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Coffee Meets Sketch

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Coffee meets Sketch…

Under the holiday rush, the fear of job loss, and just the stress of having a wild & crazy teenager, Tracy was  talking on the phone with her hands flying, only to realize she dumped coffee on the sketch I did for her mother.

Clearly from the link provided above you can see the white of the actual color done on the  Sennelier Le Maxi Block Sketch Pad Well.. under pressure and with logical thinking that doesn’t usually come out of a 17 year old, her son said to her, just pour coffee all over the rest of it.    I did do another sketch, so the attempt was well, shall we say, an experiment..

She did not pour coffee over the entire sketch, but decided to “Tea Bag” soaking a tea bag in hot water, and lightly tapping it onto the paper, she came up with a very antiqued looking drawing.

So, even when you want to cry over spilt coffee.. there may be a solution..

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Something to Believe In

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“Thirteen years later, their homes destroyed, their buffalo gone, the last band of free Sioux submitted to white authority at Fort Robinson, Nebraska. The great horse culture of the plain was gone and the American Frontier was about to pass into history.

I watched Dances with Wolves last night and that was the closing line in the movie.  Above, I give to you Leonard Peltier a Native American that has been imprisoned in our country since 1975.  I don’t have enough room in a single post for the details of this long on going case, I suggest you read his story for yourself, it will open your eyes to a what has to be deemed as one of the strongest of warriors in our time.

Have you ever believed in something so strongly it is part of you? The Eagle and The Buffalo of which Native American’s hold sacred are part of Leonard’s soul.

While watching Dances with Wolves, and no matter how many times I do, the peacefulness of these people is astounding, Kevin Costner says to himself in the movie…They were a people so eager to laugh, so devoted to family, so dedicated to each other. The only word that comes to mind is harmony.

I have danced with my friends before at pow wow’s, of which during so many of their elders are honored and cherished.   Midwest SOARRING is based out of the Chicago Suburbs and many years ago I started doing some volunteer work with them, and I have seen what kind, gentle hearts our Native American’s have for not only their families but strangers as well.

We have lost touch with that in our every day lives, we worry about what we were unable to purchase for Christmas or a gift we wanted and didn’t receive.  The gift we have is our every day lives, those around us that show us compassion and love.

Take a moment to read, take a moment to close your eyes, think of your innocence and think what it must be like to be wrongfully imprisoned for so many years,  where freedom is just a memory.  Having to dig deep within those memories and deep within the moral fiber of a culture, is how I believe Leonard must keep his faith and his strength.

I am posting some information that was passed onto me from Harvey Arden who has worked with Leonard on several projects;

~The Play’s the Thing to FREE PELTIER!~

Friends–Leonard Peltier’s stage play MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE is a
soul-transforming theatrical experience –a mesmerizing living expression
of his own words, his own pain, his own dreams–as well as the suffering
and dreams of his People.

As co-playwright with Leonard, I have given outright my entire
co-playwright’s share, plus quite a few personal thousands, to In Peace
Productions, created by Keith Rabin specifically to make a reality of
Leonard’s play.

Please reach into your heart and your soul and your pocketbook to help us
stage this play and bring Leonard’s continuing CRUCIFIXION–33 years on the
Cross of American Injustice–to center-stage of AMERICA’S CONSCIENCE.
It’s time we took Leonard down from his Cross.

We seek patrons, donors, sponsors, theater folk & plain old long-suffering
Peltier supporters bless’m)–to assist Keith Rabin and me in bringing this
amazing production on tour to cities and rez communities around the nation
and abroad this spring  ’09  & onwards.

Leonard is now 64 . He’s been in prison since he was 31.

I ask EACH of you personally to step forward NOW– and assist us with
ideas, theater info, purchases of CDs,  books or Peltier support Items all
available at

And–yes, please–reach into your heart and make a modest donation to In
Peace Productions right on the website. Keith Rabin has already gone
deeply into debt to create a  legit professional production company touring
the U.S., Canada and overseas  in 2009-2010.

To assist in funding Leonard’s wondrous play, the following hard-to-find
books authored/edited by Harvey Arden  have been donated for sale at

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Couldn't Stand The Weather

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My husband called the other morning and wanted me to put out a missing person’s report on one of his appendages, he stood in the brutal wind helping the commuters at the local train station with the fare boxes.

It was -7 that is “NEGATIVE SEVEN” degree’s here in the windy city and it’s outlying suburbs. What the heck am I doing here? What the heck is this weather good for I ask myself? I think of those penguin’s from March of the Penguins, and I wonder to myself, WTH good is it when you can’t even enjoy the outdoors, whose cruel joke is this?

As we head into Christmas the snow is flying and I long to sit in that blue hammock up there, our’s will be spoiled by the snow, and sadly he will most likely miss most of Christmas – so those of you that may be in the snow covered cold area’s, remember your workers out there that make those streets passable.  Give them a hot cup of coffee, a wave and a smile, or give them a winning lottery ticket so we can get the hell out of dodge!

