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KISS my What?

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In the presence of my husband, if someone says “kiss my ass”, he quickly says,  “mark a spot, you are all ass”

Here is Paul Stanley, guitarist from KISS – born in Queens in 1952 and a legendary rock figure, writing and co-writing a majority of their famous chart busting hits.  It was with Paul’s encouragement that KISS took off their makeup sometime in the 80’s.  Paul has a birthday coming up on Inauguration day, he will be 57 and still looking pretty good!

It’s tough for many to take off their make-up because we are a society driven by the anorexic look, face lifts, fat lips and boob jobs.  What are we recognized for, is it our appearance, talent, brains or looks?

We have all heard Oprah whining lately about how upset she is with her appearance, she needs to loose weight by the Inauguration….. give me a break! I’ve got news for Oprah, many people would like to be employed, or be able to pay their bills on time.  A worry such as 15 pounds should never throw us into such a tail spin.

We have stereo typical images of bad boys, dumb blondes, sex symbols, geeks, business men, career women and so on…Take off that stereo typical make up, there are so many things you can obsess over, other than appearance, I have battled my weight for many years, up 20, down 10, up 5, down 1.. I can’t physically keep up my “goal” as set by the Weight Watchers standards.

I am setting my own goal, it’s where I feel comfortable, where things fit that I like.  Strive to be the best you can, don’t strive to be someone else, or look like someone else, because, underneath all that stereo typical make-up, there very well may be botox, silicione and alot of stitches & scars.

A great example of the not being stereo typical is Diane Keaton, she is who she is, and she is a beautiful woman!

To the rest, well.. KISS my….

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Coffee Meets Sketch

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Coffee meets Sketch…

Under the holiday rush, the fear of job loss, and just the stress of having a wild & crazy teenager, Tracy was  talking on the phone with her hands flying, only to realize she dumped coffee on the sketch I did for her mother.

Clearly from the link provided above you can see the white of the actual color done on the  Sennelier Le Maxi Block Sketch Pad Well.. under pressure and with logical thinking that doesn’t usually come out of a 17 year old, her son said to her, just pour coffee all over the rest of it.    I did do another sketch, so the attempt was well, shall we say, an experiment..

She did not pour coffee over the entire sketch, but decided to “Tea Bag” soaking a tea bag in hot water, and lightly tapping it onto the paper, she came up with a very antiqued looking drawing.

So, even when you want to cry over spilt coffee.. there may be a solution..

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Digging a Grave

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How do you become associated to people’s work online in cyber space, the blogosphere or online marketing?

Through Social Networking by connecting with a variety of people and making friends through various networks.  But yet, the rules and regulations seem to change daily, or do not apply for the small & medium fish in the sea as they do for the whales.

On-Line social networking activity has come to the forefront in the last year, connecting people of similar interests as well as completely different niches, beliefs and opinions.

With the millions of blogs and websites that now grace our online world, can we possibly keep up with all the reading material that is at our fingertips from our friends in our networks? Sometimes we may over look a feed that comes through and miss something we really like.

Many social networking sites offer a way to “shout” out what you are doing, or give you a simple thumbs up button to pass along to your friends to let them know you are interested in a specific piece of online material.  Why is it now, with these functions being in place, that it’s the little guys that suffer, get banned and get booted from the system, to loose what they have worked so hard to acquire.  Enveloping their time in getting their reputations back?

It is people that drive the social networking sites, but who is it that deems they are not worthy to be able to submit what they feel is a good cause? If we have a good cause and want to get the word out, with the functions in place to be used, why are so many suffering from a ban of the material they feel is legit?

How can the small and medium fish get the word out there for someone to take notice, social networking was developed for this very purpose.  Who is rewarded on the social networking sites? Who get’s the notoriety? How do they get it?  Why is it that so many of the same people are the one’s that are always on the top and don’t get banned?

Many questions from a fairly new blogger….I am sure I am not alone.

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This is a bloggeries on Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys – that is an awful lot of b’s!
My subjects are quite diverse…and I did this sketch in a matter of 40 minutes, so go easy on me for the imperfections.

Sebastian Bach – Canadian Born – Heavy Metal Singer & Front Man for Skid Row and then there is Vin Diesel – Actor, writer, director and producer from New York.

Two totally different personalities and appearances.  What drives our desires for other’s and how can they be so diverse?

I can go from Old Country Western Music (yeah.. sappy, I know), but I grew up with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson & Marty Robbins playing on the radio, so it’s buried in my soul somewhere from years gone past.  I have no problem mixing it up and as soon as Willie’s crooning stops on Ladies Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, I can switch gears and listen to 18 & Life, so what are the reasons that we are attracted to what we are?

Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys, either one, I say diversify!

How about you ladies out there in the blogosphere? What are some of your tastes that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum?

Guys, feel free to jump in and let me know your lady taste that fall on the opposite ends as well?.

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Boring or Quirky – I have been Tagged

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Carol over at She-Lives tagged me yesterday and I didn’t even know it.. I gather I am supposed to tell you six boring or quirky things about me… and then in turn tag some other good folks to continue the circle.

1. I talk to my mother every day – sometimes 3-4 times

2. I thought school was a social event – no time for studies, but passed with extra credits

3. I wanted nothing to do with typing – EVER – until mom made me go back to school and learn, now I type over 90-120 words a minute.

