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For some reason, at the time of Stevie’s death, I was unfamiliar with his music, yeah, I heard him on the radio, but did not pay much attention.

I will tell you though, I remember exactly where I was and who I was with.  The who I was with, I’d much rather leave out of this post, but I was at Kelsey Road House in Lake Barrington having lunch.

I heard the breaking news, and said, “wow, my husband always talked about seeing him at Poplar Creek, and he was phenominal, Buck will miss him.

After that, his music and his soul came into my life in a powerful way.  My passion for drawing Stevie is something I doubt will ever die.  I have become friends with someone who knew him personally and the guy opened his life and his generosity to me in more ways than I can tell you about.

If you haven’t spent the money, go check out – You Can’t Stop a Comet by Cutter Brandenburg. This is by far worth the money and it’s written in Texas hick and chaulked full of awesome pictures.

Thanks Cee !

Watching Stevie video’s you will see the passion he had for music and playing guitar, I understand that he had this passion about life and people as well.  Dedicated to friends and family and dedicated to his fans.

Would Vaughan have continued on a course of fame? Some say no, I have to believe for some reason he was leant to us for the short amount of time to impact us.  19 years later and local radio stations here in Chicago on a daily basis play his shattering blues tunes.  19 years later, his name is known worldwide, 19 years later people still debate if he was better than Clapton – The answer to that last question is – by far in my opinion as a musician and a person.

19 years after his demise, Stevie Ray Vaughan and his legacy are still alive and well in many hearts.  To quote Cee – “Stevie knows your passion for music”

In June of this year, another Vaughan went to heaven to hear the angels sing, his mother passed away.   4 years prior to Stevie’s death in 1990 – his father died on the same day of August 27th..

Pump up the volume and listen to what Stevie has to say, his spirit lives within each of us through every cord recorded..

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Ginger or Mary Ann?

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ginger-baker-pencil-sketchYes I thought Ginger Baker was a woman and well, I thought Grace Slick was Black, so are you surprised?

Tomorrow marks his 70th year on our planet.  Happy 70th Birthday to Ginger Baker

70 and still able to jam and is still one of the world’s greatest drummers.  Can you imagine still going strong on drums at 70.  I couldn’t until a few months back I decided I was going to learn.  Wow.. what a work out.  Not only mentally but physically.  The physically part I haven’t mastered, but I am learning what a 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 is.  I never knew what high hat was either, thought that was something in a Dr. Seuss Book.

Ginger pounds out a long drum solo on Toad, amazingly so, I sit and watch this, and try and listen to the “parts” of music that I have ingnored for so long.

We all take for granted the “pieces” that put the puzzle together, and until you start opening your eyes, or in this case your ears, you won’t get the big picture.  I guess this can go for almost everything in life really, consider SEO, there are so many elements, and us as bloggers just know it, others sit with their mouths open in amazement when we talk about all the “elements” or “pieces”.

This can be said for music too, for all you folks out there that don’t play, I encourage you to sit down with some kick-ass head phones, I have stolen my son’s Skull Candy with Bass Effect.. listen to the music and try to focus on one instrument.. it ain’t as easy as it sounds.  My husband has tried to get me to do this for years, but I honestly was just to damn lazy.

Now on my quest to learn drums, I find it amazing how all the pieces are there, but for so long, I  have just chosen to hear them as one.    In every facet of life, we can clump things together, missing crucial pieces, take the time today to focus on one single solitary piece of something today… it will help you focus.

If you haven’t ever watched a drum solo, go do it, there is so much energy that goes behind it.

Happy Birthday Ginger Baker – keep the sticks flying for as long as possible!.

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Stumbling Your Way Finding Friends

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Twenty some years ago, I heard a song on the radio that I fell in love with, it reminded me so much of where I was at the time in my life and yes at that time, I listened to a judy-rodman-musiclot of country music.

The opening lyrics

There’s a room in my father’s house
Full of old heirlooms
Grandma’s Bible, Grandpa’s trunk
To a total stranger no more than junk
The closest ties I ever knew
Until I met you

Finally one day the announcer said her name – Judy Rodman – quick to go to the store, and quickly disappointed, they didn’t have it.  There were no Best Buys or Super Walmarts, that’s when you actually had record stores.  Oh, how I miss Full Cyrkle Records!

I had to order it, and still have the cassette to this day.

Well, twenty some years later, stumbling my way through blogging and social networking, I started investigating my stumble friends & people who were subscribed.  I found in there a woman with a name that sparked a memory of those years long past.

Judy Rodman – I investigated her blog and realized this has to be the same woman whose music danced into my heart all those years ago.

I sent her a note through stumble upon asking her, and telling her how that song danced into my life all those years back and to this day I still listen to it, yes it was one and the same.

She has been a wonderful stumble friend and her blog is full of information on music and her teachings, she a remarkable woman and musical talent.  I am proud to know her.

We have such opportunity in front of us with social networking and it is amazing to me the people it has brought into my life.  We all want stumbles and reviews, we all want our blog’s to get noticed, but taking the time to see who is noticing us and helping us out is how it pay’s forward.

This sketch is a complilation of Judy  – she sent me a beautiful picture of her playing piano at Bluebird and the one that she uses on her stumble profile.  I used these two along with some photoshop work on what her song brings to my mind.

Grandma’s bible and grandpa’s trunk  – and the house in the backdrop is my family home where I grew up, one of which my dad built with blood, sweat and tears.

Go look and see who may be in your group of social may be surprised at what you find..

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How Deep are the Waters – Shark Week

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Andy McKeeThe week has wrapped up at Tech Jaws Shark Week – Frank over there is a good friend of mine and I am always amazed at all the information and people he finds online.

After all, he found me, over at.. the  defunct entrecard – Frank has taught me about friends, family and fun.. as well taking me under his wing and teaching me the in’s and outs of blogging.  As well as Business Plan’s – which my friend, I’ve done nothing with…yet..

Frank never fails to be a stumble away or an instant message answering my questions! THANKS MAN! CHEERS!

This is a sketch of Andy McKee, I am using this picture of him and him as a reference because this is not normally something I would listen to and online networking is something not all people are into, but the possibilities are so unlimited.

No matter how deep the waters are, we need to test them to find our place.

Stepping into shallow waters is your best bet when it comes to finding your niche.   Don’t dive into the pool until your certain the waters are deep enough or shallow enough in some cases.   My son introduced me to Andy McKee and when I read his bio – it explains how he brings something new to the industry.

We should all bring something new to our own lives, whether it’s people, hobbies or music.

Frank – thanks for showing me some of the ropes and opening my eyes to many things.. we love you with all our hearts..

Everyone else reading this, learn from others, teach others and never forget to listen to someone that you may not always listen too.. no matter what, there is something they can teach you..

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