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Bloggeries Affiliate Program



Bloggeries Affiliate Program – Webmasters Make some Cash! !

Many of you are aware of this little guy at the right of the screen, and if you are not, I suggest you hop over to Bloggeries. As you can see, in my book – total thumbs up!

I ran across Bloggeries Forum while searching out information almost a year ago now on blogging resources. The amount of information and knowledge available there is astounding. Even if you are a seasoned blogger, it is well worth the stop.

Bloggeries Affiliate Program has been launched and is up and running. I signed up today, since I am at home and quit my day job! I am finding things that I like to do.

Many stupid questions later, these folks have helped me along my blogging path and I have found several contacts and just a wealth of knowledgeable people. If you are unaware of this great opportunity check out the link below and sign on up! I just earned 10.00 on my first day of unemployment just for signing up..



Sounds interesting. Thanks.

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Don’t know if you take requests or not but Bo Diddly past on, I luv me te blues…..

fools last blog post..Guitarist Bo Diddley dead at 79 –


@fool – sadly I did hear that about an hour ago.. your request, will be an easy one to do! Good Blues, good man!


didn’t hear about it before,

will check on it , thanks

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I am glad you are feeling better Susie and while being unemployed. Our jobs really do not make us and definitely do not make us happy unless we chose to do what we really love deep down inside.

I too will definitely have to check out this link – thanks!

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Thanks for the heads up. Just wanted to make sure if people were having success with him before I signed up!


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AGREED. I’m really bored with ouiftts that only look well with crazy heels – quite simply because you couldn’t ride a bike/run after a tram/walk through the city that way. That’s actually why I like your blog so much (I’m trying to avoid an epic cheesy movie love confession here): Even if I wouldn’t always dress your way, I can totally relate to it AND it’s everything but boring. As for Nicole, she’s so fab!The word verification thingie is “undearst” which I think could be quite a painful adjective with an added “e”?

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