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Me and MineI am a self taught artist and have never had any schooling in drawing or painting.  It came when someone said, look at these stencils, and I saw them, and thought.. holy cow, HOW much are those? I said I could probably paint that, and she said to me..”really, what makes you think that?” I don’t know what did, but I came home and said to my husband Buck, I am going to paint a picture on the dining room wall, he said, “what? I don’t think so” and when he left for work, that’s just what I did. 

So, there it started, the she from above lost her battle with lung cancer, and each time I pick up a pencil or a brush, I fondly think of her.  I love finding different objects to paint or draw on, and try to use a lot of recycled items. 

My husband is a garbage picker. So, there is plenty to choose from, I figure if I can make something useful out of something someone threw out, it’s one less thing in the landfills.  

My absolute favorite subject to draw is Stevie Ray Vaughan, by day I do work on websites and blogs, and search engine marketing, if you search google image’s and type in Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of my sketches on an old vintage window will come up on page 1 out of 150,000 plus images. 

That alone makes me feel keep drawing!   I love the beach, the ocean and corona light! My husband Buck is responsible for all the after it’s done activities, he does all the coating and the high gloss finishes. 

I have one son, that has been nicknamed “kelso” he answers to it, and he is a 6 foot 3 and is a gentle giant, and the light of my life. .