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All that really matters


Richie Sambora Richie Samborabest know for his richly melodious riffs with Bon Jovi, and his volatile relationship with Heather Locklear.  I personally like some of his solo releases.  Stranger in this Town and Undiscovered Soul.

How often do we forget – All That Really Matters, this track off Sambora’s Undiscovered Soul is something we should start our day’s with.

I know over the last year that I certainly lost touch with that. How often do we tell those around us, what matters.  How often do we think about All That Really Matters

When I look at you
you’re beautiful
there comes a time in someone’s life
when you find things that matter
and every time we touch the love runs deep
we realize it’s our to keep and that’s all that really matters.

It’s ours to keep, but when we become unfocused, we loose what really should run deep.  What should make us smile when our feet hit the floor in the morning?  Rushing to meet deadlines, meetings, answer email or trying to cut the guy off in front of us?  Or is it what surrounds you all the time, your family, your friends, compassion and love? It should be the latter, but we get so lost with in the confines of our mind that we overlook those simple things that really matter.

When we loose focus of what really matters, we loose ourselves and our loved one’s can be swept away in that fall out – and pretty quickly ta’boot.  Taking the time to show people what really matters can put that extra spring in your step on a daily basis as well as have a pay it forward action behind the scenes.

It doesn’t take long, it should not consume your day trying to figure it out. Smile at someone and say thank you for being in my life, or tell someone they are beautiful, take 5 minutes to sit and listen to someone’s story that you otherwise wouldn’t have time too.  Comment back, but don’t monopolize the conversation with a story of your own, let them know they have been heard.

You’ll always be my sweet addiction
in this life my saving grace
you’re all that really matters
you know it’s true
ain’t no me without you.
And when we turns to dust
and we fly away
there’ll be a light stil burning bright
and that’s all that really matters

Life changes on a dime, and regrets can create a mountain of remorse – don’t regret the time you could have spent, sharing and smiling about All That Really Matters..



That is why my mom always says “I Love You” every time we talk. I do it back to everyone I love before I say good by. You may not get another chance to say “I love you”.
It is a great habit to develop.

Daniel Lehrmans last blog post..Make Volume Swells A Part of Your Guitar Vibe


You are so very right! Thank you for sharing this reminder, you have a wonderful way with words. Cheers!


great drawing..I love the composition…and the touch of red on the hat…
it’s definitely the simple things in life that bring the greatest joy…
a smile…thanks…and I love you… can make a day 🙂 🙂

laketreess last blog post..Entrecard and SezWho


To have that much talent much be nice. Drawing has never been my forte.

Thanks for posting.

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Being self centered would bring you to no places let alone your relationship with others.

Bringing this up also reminds us that not everyting on this world is about yourself. It’s more fulfilling to see others happy than see yourself happy isn’t it? Or is it just me?

Marcs last blog post..Party for the Lonely


Life changes on a dime (and turns on a sixpence)

you’re all that really matters
you know it’s true
ain’t no me without you.

My God he’s good

(and so handsome)

like a double Don Johnson with coffee

that’s great



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I love the drawing! And thanks for sharing that beautiful post–I’m absolutely guilty of getting caught up in the urgent things of life and neglecting the important ones.

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I was so excited to see how well you captured his raw emotion. Well done.
“Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!”

Theresa111s last blog post..Serenity


Wonderful blog, and wonderful post, this is so true, we are so much caught in the speed of things that we just forget how important it is to live! that nothing is granted, and that it’s only love and emotions who will remain at the end, not success not money…

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