by listening with your heart to his Music you do know the man. I was so lucky to be a part of Stevie, Tommy and Chris (Whipper) . I hoped I helped them. I always wanted to do only that.

As time moves on I see and hear the joy for Stevie each year at the Next SRV Ride & Concert. I meet so many old friends and meet so many new ones. I listen still today to the radio and hear Jimi Hendrix & Stevie like they will never be truly gone.And they are not. Those that can make plans to someday come to the SRV Ride. It’s easy. It is always celebrated on the 1st Sunday in October. I

t was Gov. Ann Richards who proclaimed October 3rd as Stevie Ray Vaughan Day in Texas. We chose to celebrate that day with the SRV Ride on eash 1st Sunday. Sometimes it does fall on his birthday, But no matter again Stevie lives on and will. I see the many great thangs being done each year in his name with the support of the Music Scholarship Program. I just wish all could know how proud he would be of what is being done in his name each & every year.

Bless all and May the Music always fill your Hearts & Soul, Mr.Cee, Cutter & Stevie.

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund – Contributions can be sent to the address below:

Remember to designate the SRV Memorial Scholarship Fund on memo area of your check.

The Communities Foundation of Texas
The Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund
5500 Caruth Haven Lane
Dallas, TX 75225


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Remembering the man and the music – October 3rd would have been Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 54th Birthday.  I was not one of the lucky one’s to have known Stevie nor did I ever see him play live.  My husband had and said as soon as he hit his first note – the crowd was silenced.

In the past year, I have been lucky enough to have become friends with someone that grew up with Stevie and he has shared with me his feelings and thoughts.

I did this pencil sketch for Cutter – this sketch is no longer in existence.  In place of it, lie’s a scar on Cutter’s hand and a story he was terrified to share with me, it took him a week to finally call me and explain what had happened.

Why things happen is anyone’s guess – why this sketch did not get to hang on Cutter’s wall is still a mystery to me, but within that mystery a friendship was born.

The loss of Stevie in the music industry was huge, but from the stories that Cutter has shared with me, it doesn’t come close to those that knew him personally.

I can not explain the connection I feel to Stevie through his music, or the passion that drives the drawings of Stevie – I sit with empty paper and his music resonates throughout my soul and when I look down, he has come to life on paper before me.

My heart warms because I feel I have come yet another step closer to knowing the man that Stevie truly was inside.  His kindness & compassion for others can be seen within his eyes and within his hands, watching his hands wrap around the neck of his guitars as he played with power & dedication because he wanted to share his talent and share his love of music.

He gave to us that did not know him,  a gift through song, he will continue to inspire me as time moves along.  I send a silent thought up to the heavens, for him to hear how even after all these years, he has continued to bring people together..

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