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A little encouragement goes a long way


wall-mural-flowersWhat’s the worst that can happen when we try something new to us?

We can fail, but would we not be less of a person if we did not  try at all?

This time of year is bittersweet for me, those of you who know me, know why.

I share with you the  very first painting I ever did, it was on my dining room wall, I came home from my best friends after a conversation with her about wall stencils that she was going to pay 150.00 for, just the stencil, not the paint or the brushes.  It sparked something in my Gemini rising brain and I said.. “Diane, I could do that”, she looked at me quizzically and said, “well, okay”.  She was a little more excited than my husband was, when I stormed  into the house and out of the blue said, “I am painting a picture tomorrow on the dining room wall”

Well, he was less than enthusiastic and understanding and I am pretty sure he thought, what is she smoking?

That’s when it started, the spark turned into a flame and when ever I sit in my studio/computer room at some point and time, I think of Diane.   Some of those thoughts are sad ones, but most bring a smile to my face.  Near the end of her life, I had an issue in my professional life, and needless to say it did not end well, I will also say, whenever my phone rang I was scared of the news on the other end.

One morning, before 5 am, my phone rang, my heart sank and I thought the worst.  A tiny voice on the other end said to me…

“Are you okay?, I worried about you all night”

“I know how upset you were yesterday about your job, it will all work out, don’t worry.”

It was Diane – and it wasn’t but a few days later and she was gone.

Try something new, now – you do not know what tomorrow will bring.

A little encouragement and concern goes along way..

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Hi Susie,
So nice to be here again. I came across this in my mailbox and just had to read it. Very inspiring! The message is well received and hopefully today, right now, I can encourage someone for you have encouraged me with this post. Yes, fear not to try something new while we still have the chance. Treasure the moments always! Stumbled. *hugs*

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amen. and here’s to Diane!


this is nice. you are too brave to paint your wall. hehe. but the outcome is really really good. keep it up.



hi susie

i think i left a message somewhere else for you, but god knows techno i am not!!!

your website is growing so much.

i admire your talent, creativity, and guts!!!

you are fearless, and and an inspiration for us.

thank you.


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