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A smile danced across my soul


Smile Sketch This is a drawing of the face behind, Time for a Smile, a blog worth reading once a day if not more.  Is laughter the best medicine?

How can you not feel the effects when you show those pearly whites, and your belly hurts from laughing.

Are you more apt to walk into an office when you see someone smiling or when they have a scowl on their face? I think that  smiles reproduce themselves on an entirely different level that we are not even aware of.

Engaging in a conversation with someone that ends in a smile or a chuckle, will have profound effects on your productivity.    Somewhere within the core of our genetic make-up, that smile will breed positive energy and will boost your morale, self-esteem and your outlook on what is in front of you.

It is a simple concept that is lacking in our current state of affairs.  People are fearful of their jobs, the economy & the rising prices of fuel.  Those issues tend to over shadow the importance of the basics in life.  When it comes down to it in the end, what is it we have?

We have our families & our friends, and we have ourselves, we need to recognize the value in that.  The importance of laughter & smiles can bring happiness into your life.    When negativity and anger are in the drivers seat, there will eventually be a crash, in that I have “no doubt

When I first met my husband, he left me a little card with a flower one day – it read…

I thought of you and a smile danced across my soul.

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Thanks for doing such a great sketch!
I also hope that many others will recognize the simple power of a smile.

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“I thought of you and a smile danced across my soul“

Man, why can’t I come up with line like that?

And yes, I single smile can change everything.

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@Chris, yeah he is pretty poetic! It’s been 20 years this summer since he wrote me that card, the card has long since deteriorated, or is hidden in a book, I would hope for the later, but the memory remains!


There is nothing like a smile to change the course of one’s day!

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