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There are so many ways

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Cinderella, Cinderella & Mozzarella!

The guest artist would be your one and only Frank over at Tech Jaws and it sits along side a gift that him and Victoria from Victoria’s Recipes gave me.

A gift that keeps on giving and reminds me each and every day, there are so many ways.. Cinderella states, there are so many ways to dance.

There are also so many ways, not only to  Dance, To Work, To Love, To Share, To Understand and to make it through your day.  There are so many ways to be a friend, a confidant, a believer in the human race.

Spread the positive!!Yeah, at some point and time, someone will let you down, but it is only a learning experience to your higher self!

I read a book a few years back, called Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, basically, it solidifies the vibes that come off negative thoughts and energy vs. positive thoughts and energy.   Where crystals form within the water when they are frozen, the water that was surrounded by positive energy formed beautifully formed crystals when it was frozen as to where the water surrounded by negative thoughts and energy couldn’t form jack!

Within us all is the ability to be an influence, to be a teacher, to be a friend… this silly little gift reminds me each and everyday, there are people out there that are willing to be just that.  There are people out there, ready to make you laugh.

Just open your eyes!.

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