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Reach Out & Rejoice

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As a society, we used to hold each other up, without questions, without judgment, without any kudo’s needed at the end of the day.

There are a few things that lead me to this post and I am not quite sure the direction it will end up in, but look at Stevie over there.. opening his arms and his heart towards the end of his life, celebrating what?

We all live on different railroad tracks of life, but there are times that those tracks intersect, for reasons that you should not question so deeply, because in the midst of those questions, the true meaning of the intersection get’s lost.

I got a surprise phone call from someone with an apology that was long overdue, and the conversation rejuvenated my faith.

I heard about a father who lost his 6 year old son, 2 days before Christmas, that sent chills up my spine.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, remember 9/11 and the courtesy that strangers offered?

Is our time best spent on….

if Michael Jackson’s doctor is guilty?
if Fergie is wearing a bikini?
if there is something on TV we don’t like?
if people have different interests than our own?
if we don’t agree with the next person?
if we pray to our God with only the difference of his name?

We are human and we may not agree, have a like for, or understand what the person next to you is thinking, doing or saying or feeling, but we can reach out and rejoice if it is what is making them happy and we can reach out and give  support when that is what is needed.

Selflessly and  unconditionally……..

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Hacking The Satch

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There are just some people out there that can make you laugh, and the dumbest of things just hit home.. whether you get caught by the cops doing something dumb in public,  give your best buddy a barbie cell phone because her cat gave her a real phone a bath or you give her crayons for her birthday!

These folks get you to the core, they ingrain themselves to you and can even get Rosa’s to smile! My husband lost 5.00 on that bet, but the leftovers they forgot where delicious.

I know you know who you are, and thanks for giving me the inspiration to draw again, BEEN a little busy! But well deserved kick in the butt.. that now sports a glittery butterfly pasty tattoo.. !

THANKS for a great birthday.. ELVIS has now left the building!.

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Vote for Sarah and Let’s Get In An Uproar… here is why…

I have a friend, I call “sissy” or I call her “jilly” or I just call her friend…I can even call her at 3:00 in the morning if need be.. but I won’t howl into the phone.. “I’m a king snake baby and I rule my den!” Well, maybe I would..but that’s been used.

In her own words she writes…

“I have a beautiful young daughter, the kind any mother would love to have, she was there for me every step of the way.  Rubbing my bald head, cheering me on, and influencing me to find strength.  Mother and daughter share a common passion which bonds them.”

They discuss it.  They travel with it.  They eat with it.  They wake up to it.  They BREATHE it.  Music.

“Sarah, is somewhat an introvert who also likes to sketch.  Aunty Susie introduced her to the concept of sketching.  The first thing she started drawing when she was young was dresses.  She’d fantasize about some day making one.  She stopped sketching dresses till a few days ago, when I, affectionately known among her musical friends as “Pipey”, found a dress contest on our “favorite new” band’s site.  What a perfect blend!  Sketching dresses and one of her favorite bands!

I didn’t have to ask my daughter twice, Sarah immediately picked up her charcoal and went to work sketching a dress for Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.  I was on cloud nine to see my daughter truly excited about something again and is determined to boost Sarah’s self esteem by fostering her passion for sketching AND her love of music.  I want to give back and show the same support and strength to my daughter, that she gave to me,  during an ugly situation when she needed it the most.  So…set the wheels in motion for Pipey Jr’s Prom Crasher Dress titled “Classy Crasher”.

As a self taught artist, internet marketer and groupie at heart.. I put this out to all of  you and hope that you will support the passion and excitement  for Sarah by logging in and voting for her!

She’s also excited she’ll be attending the Uproar Tour where she will see Halestorm live for the first time on August 21st in Tinley Park, IL.

Music calms the heart, it soothes the soul, it brings people together….

(Need to register to vote & confirm w/your email)

HALESTORM official site:

(vote here by clicking on the 5th star to the right)

Uproar Tour:

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Who walks through your doors?

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He walked in, tall, lanky and his eyes hidden behind shades.  Requesting something unusual, but not far fetched.  A customer, someone who shared a small portion of himself in a 10 minute conversation.