A Stevie favorite – Couldn’t Stand the Weather and pretty tough to play from what the “boy’s” tell me.

All these years you and I’ve spent together,
all this, we just couldn’t stand the weather…..

Cheers to my husband for being out of these day’s sweetheart, Christmas will be in the tropics..

Peace & Merry Christmas.

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Sketch from Photo

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I have seen alot of traffic in my statcounter looking for sketches from photo’s and thought I would share a recent drawing I did of my son’s bass player Nick and his Sister Kelly, his mother said it best when I got a comment in my email this morning and her words are the one’s I will share..

And, no, he hasn’t worn out his welcome yet ! But, I would love to get my hands on those curls and clean them up!

Tracy wrote – Trying to find something for my parents at Christmas is always a chore. I saw a drawing that Susie did of my sons band, and knew right away what I wanted.

I contacted her and gave her the photos of my children. Not quite sure if I wanted to do baby or them now, she sugguested both. So I  grabed both pictures that my parents love, and she sketched  them in chalk.

It was so awesome she truly has a wonderful gift.  So I bought the frame and placed it under the tree. My mother in-law came for a week visit. Every day she looked at the sketch and raved about it. Of course I did not get one for her, but something thing else that Susie is so talented doing, window art.

I had to get one for her as well, Susie was just delighted to do another portrait for me. And so close to Christmas. Susie is such a wonderful person. I urge anyone who comes to this site to use her for any drawing needs. I can’t wait to see the look on my parents face when they see her work. It is amazing.

Thank you. Tracy.

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Respect and Raise Your Glass

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I don’t have a sketch to go with this story, but I do have a glass to raise.

I found myself downtown in rain and sleet on Tuesday for the SES Seminar in Chicago and I have to tell you about  the two cabbies that made the day even more interesting than it already was.

First off, freaked out, cuz it was snowing and there was no way I was driving down to Naperville at 5:00 in the morning to meet Bruce to hitch a ride, so I decided to take the train, where mind you – I picked it up close to the beginning of the line, and 1 stop in, train not full, I got a visitor in the seat next to me, reading the Wall Street Journal.. those that know me, know, I am the furthest from Wall Street Journal Material.

Making casual conversation was not an option with this, “I am going to sit next to you, even though there are 25 other available seats on this train”

I have gone to Chicago about 3 times a year in the past 5 years, never once did a cab driver utter any words, other than.. “where can I take you” even when I tried.. I jumped in the cab to head to SES and this older long haired, big ‘stach gentleman, turns and polietly say’s, “I know I am supposed to ask where you are going..but OUR GOVERNOR WAS ARRESTED..” ain’t that the cat’s meow… I laughed, my husband has been wondering how long it would take when old baglovich ratted out his father-in-law…

Cabbie number two.. very Nigerian, had a beautiful accent as well, he was livid over our Governors actions, and he had one point that he wanted to make, that was after, he told me he was going to take a little detour, so that I could experience “history” okay.. nervous.. history,bi9 man, cab, city.. My mother would have freaked.. “history” turned out to be, he drove me past the Dirkson Federal Building, so that I could say, right here on this blog – that I went past, when baglovich was up there, surround by agents and his mind spinning and turning like the Batman ride at Great America.

His point that he wanted to make was one simple word.. “respect”  he said he was not here for very long, and wondered what happened to “your respect in this country?” He told me, in his country, you honor your elders, that’s respectful, if you do not, you loose your own honor…… WOW… can you imagine, if we respected those around us.. those that were superior, inferior or equal to us? What a better place we would live in?

I had no powerful words to leave him with, and I left him to late to catch my train, he kept me in the cab chatting it up at the train station curb… what I left him with was a tip.. I gave him a tip that was more than the cab fare.. he grabbed my hand, and said to me..”thank you” this means so, SO much..

I also gave cabbie number one a similar tip, some work for tips, and they deserve it, this holiday season, go that extra step to put a smile on someone’s face.. give a few bucks extra to those that we take for granted, or that we often seem to forget to respect….

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The Garden of Song

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There’s a garden somewhere way up high
No one can see with a naked eye

The garden of notes, The garden of song…
Where so many blues player, are playing along

Close your eyes Can you hear them sing?
Can you hear them play? You to can hear this band today…

Follow their lead follow their creed
It’s here on this earth, where there is a need

Waking to the news of saddening decline
Within that moment, Life’s defined?

Close your eyes Can you hear them sing?
Can you hear them play? Filling the world with sound today

With conviction
Those famous few
Gave their passion’s
To me & you

Many of which
Their worlds were worse
They spread the word
Through song & verse

Close your eyes
Can you hear them sing?
Can you hear them play?
Find some joy in music today!.

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