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Bird Poo Facials – Really?


Hawk DrawingBird Poo Facials, really now – who thought this up?

Before I go on a tangent here about this latest and greatest salon Au Jus, I have to share a story why this headline captured my attention.

Some time ago, my son at around age 5, could not stop the tears of laughter coming out of that little body when my niece uttered the words “bird poo,” since that is what splattered all over the windshield, this has been an ongoing family catch phrase for going on 11 years now.

No matter the mood of either one of them, if you sputter the words, “bird poo” and each one of them will break out into a fit of laughter. Sort of like my brother-in-law when he tells the snail joke.

What did the snail say to the turtle when he got a ride on his back? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, who, by the way just broke out laughing when I called to verify the joke.

Dumb, I know, but still and all, we must find laughter where we can.

Bird Poo facials, now let’s think about this for a moment, would you be comfortable with this? At around $200.00 a pop, or would that be a plop?

It makes me wonder, who was the first one who drank a cow’s milk, or ate that first chicken egg? Say silk, silk, silk.. now tell me what does a cow drink? ……………if you said milk.. think again – a cow drinks water! Oh the mind games these days!

What would prompt someone to splatter bird poo on their mugs? How do they get the bird poo? Is this collected in an aviary? Would you want that job? How much does that job pay? Do you collect it in tupperware or a plastic baggie? Is fresh bird poo better or are they freezing it like they do embryo’s? Is bird poo from an eagle better than that of a hawk? What about the little birds, house wrens let’s say, how much bird poo does it take to create an entire facial from them?

Should we compensate the birds somehow? Or do we just think of them as bird brains? If it was a human, you know somehow they would want to be paid.

The questions just keep coming, I just can’t believe that the old brainiac mind of mine didn’t come up with this little ditty way back when the splatter hit the windshield.

A day late – and $200.00 a plop shorter, what will the next big seller be?

Post Script – the drawing accompanying this crazy post was done in all charcoals.

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I can’t believe that others would actually go to such extremes and the expense.

Wonder what kind of bird donated ROFLMAO


First of all I am glad you clarified what the sketch was done in – as I had some fears of the actual type of “ink” 🙂

Details that will make it all make sense?

Procedure Highlights
a. This facial contains the droppings of the nightingale bird.
b. This facial is rich in the enzyme guanine.
c. It repairs damaged and dull skin.
d. It can make the skin radiant and improve complexion.
e. It is 100 percent organic.
f. The bird droppings are applied on the face along with Japanese white clay as a mask.
g. UV light is used to kill any bacteria that might be present in the mask.
h. This is a safe procedure.
i. This is a 90-minute facial.

The cost of the facial is approximately $250

See if you would have mentioned the fact that it is from the Poop of the Nightingale – then we all would have understood???

I wish I wasn’t signing this… Benny

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We inject ourselves with toxins … now we rub bird crap on our faces? What won’t we do for vanity?


OK, that story is hillarious, especially since I just came from the following story over at Da Old Man’s blog:


And, especially since you asked if they freeze it. Oh, my! Thanks for the laugh.

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LOL – $200 a plop… LMAO!!! 😉


Hilarious, isn’t it? I had to make fun of this on my blog, too. Oh, and did you hear it is poop from Japanese nightengales? It’s IMPORTED! That adds a dash of glamour to anything…even smearing bird crap on women’s faces and getting them to pay for it.

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OOOOH, imported bird poop. No domestic for our divas. LOL.

I’m heading to NYC and visiting a few statues to collect some “locally made organic facial beauty treatment.”

Wonder how much I can get for that?

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@Wendy – I can’t imagine either – that’s a bit insane.

@Benny – I figured people needed to know that it was charcoal, and not some other substance.. 🙂

@firerobin – I am just sitting on my heels for the next glorious treatment

@Ty – That was just to good to pass up

@Vivenne – I couldn’t pass it up either, I didn’t see your thread earlier and thanks for stopping by

@Joe – The next thing will be the chemical peel by cormorant – I heard it’s quite toxic..


@outside, I just saw that.. OMG! Thanks for the chuckle, back to back potty talk!


That is so gross, there are some strange people out there that will pay money to see some strange stuff. One time we went into a cave on a family trip in California, and when we came out everyone of us was covered in Bat Poo. No one gave us any money, but it was a lasting memory

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Haha I can’t believe someone would pay for this.

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