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All Your Love & Magic Sam


Magic Sam

All Your Love & Magic- live each day to it’s fullest, focus on the positve, and eliminate the negative. Life is to short!

I have to admit, this one I learned from my sixteen year old son, his music knowledge never ceases to amaze me. When he talks about music, he doesn’t talk about Green Day or Linkin Park these days, it’s been about the blues.

If you do not know this man – let me introduce you:

Magic Sam – Gene Maghett – b) 2/14/1937 d) 12/1/1969.

Jake showed me a video of him on youtube – and wow! All Your Love and Magic Sam’s Boogie. Playing with greats like Charlie Musselwhite and Homesick James Williamson.

Magic Sam was drafted in 1950 to the army, realizing he was not much of a soldier, this was when he deserted the army, paying the price with six months of prison time. Beginning in 1963 he began to gain the attention for his bluesy ability.

At the age of 32 Magic Sam lost his life to a heart attack, gaining the recognition he deserved was cut short for this man. It is for so many, friends & family of any of us. Live each day to the fullest, enjoy those around you. Yesterday I attended a Native American Pow Wow, we honored many veterans, elders and family.

Take a moment today to honor someone!.

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Your sketches are so amazing and I really enjoyed this post too!

You gave me a great idea…to honour someone today… thanks!

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Sent me right to youtube.

Good stuff.

I like your art, also. You capture the essence of the person, it seems.

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great artwork and post. I think the true art of music has been lost. That is why I write about these young people who know what it is like to have a passion. To truly believe in what it is they are doing. Keep up the good work!

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Susie! Thanks for stopping by GPZ! This is an awesome blog. I love the title of it and I LOVE Magic Sam!

And damn! You are a great artist!

Congratulations on your son having good taste!

Keep in touch!


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I can;t say I am familiar with the musician, but I am with the artist :)

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