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Where Have All The Men Gone?

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wolf_pencil_sketchWhere Have All The Men Gone


Where have all the men gone? I see plenty of woman, youth and children, but fewer and fewer men.

Who will guard the camp?
Who will teach the youth and children?
Who will provide for family, the elderly, the disabled, the future of the people?
Who will fight the battles and right the wrongs?

I see what are supposed to be ment. They look like men, but sadly, they act like the youngest of our children.  Instead of children’s laughter or tears, I hear these men children crying that they did not receive their due, receive enough praise, be fed when they decided they hungered, have what they desired.

I hear the whining, complaining, cursing, bemoaning, gossiping, and aggravation coming from them.  I witness others being embarrassed, hurt, pained, torments by their actions.  I watch our Elders praying for a little peace, our woman beg for a little comfort, our children become confused.

How are the children and youth to learn anything from men whose temper tantrums and actions show them to be children themselves? Something is wrong, very wrong.  Something here can do more to destroy our people that all the other problems combined.  If we allow this to continue, we will loose another generation.  They will not know how a man is supposed to act or how a man truly conducts himself.

What example do they have to follow? What men do they have to look up to and admire and patter their life after? Our young men need this.  Our small boys need this. Our elders need this.  Our young woman need this. Our little girls need this.

Are there any men out there? If so, please join our few, protect our camp, teach our youth and children, listen and learn from our Elders, accept what Grandfather bestows on you and remember our teachings. What you need will come.  What you desire will be bestowed, if deserved.  What you accomplish will be seen by all without puffing of chest, strutting, demanind, cursing or acting like children.  Consider that maybe if it did not come, it was not meant to be.

I got this out of a Native American Newsletter, several years back, it still stands true, when you turn on the nightly news, and governors, senators, and people in the public eye are whining, crying because they were wronged, when in actuality it is their actions that brought on the wrongs.

We have service men fighting, defending and wishing they were home to enjoy their families… the brave, the warriors…

Lead by example, teach and be taught, and put your big boy pants on!.

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The Gift

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Watching as you softly sleep
What I’d give if I could keep
Just this moment
if only time stood still.

Jim Brickman – The Gift

I did this pencil sketch of a woman and her cat during the holiday season and the entire story is really “The Gift”, it was clear when I turned on the ipod, and hit spin, and up came Jim Brickman and the song “The Gift”

I was contacted through my site and asked about a sketch.  These are the words…

I would a like the sketch to be of the picture where her
and her cat are looking at each other.  You don’t need to put any of the background stuff in.  Just her sitting in the chair with the cat.

I had to do a little playing around with the pictures to capture the emotion I wanted for him.  It was quite difficult capturing the all black ball of fur, or as Gary put it.. “fat blob of fur” I used all of the photo’s he sent to get the look of Denne’s eyes correct as well as trying to get the “nuzzling” effect of Nike.

It’s the little things that mean so much and for some reason, this inquiry meant a lot to me.  “No rush over the holiday, just take your time” he said. We all have experienced loss in some way, and here is a man reaching out to do something for his wife.

I put myself in her shoes for a little bit, having lost a 17 year old cat several years back, and I have to say, I would be blown away if my husband took the initiative to find someone to do something like this for me.   Even more so than the drawing itself, the compassion that he had to actually dig deep to find some way of comforting her and keeping the memories alive of Nike.

I am truly amazed at the people the internet has brought into my life….

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The Cocktailing Cat

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The Audio Drinking Companion – Rum- is the name of the song as far as
I can tell, found it on itunes. I couldn’t find a better song to go with our
cocktailing cat – bacardi lover – you be the judge. Lock up the liquor cabinet,
he’s worse than a teenager on spring break- we call him tiny evil and I think
he is a cat in a dogs body.


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Bird Poo Facials – Really?

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Hawk DrawingBird Poo Facials, really now – who thought this up?

Before I go on a tangent here about this latest and greatest salon Au Jus, I have to share a story why this headline captured my attention.

Some time ago, my son at around age 5, could not stop the tears of laughter coming out of that little body when my niece uttered the words “bird poo,” since that is what splattered all over the windshield, this has been an ongoing family catch phrase for going on 11 years now.

No matter the mood of either one of them, if you sputter the words, “bird poo” and each one of them will break out into a fit of laughter. Sort of like my brother-in-law when he tells the snail joke.

What did the snail say to the turtle when he got a ride on his back? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, who, by the way just broke out laughing when I called to verify the joke.

Dumb, I know, but still and all, we must find laughter where we can.

Bird Poo facials, now let’s think about this for a moment, would you be comfortable with this? At around $200.00 a pop, or would that be a plop?

It makes me wonder, who was the first one who drank a cow’s milk, or ate that first chicken egg? Say silk, silk, silk.. now tell me what does a cow drink? ……………if you said milk.. think again – a cow drinks water! Oh the mind games these days!

What would prompt someone to splatter bird poo on their mugs? How do they get the bird poo? Is this collected in an aviary? Would you want that job? How much does that job pay? Do you collect it in tupperware or a plastic baggie? Is fresh bird poo better or are they freezing it like they do embryo’s? Is bird poo from an eagle better than that of a hawk? What about the little birds, house wrens let’s say, how much bird poo does it take to create an entire facial from them?

Should we compensate the birds somehow? Or do we just think of them as bird brains? If it was a human, you know somehow they would want to be paid.

The questions just keep coming, I just can’t believe that the old brainiac mind of mine didn’t come up with this little ditty way back when the splatter hit the windshield.

A day late – and $200.00 a plop shorter, what will the next big seller be?

Post Script – the drawing accompanying this crazy post was done in all charcoals.

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Giving animals a chance

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I was sent two pictures from a friend down in Texas, someone who has opened up his heart and his stories, and has so kindly shared them both with me, my husband and my son.

Cutter, stumbled across some pictures online that reminded him of his two buddies, Chance & Spirit.

This was my first attempt at drawing dogs, and it’s the eyes in the animals that I was fixated on. The amount of comfort an animal can give us when needed has always amazed me, ever notice how if you are not feeling well, they are by your side or on your bed with you?

They have unconditional love for us, they rely on us to fill the water bowls, let them out and just love them. They don’t look for material things, well, my cats do, they are always stealing whatever they can. They won’t turn their backs on us, they are loyal and loving and can add warmth to our lives.

A Man’s best friend, I loved the names and had to incorporate it into the drawing, there are so many animals that need help, give them a Chance for their Spirits to soar.

We have two cat’s in our house that are never not in the room with one of us, they add a special something to our home. When you curl up on the couch for your favorite show, or just a good book and one of them joins you, curls up on your lap, starts purring and falls asleep, you can feel the compassion they have for you. Unconditionally, no strings, they just want to be loved & kept safe.

We adopted both our cats from Assisi Animal Foundation I highly recommend them and their plight as a no kill shelter.

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