A few days later, he returned for yet another visit which was right after Memorial Day, during which I put on my POW/MIA bracelet, something that is not seen much these days.  He made his purchase and as I handed him a receipt, he held my arm..and asked about the bracelet.

He explained and began to go into detail of his past and having served in Vietnam, he said he had worn one of these for a friend that was MIA – after further conversation, he explained his lack of internet savvy, he found no real use for it.  I mentioned I’d look when I could online to see if there was any info I could find on his friend.

A few hours later, in the quiet of the store, I sat and looked up the name he had given me, I found him and a lot of information about his remains being returned home.  The lanky, shade covered gentleman came in a few days later to pick up his order and with it, I handed him the information I had found.. he sat quietly and read, you could feel the emotion it brought back to him.

He filled me in on more details of his life and his time overseas, I can only imagine the thoughts that ran through his mind.  It was in the next conversation that he asked if I “wouldn’t” mind ordering him a bracelet with his friends information engraved on it.   It was my pleasure…

We never know who is going to walk through our door, we never know what sort of emotion or lessons they can or may be able to instill in us.   Taking a moment out of our days to help others can give you one of the greatest satisfactions….next time your door opens, make sure your eyes and hearts are too!.

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Recapturing the Past

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I hear the water isn’t from the ocean, it’s from filling the hot tub! 😉

Typical Chicago March, gloomy, grey and brown, just down right “gnarly”

….but within each and everyone of us lives some sunshine, a beach and a cold beer!

Where do you find your sunshine?

Is it when you spend time curled on the couch reading a book?

Is it when you finish a task that has been sitting on your desk?

Is it when you spend time with your family and/or friends?

This is one “gnarly” window, but it certainly has character and it was brought to life and adorns some sunshine now.   Recycled art, creating something from something that was discarded and forgotten.

One thing that brings sunshine to my mind is thinking of whose been where I have before me.. who touched something I am touching.. i.e. being in Louisiana, some 2o odd years ago, and walking through the old southern mansions..looking at the Mississippi River from atop a high balcony…wondering who stood there before, wondering what they were thinking.. making up in your mind a day dream.

Painting with these old windows also gives me that feeling, what..where and how many people touched this.. and now in my hands it’s been long forgotten by them……now this old window has a new home, but it will always hold those silent memories..

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Practicing What You Preach

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Martha Vaughan And Stevie Ray VaughanStevie & Martha Vaughan, in progress.  We are all works in progress, and recently I found myself in a situation where, I did not practice what I preached and forward progress stood still in my brain!!

What happened you ask?

A site I worked on got Hacked! This isn’t a tech site by any means, but there is a lesson to be learned.

Back Up.. Back UP and BACK UP! I sat wondering.. and did used several tricks that were in the bag o’ goodies, but to no avail.

My first bit of advice if you are working on a blogging platform, keep a good copy of the theme, actually keep two copies, one locally and one on an external hard drive.   Don’t rely on the wordpress back up’s completely dump your site and it’s contents onto that external drive.

It couldn’t possibly have been in the theme I saved a month ago.. WRONG.. it can be.  After realizing the errors of my ways, I put my plea’s for help to some friends that are guru’s – some help was received but not a complete fix… it forced me to sit, and concentrate on that fix.

I got myself miffed that there was no one to come to my rescue… I finally sat down and mentally got myself into the problem and began the rebuild.  I knew it was going to be tedious, and I was being lazy…I wanted someone to fix it for me… bwahhhh (as my nephew says)

Well the fact of the matter is, I learned a few lessons! When we put our mind to things, we can figure them out.  When we call out for help and perhaps it’s not there, maybe there is a lesson to be learned, I re-honed some of my skills and was not allowed the easy way out! I walked away with a sense of accomplishment, I knew I could do it, but I was taking the lower road! Oh yeah.. and back up your data!.

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We all have hero's

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Pencil Sketch, Brett Favre, Johnny Depp, Bob DylanHave you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your “hero”?

