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Breaking Through The Clouds



I’d like to think that for every corner, north,south,east & west there is a balance… I stare out the window today at a damp, dreary and puddle filled picture.

Somewhere, the sun is shining, above or below us – here in Chicago it is not and it’s the beginning of a dismal season in my book.  But, so be it – here I am.

The weather and this nasty bug that has gone through 5 or 6 houses, 2 or 3 places of employment and back home again.

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH – I feel like whining today!

My sister posted on facebook today, what is one thing to be happy about or something like that, the fog of those mucinex people are sifting through my head and I ain’t all that clear today..

One thing that came to mind when I thought of that was…

The moment when after the plane lifts off and you break through miles of cloud cover, and the sun is revealed.  It’s there, even though we don’t see it..

It would be nice to grow wings today! Or book a flight!




This is the season to hang on to your dreams! They will keep you warm and ready to conquer the Blues


“Fly on Little Wing”right down to Florida. Sorry you got the blues, better listen to some Stevie Ray, that might help.
.-= Daniel R. Lehrman´s last blog ..Gibson J-20 Acoustic Guitar Repairs, Upgrades and Setup… =-.


I know just what you mean….SAD

But Spring will come

.-= soulMerlin´s last blog ..Happiness 5 ~ A Summer’s Day =-.


You’ve given me some ideas for some jewelry I’m making! thankyou! 🙂
.-= Anna´s last blog ..Introducing Bonsai =-.


One thing is for sure: the sun is always shining somewhere. Above the clouds or on the other side of the earth, bright and sun-filled days are here for all of us if we can seize them. Nothing wrong with a little whining though.
.-= Jay Zuck´s last blog ..Jack and The Spirits =-.


When the weather is like that, I simply stay home and listen to some jazz music while browsing the Internet. Actually, I do that all the time regardless of weather condition 🙂


Try to think of the good times when you are feeling down. pick one very happy time that you were just feeling fantastic. think about it, get the feeling that you had and assign a picture of the event of the feelings you had. When you feel down and out you just need to picture the symbol you assigned to this to gain back the happy feeling. It takes practice, but it works….
.-= Brian´s last blog ..Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review & Bonus! Niche Blueprint 2.0 =-.

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