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A Man & His Guitar


I started looking around Freelance Folder a few months back, and thought I would try my hand at writing.  I submitted an article and actually got one published.

Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing – Following the links through out Freelance Folder, I ran into the Heavy Act that the founder –  Jon Phillips plays guitar for.  I am not real versed in Heavy Metal Rock, but this is a band to be on the look out for if you are.

I was intrigued to say the least at the photo’s of the band members, there is something that is just bad ass about them, they emanate what the rock scene is all about, bringing out and showing the core of the musician’s.

I wrote to Jon and asked if it was alright to sketch this particular picture of him and his PRS-Paul Reed Smith Guitar, he was more than happy to send me the original photo so that I could get to work. There was just something about this particular picture…

I incorporated the Gods of Now logo around Jon to give it more attitude.  The PRS Guitar was done in black charcoal to stand out a little bit more on Jon’s shoulder.

This project really was fun to see come to life, it continues to fascinate me how much we can find through the internet and how much talent is out there that we are completely unaware of.

Again, I say, it’s like taking a road trip from your cushy office chair..

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Gosh this is very nice, how long did it take? – I admire your patience!

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