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Cutter Brandenburg-Alive & Well

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April 25th, 2009 – For those that are worried about Cee/Cutter – He is alive and fielding many phone calls from folks that received an email yesterday that he died in his sleep.

This email was a cruel joke and had many saddened.  Cutter’s/Mr. Cee’s words to me – Well I woke up this morning to many emails and messages on my phone. I think Im Ok , I seem to be OK.

It saddens me that there are people out there that would take the time to break peoples hearts, make some cry, or just think that this type of behavior will not go unpunished.  If not in this life, in the next.


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Finding Love Again

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Life partners, lovers, friends, companions – they all have different names through out our lives.  No matter which stage of life we find ourselves in, we all seek companionship of one kind or another.

So, the story goes..

You have lost a spouse from a terrible disease or a tragic accident, someone you relied on each and every day for even the smallest of things.  Someone who captured your heart and made it go pitter patter.  Someone who was the peanut butter to your jelly.

I  imagine you wonder if you would ever be happy again.

Some years later, along comes someone, an old friend, someone reliable, kind and someone you are comfortable with.  It’s like your batteries have been put on a charger and zap… you smile, not just a simple smile, but one of those curling toes and goose bump smiles.

You feel alive again, you feel needed, wanted and loved in a way you questioned if it was possible ever again.

A beautiful story – finding love again.

So, now I wonder, how can family members on either side be angry, hurt or upset.  Kids, Grandkids it’s time to take a back seat.We can not be everything to our parents or grandparents, nor should we look at it as our parents or grandparents replacing someone.

finding_loveWhat is being replaced is emptiness & lonliness, what’s being replaced is a tear of sadness for one of joy.  I could never replace either of my parents, ever, ever, ever, they have been married since 1951 – and have taught me alot about life.

But, I wouldn’t want either of them to be so lonely that you could hear it when they spoke, see it in their eyes when a special holiday rolled around.  Wouldn’t you want them to bloom like spring flowers and thrive in the sunlight of finding love again?


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Dan Fogelberg – Virtual CD Tour

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I was asked to host a virtual cd tour promoting Dan Fogelberg, well, I am a music lover – but that was a name that hasn’t been in my current music repertoire… I remember his name, but could I tell you a single song title? no…

dan_fogelberg_pencil_sketchI figured this was being sent to me for a reason, I was supposed to listen and find some lesson here or was it just to find another set of good songs to listen to on a warm spring morning.

Dan Fogelberg was interviewed by Fred Migliore and speaks about  on a personal level kind of a behind the song…  I loved that concept. Dan succumbed to prostate cancer in 2007 and yet another musician went to play next to Jesus, Mary & Joseph….a musician that so many know his name, but perhaps don’t know the history.

We look into the faces of the famous musicians that get us through difficult times with their music, but do we ever realize their tough times? What makes them tick? What’s behind the song?

One of the clips on the cd Dan speaks of the emotional involvement… “not knowing he would touch so many people so deeply...”

Musician’s touch us on  a daily basis, I can’t recall the last time I ever listened to one of his songs,   I had to do my research and was surprised to find he was  from Peoria and was as well a session musician.

I asked Fred Magliore a few questions about his experience with Dan Fogelberg –

Susie – I have gone written about several musicians and have drawn them, I often wonder of their lives.. you had the chance of sitting with Dan and learning about his life.. and him personally..what would be one thing that you learned about him, that surprised you?

Fred – I think his gift of being open to receive, and paying attention to the things around him that many of us are to busy to notice. I don’t mean on the physical plane either but more on the matters of the heart and soul. Thus a lot of the songs he wrote were channeled through him “like Souvenirs” as he put it, “frozen moments in time” that amazed him.

Susie – I also wonder if there are any questions that you wished you had asked him, that you didn’t, if so, and you could sit with him again, what would be one of those questions?

Fred – I hear what your getting at and there have been many times over the course of the hundreds of interviews I’ve done, where there were questions I wish I would have asked. But not with Dan. There was this feeling of closure that both of us had, when we finished the interview and I think it’s very apparent upon listening to the interview.

I wouldn’t say I am star struck, but always thought it would be truly fascinating to sit down with someone famous and learn about them.. learn what touches them, what brings the song into their life, this is the opportunity for Fogelberg fans to have another glimpse, another memory and keep his music and the man alive.

There are about 45 minutes of “lost segments” from the CD which have never been & WILL likely never be released to the public!

As an added bonus –  post a comment during this tour and you will be entered in a drawing to win a free copy of this one-of-a-kind CD with the remainder of the interview!!!

The most unique, insightful, special comment will be chosen to win a copy, in addition to the random drawing winners!

