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Big Hair & Bad Boys


SlashBring back big hair?

Those of us who had raging hormones in the 1980’s know all about the big hair movement, there are some, very few and far between that are still sporting the big hair.  Slash – sporting his Les Paul Guitar is still going strong with those bad boy long locks.  Rock on Slash the locks are great.

David Coverdale sported some pretty furious locks back when, and there is also Michael Bolton when he sang with Blackjack, who has cleaned up his locks to sport the new age look.

Baton Rouge – Kelly Keeling, everyone seems to fall into place, when the time is over.  But, there are the dedicated big hair groupies.

We have fallen back into the 70’s looks of the Marsha Brady parted down the middle flat as a board, no bounce & no jiggle, with the question of — is my part straight?

I do have to give my kudo’s to Slash for continuing what he is comfortable with, and sporting those curly long locks and rocking us wild with his great playing and fantastic licks that scream through our dreams!  Sweet Child of mine, mistake on his part, he said it wasn’t his favorite, but the video of him, in a field of green, hair in his eyes, does a body good!

Big Hair

I fell right into that big hair bonanza, yes, this is me in my glory in the 1980’s – with the perm, the laminates hair spray and anything that would keep that hair big!

Who has big hair now?

When will big hair come back? Straight is in, when will the 1980’s be revitalized? It’s gotta be right around the corner, it seems it all comes back in some form or another.

Do we have predictions, do we have hair to share?

Share your pictures, share your stories! I dare ya!

This quick sketch of Slash was done with a sharpie fine point marker, while I listened to my husband tuning his guitar, the stack of magazines where two feet high, so I started thumbing through them to find my latest post, and here it is.. enjoy...



Oh man Slash in the house. Suzy this one hits a home run! Great job and awesome post.

blogzillas last blog post..Who’s on First?


LOVE your picture! You should see my senior picture – GAWD!!!!! What were we thinking?? I think I used enough hair spray to kill the ozone layer LOL!

Deb DiSalvos last blog post..TUESDAY (Week of a Crazed Woman)


Your picture is so old school! I love it. My mom has that kind of hair back then too.

MarketingDeviants last blog post..Explore all Possibilities


What about folks like me? I have one side curly and the other totally flat lol – true! I need to cut it short now as it’s so embarrasing!

Hey good crisp writing and well presented – I enjoyed your blog – thanks!

Ben (Ozscot)

Ben (Ozscot)s last blog post..Human Rights – Human Wrongs


I think I actually have biggah hair now than I did in the 80’s…I kept my hair pretty short then! But the 80’s style will come back…since we are having the retro 70’s style now…the 80’s will be along soon….btw I found your blog thru Scoutle!

Darlas last blog post..Save on Entertainment Books


Man -o- Man
Big hair…
Wow I lived through those days…

I like the sketch — Why Am I thinking…
Willie Wonka…



@Benny – haha..willy wonka, it’s the hat man, gotta be the hat! I don’t know if willy has slash’s attitude!

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