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Biker in Paradise


Biker in ParadiseI can only say..FREEZING here in the suburbs of Chicago.. this piece was out of the archives.  It now resides somewhere in Canada, where it can be quite possibly colder than Chicago.  Not a pretty thought.

This is a window that came out of an old barn in Elgin, Illinois. (Thanks Aaron) I wanted to portray “freedom” and as I was told by the gentleman who purchased it, thats just what it said.  It reminded him of his weekend  ride down in Florida.   This is one window that I did not leave in tattered state, it was cleaned up and painted with outdoor oil paint, semi-gloss white.  The mullions were in terrific shape! I used a recycled piece of cardboard for the canvas, and painted the ocean, streets and palms.  The canvas was painted with acrylics by Anita, and I painted the front of the glass in enamels, giving it a more of a 3D effect.  I used silica sand to mimic the waves crashing on shore. 

When I look at my pieces that are tropical themed, they immediately take me somewhere warm, which by the way is not the suburbs of Chicago, where there is now in my opinion way to much snow on the ground!.

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What a fabulous way to recycle. This is just wonderful, and it really does portray freedom. Well done!


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Window frame tables and mirrors gave me about 18 months of “freedom.” I used to take window frames and put mirrors in them. -or put legs on them and make tables. Funny. Once of these days I am going to have to make a website for that stuff. Your site is great. Good luck with it.

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