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A Star is Born – Judy Garland


A 45 year career, and a life of 47 years….and versatility was Judy Garland.  Acting on stage in musicals & drama’s as well as being a recording artist with what is called a contralto voice, she won many awards for her accomplishments.

Being self conscious about her appearance, Judy Garland struggled, some executives even told her that she was unattractive and overweight.  I wonder what they looked like?

As young as 12 years old, the talent and the voice was astounding, a young girl dreaming of Clarke Gable and has this to say….. You Made Me Love You

I looked through several pictures of Judy Garland, watched a few video’s and enjoyed walking down memory lane.  I can visualize my mother at this time.  There seemed to be an air about woman, different than it is now and I can’t quite explain it.  I guess it was because not everything was just put out there as it is now a days.  There was still “things” left to the imagination.

A Star is Born – I think of Barbara Striesand and Kris Kristofferson and the final scene, but long before that, there was Judy Garland as Norman’s Wife.. with the heartbreaking ending.

Enjoying those that we know little about is really what I got out of this post, finding out information about someone who passed long before I was born.  I am looking forward to talking with my mom about Judy Garland and getting the  mental pictures from her – from a time long passed..

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I read a biography and watched a movie on Judy Garland. It was really interesting.
Your drawing of her is very nice.


Yes, it is indeed great to do that (get to know people that we know little about)

I think this is very powerful too in our society today as many people hold judgments and prejudices about people, especially in Hollywood, without even trying to really get to know them.

It’s sad because we never really know the true essence of a person through the media – so it is nice to do some own investigating and get to know the richness and diversity of beings out there.

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