In life you may not get that chance, but you can get it on paper.  Here is a sketch I did for a gift, from a father to his son.

Titled appropriately “The Magnificent Four” Featuring his son, Bob Dylan, Brett Favre and Johnny Depp.

We all have hero’s, mentor’s and teachers, have you ever wondered what you would talk about if you met one of them? I do often, and I also wonder if perhaps, I would be to tongue tied to ask them anything.

I’d like to have met Crazy Horse and listen to the thoughts of a warrior fighting for all he believes in.

I’d like to have been able to sit down with Jim Morrison and ask him how some of his music was so enchanting, yet his poetry so disturbing.

I’d like to ask Stevie Ray where he felt his passion came from, and hear his stories of his teen years.

I’d like to sit down with Morgan Freeman and just listen to one of his stories, about anything, he has a great story telling voice that is somewhat hypnotic.

Can you imagine going out with the girls for cocktails if you were in the company of  Katherine Hepburn, Betty White and Candice Bergen?

Whose your hero in the real world? What would you like to ask yours?.

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Crosses to Bare

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birch-bark-crossI painted this cross about two years ago, in front of a church in Wauconda, about 10 feet high and 6 feet wide.. it’s made to look like birch bark and it was befitting to add to this post.

We all have our crosses to bare, and we all have issues in our lives that keep us from being the true people we can be.


Let your true self come through! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how it will effect you as well as those around you!

Dwelling on the crosses that we have to bare will only drain your soul.  We make decisions for a reason, we are in situations for a reason, learning to understand those reasons is one big mystery, but it can also be a lesson plan for our future..

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Leather and Lace

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Seriously, it’s been a month since I wrote? Shame on me!!

I’ve been a bit pre-occupied,  leathers-4u-outdoor-sign the news is, I am a business owner now.

The picture of this sign does not do it justice – what so ever, so you’ll have to stop by and see the real deal.

The idea of Leathers 4U began in August, I was not sure it would ever be a reality, and I never thought I would be a “partner” in a new business either.

You will be able to read more on the “inception” at – Leathers 4U Blog when I get the words written properly on how it all started, my partner has a way with words.. but I need to clean them up!

Leather Jackets, Leather Vests, Leather Chaps and much more will be stocked on the shelves of Leathers 4U, even some sexy undies, if Tim stops giving them all away!

The last month has been a learning experience that makes a mind tired.  Contractors, Distributors & Corporation Lawyers, Accountants, and starting an online website for selling,  my heads going to explode. (no not really)

The website would not have been possible without Frank – Tech Jaws, and the hours he spent implementing and teaching me “cart systems.” Forever Frank, I am at your mercy!

Buck’s Guitar Modifications – my husband and without his support and urging, this would not have moved forward.  Wait until you see the old gas pump that he fixed up to put in the showroom.

Jimmy the electrician/contractor/painter and all around, get it done kinda guy has been invaluable! His website will be up shortly – Residential Maintenance Electrician – it’s only a shell right now!

The showroom is going to be gorgeous, with the Opera House Carpet and the Fiji Flooring from Carpets 4U the place is taking shape, the phone is starting to ring and we are gearing up to open in January 2010.

Stay tuned…..

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Breaking Through The Clouds

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I’d like to think that for every corner, north,south,east & west there is a balance… I stare out the window today at a damp, dreary and puddle filled picture.

Somewhere, the sun is shining, above or below us – here in Chicago it is not and it’s the beginning of a dismal season in my book.  But, so be it – here I am.

The weather and this nasty bug that has gone through 5 or 6 houses, 2 or 3 places of employment and back home again.

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH – I feel like whining today!

My sister posted on facebook today, what is one thing to be happy about or something like that, the fog of those mucinex people are sifting through my head and I ain’t all that clear today..

One thing that came to mind when I thought of that was…

The moment when after the plane lifts off and you break through miles of cloud cover, and the sun is revealed.  It’s there, even though we don’t see it..

It would be nice to grow wings today! Or book a flight!


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