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Bringing People Together


I sit in amazement how the “information highway” brings people into our lives, I recently got an email from someone looking for of all things a picture of House of Texas Music – In Austin, Texas to add to a Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Video of – I’m Crying.

Funny thing is, my husband wanted to take the picture outside of Ray’s Hennig’s store of the Marquee, and I wondered why, well, I suppose a greater power was at work and Stevie knew Connie had been searching for a picture of Ray’s place for quite some time.

Connie contacted me again for another project she is working on and she will be featuring some of my sketches.  She asked if I had any of Reese Wynans – I did not, so I whipped this up to send to her as well as some others.  Connie has some wonderful Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Video’s and has given me some fantastic pictures that I have never seen of many of my favorite’s.

If you are a fan – these video’s are a must see, there’s several with interviews and pictures that she cherishes.  There is little information out there about Reese Wynans that I could find,  he added something to the already great Double Trouble, they were blazing and a strong threesome, and with Reese’s energetic and solid keyboard playing Double Trouble continued to thrive and create music that will be coursing through blue’s lover’s ears, minds & souls for years to come!.



Really liked the vid’ on Crickettttts channel. The guy looks like a cross between Bobby Darin and Micky Rourke and has lots of Muso introCharisma

Great thanks for sharing


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It is indeed amazing how the Internet brings people together! I am still often amazed at the connections, friendships and events that are all possible through this medium.

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