The tour started early on in April – check out the other blogs that were involved.  You can purchase the CD from as well from – FM Odyssey

Thursday April 2 – Cheryl Malandrinos Review

Friday April 3 – Steven Bradley – Review of CD, quips from interview, banners, possible interview questions (posting on 10 blogs)

Monday April 6 – Shelley Tucker Review of CD

Tuesday April 7 – Joyce Anthony Review of CD

Wednesday April 8- Dyan Review of CD

Thursday, April 9– Joyce Anthony

Friday, April 10– Linda Merlino CD Review and Shelia Goss- mp3’s clips & review

Wednesday, April 15– Marta Hoelscher & CD Review

Thursday, April 16th – it is me here at & my husband over at Bucks Guitar Modifications.

17th- Robin Epstein is a lover of Dan Fogelberg’s music for a long time & will submit a review

22nd- Susan Wingate: ; will review the CD

29th & 30th- Marvin at: Free Spirit blog at

Hippie Days blog at will review the CD.

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Roy Orbison – You Got It

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roy_orbison_pencil_sketchEvery time I look into your lovely eyes,
I see a love that money just cant buy.
One look from you, I drift away.
I pray that you are here to stay..

Topping out the charts on April 15th, 1989 was You Got It – posthumously – Roy Orbison, 24 some years after hitting it big with Pretty Woman in 1964.

Roy passed away in December of 1988, I remember hearing the news and could hear his voice resonating and thinking, yet again, we lost another great.

Every time I look into your lovely eyes… followed up by.. you got it.

Do we get it? Or have we forgotten it?

Remember after 9/11 when a compassion emerged from the American People, one that made time stand still, a time when we were all  grateful for the people in our lives,  when a stranger held the door open for you, when someone helped you pick up your fallen groceries.

We don’t “got it” anymore – and it’s really not that hard to “get” back either, but no one seems to be willing to take the time to get back to basics.

Orbison is remembered for his many songs of “lost love”, let’s hope we can learn from Roy Orbison, the feelings that are buried within us, the compassion that we know others deserve and let’s get back to the basics..

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Let's Put Some Laughter In The Day

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Think about that good old  belly laugh the one that makes your face hurt.   Do you remember the last time you laughed like that?

Let’s put some laughter in the day, share your stories of gut busting laughter! (mine is below)

Just Smile! It increases your face value and releases endorphins.

We go through life with the weight of the world on our shoulders, and forget that we need to laugh and make others laugh.

Let your hair down, and take off your hat.  This moment in time can never be relived.

No wasted time, we’re alive today
Churnin’ up the past, there’s no easier way
Time’s been between us, a means to an end
God it’s good to be here walkin’ together my friend.

By: Doyle Bramhall

stevie-ray-vaughan-with-no-hatStevie sang these lyrics on The Sky is Crying, no wasted time, we’re alive today.

Stevie had one of the most vibrant smiles and facial expressions – so I decided to share this image of him, with his hat off, the sparkle in his eye and a huge smile.  If you are not aware of his crazy alter ego – Brady – I will have to share that some day as well.

I don’t recall the latest gut buster – but hope you enjoy the story

I was 17 – drove a car with no air conditioning, came out of work, got in the Sunbird, and wiggled – at that time I could easily wiggle out of my upper undergarment, and the girls were free.  I threw the undergarment in the passenger seat, and was off on my errands.  The local grocery store was the first on the list.

What an ego boost when a bunch of guys whistled at me onto my way in the store – I strolled through the grocery store, and as I went to pay for my purchases.. just guess what was hanging off my purse straps.. yeah..that easily wiggled out of undergarment, how do you explain that to the cashier!.


The Black Pearl Dance Team

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Since little of on, she danced.

This is my niece, Nicole and the catch phrase “Watch Me, Watch Me”  still stands true, and now she has plenty of people watching her.

She danced her way into the Chicago Luv-a-Bulls, Chicago’s Adrenaline Rush, Schaumburg Flyers and now she is responsible for putting together  The Black Pearl Dance Team for the Peoria Pirates.

Nicole put together an astounding 2009 Black Pearls Calendar, her talents go beyond dancing, she designed the calendar and has an eye for flair and perfection.

The Pirate’s football season is kicking off down south of us, why not join the fun and get into the action, hey Rent A Pirate Costume for the Next Peoria Pirates Game and put your game face on!

The Black Pearl Dance Team was honored by MLN for being among the top Minor Leaque Dance Teams quite an accomplishment.

Dance as if no on is watching, live like there is no tomorrow and love as if you have never been hurt!

I am proud of you Nicole!

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