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This is a bloggeries on Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys – that is an awful lot of b’s!
My subjects are quite diverse…and I did this sketch in a matter of 40 minutes, so go easy on me for the imperfections.

Sebastian Bach – Canadian Born – Heavy Metal Singer & Front Man for Skid Row and then there is Vin Diesel – Actor, writer, director and producer from New York.

Two totally different personalities and appearances.  What drives our desires for other’s and how can they be so diverse?

I can go from Old Country Western Music (yeah.. sappy, I know), but I grew up with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson & Marty Robbins playing on the radio, so it’s buried in my soul somewhere from years gone past.  I have no problem mixing it up and as soon as Willie’s crooning stops on Ladies Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, I can switch gears and listen to 18 & Life, so what are the reasons that we are attracted to what we are?

Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys, either one, I say diversify!

How about you ladies out there in the blogosphere? What are some of your tastes that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum?

Guys, feel free to jump in and let me know your lady taste that fall on the opposite ends as well?.



I’m not a lady, but just wanted to weigh in on Sebastian Bach (currently living in NJ BTW) he won the be a country star or whatever the show is called hosted by John Rich.

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Awesome! I love the way you mixed it up. Big hair and bald rockers. Sweet!

Frank Js last blog post..Texting to Blame for California Train Crash


I really enjoy your sketches. I have come back a few times to look around. I draw myself, mostly just portraits but always with pencil. I posted a few on my blog. This is something I do purely for the enjoyment of it. I enjoy looking at other artist’s work as well. Just wanted you to know I am out here lurking 🙂

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Hair or no hair? Personally, I like longer hair if it is not a mess and the person really has to be able to pull it off. My husband has had longer hair to long hair as long as I have knows him and I have always loved it. I would still love him if he was bald but, I just love his long curly hair. My favorite length is the shoulder length that Johnny Depp wears a lot of the time.

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I like Sinead O’connor in the vid’ “Nothing Compares” ~ bald is beautiful, although I wish the director had had the courage to film it in monochrome (still, I can always turn the colour off) It’s not the same though.


soulMerlins last blog post..The Angel of Inverness


Perfection comes in both packages. Bald or BIG.
I’ll take mine with some BIG! Love the Bach and love LOVE the drawing, even if it did only take 40 minutes!


I’m with you. Willie Nelson has always been a favorite. He’s the bad boy and George Strait is the all time good guy!

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