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A Message from Cutter Brandenburg


April 25th, 2009 – For those that are worried about Cee/Cutter – He is alive and fielding many phone calls from folks that received an email yesterday that he died in his sleep.

This email was a cruel joke and had many saddened.  Cutter wants everyone to know he woke up this morning, he is breathing and he is okay.

Thank you Cutter for sending the following message – your friendship has enlightened my world….

To all of Stevie’s family (Fans). We all still miss Stevie in so many ways. I think I tried to share some of my memories in my book. Note from Susie: Well worth the money

I still say that Stevie was such a Comet that passed our way. I don’t really believe his light is out. I believe that because of his music here on this planet he lives on. Stevie continues to influence yougins and that is such a great testament to him. He always wanted to reach people with his music.

I know he continues to do that and I feel he knows that. Stevie was a very special and spiritual man. Some wish they knew him personally. I understand that and still say that by listening with your heart to his Music you do know the man. I was so lucky to be a part of Stevie, Tommy and Chris (Whipper) . I hoped I helped them. I always wanted to do only that.

As time moves on I see and hear the joy for Stevie each year at the Next SRV Ride & Concert. I meet so many old friends and meet so many new ones. I listen still today to the radio and hear Jimi Hendrix & Stevie like they will never be truly gone.And they are not. Those that can make plans to someday come to the SRV Ride. It’s easy. It is always celebrated on the 1st Sunday in October. I

t was Gov. Ann Richards who proclaimed October 3rd as Stevie Ray Vaughan Day in Texas. We chose to celebrate that day with the SRV Ride on eash 1st Sunday. Sometimes it does fall on his birthday, But no matter again Stevie lives on and will. I see the many great thangs being done each year in his name with the support of the Music Scholarship Program. I just wish all could know how proud he would be of what is being done in his name each & every year.

Bless all and May the Music always fill your Hearts & Soul, Mr.Cee, Cutter & Stevie.

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund – Contributions can be sent to the address below:

Remember to designate the SRV Memorial Scholarship Fund on memo area of your check.

The Communities Foundation of Texas
The Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund
5500 Caruth Haven Lane
Dallas, TX 75225


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Awesome story as always Sue! I miss the master of the D chord! I am sure Bucky will love that one!

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Rave on, Stevie Ray Vaughan!

You know, I could drive down and go to that on Sunday. Hmmm… Not really doing anything else that day…

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Thanks Cutter. Stevie and Jimi were powerful guys and other than my parents, my guides in music and life.

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dare i say it (yes) i wish i knew what happened to the pencil sketch.

great writing and great experiences


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