4.  I have a total obsession with Stevie Ray Vaughan – I am sure you would never have guessed that one

5. I could never pick up a snake

6. I used to be wild & crazy and loved the Bad Boys – which still – Long Hair, Rockin’ 80’s, if I could I’d be  groupie!  Yeah.. that’s me below this line………………………………………….. on my way to Laughlin Nevada with some friends.. I ended up getting kicked out of the casino – cuz I was under-AGE.. THE HORROR

With the fact that Quirky is in the title of the facts we must tell, I so all over Quirky Jessi – who I met at bloggeries forum – I’d truly love to get some answers out of Crochety Old Man, Mandy and I’ll throw this out there for Frank – because if I didn’t he would Paddle My Balls – Oh.. I don’t have any!!!.

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Brillante Award – Climbing the Steps

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Climb to the TopI was honored yesterday by Carol over at She Lives with an award, what a great way to start a morning to find a reader that enjoys what you do!

Thanks so much Carol!

I added the award to a photo I took at Starved Rock State Park – how brilliant nature can be and it seemed fitting,  it’s been fun climbing the steps of blogging, and the people I have met along the way have been incredible.

I now pass it along to some of my favorite places…

I love the humor over at Monkey Fables and Tales thanks for the laughs that start the day.

Sexy Old Broad Find out for us over 40’s, 50’s and well..whatever your age, what’s fun & whats sexy for us to do!

Evolving Beings – Evita is full of spiritual information and she writes beautifully. This is truly a blog that I feel is a sanctuary on a rough day.

Mental Health Humor -A great place to heal your mental health, with facts and drawings that will help you deal with mental health issues.

Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars – humor at it’s finest, this is a place where if your are drinking a glass of milk, it will be OUT THE NOSE!

Connect with your Teens – a great resource of teen knowledge, how to communicate and participate with your teen! Dedicated poster and full of great information for parents.

Artistic Flair by Deb Disalvo – beautiful fused glass creations – talented lady here, with a fun sense of humor and she got a tat!

There are so many bloggers out there that lend a hand each and every day to our success and our Brilliance, just open your eyes, look around and let them know that somehow they touched your world and they are appreciated.  Climbing those step to Brilliance is not accomplished by oneself..

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Arte Y Pico Award

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Arte Y Pico Award I would like to thank some very kind people, who while I was away on vacation nominated me for the Arte Y Pico Award

Mandy from Texas Medical Freak whose blog is a great wealth of medical knowledge and her life’s lessons through all it all. Blessings to you Mandy!

Noel from Designer’s Depot who has a wonderful blog and shares a wealth of knowledge and gives exposure to some wonderful artists.

Upon winning this award you are tasked with the following rules…

  1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language
  2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
  3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
  4. Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

My nominations go to……..

Ty Hurd – this is a guy that I originally ran across on Entrecard and took the time to teach me a few tricks.  This is a blog that get’s updated frequently and Ty is always willing to help out a stranger. Rock on Ty!

Animals Need Help – Stacy  has put her heart and soul into this particular subject matter, a great resource and full of information on a variety of matters that are going on around us on animal abuse and how we can help save them.

Bruce and Stacy  – over at, I can’t sum up what an incredible help this guy has been to me over the last six months, willing to teach and educate and a real bloggers unite success story, literally and I don’t say that lightly.  More details at a later date – 🙂

Benny Greenburg over at Ya-ttitude is a wonderful daily read full of inspiration information and self awareness ideas.  It is mind boggling, but it’s also mind nurturing.

Eunice over at Travelerfolio has a great photo blog and shares some stunning images

It’s quite hard to sum up just five – but these have been on my top radar lately

Thanks again Mandy & Noel.

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Classified Ad's for Blogs

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Flugpo AdI just ran across an interesting post regarding Classified Ad’s for your blogs – Flugpo

I decided to give it a try and see how the traffic is and if it works.

Looking for housing, jobs, personal ads, or anything for sale. This appears to be a great venue for getting your product or services noticed.

I will be curious to see how the traffic to the site is from here, and will report back. The ads are free, so in my opinion it is worth the try.

Check out what the buzz is all about..

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Eye of the "TY"ger

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Ty Hurd

Sitting on the famous steps that Rocky trained on in front of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, sits a blogger by the name of Ty Hurd, I first ran across him on the Entrecard forums, reading his blog from time to time and picking up some great pointers.

I would also stumble upon him as well, and we got to chatting back and forth and he sent me a link to The Top Affiliate Challenge, where he is a contestant for the web’s first real time reality show, which will be starting to film in July.

Ty’s story of the how, what and why he joined this challenge inspired me to morph him into a place he belonged, he wanted something, and has gone after it.

Being an avid reader of John Chow he opened his feedreader one morning….and read about the Top Affiliate Challenge, a point where he pondered what he wanted to really do with his blog, be content with it as it was, or take it to the next level.
Ty HurdWell, as you can see he decided he was going to climb those stairs, and get to that next level, I get the impression, there are no stairs to steep to climb for this guy.

He did a few auditions, and they went extremely well, but his latest one, a Spoof on Mythbusters video, has as of this morning given him a score of 79.10, which is 10 points higher than the 2nd place runner up.

Ty’s excitement to work with the man that actually inspired him to begin blogging has been a driving force behind the great video’s that he has used as auditions.

Receiving the highest score from the producers of over 150 other video’s was an accomplishment in itself” said Ty.

Staying in the top 10 to become a contestant Ty is continuing to strive for success.  With dedication and flare, this is one guy that deserves to be heard.  Check out his latest audition clip and while your there, hit the number 10 and vote,  give him some kudo’s for seeing what it was he wanted, and going for it.

A phrase you will see often in Ty’s blog is…”just take action and see where it takes you.

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Bloggeries Affiliate Program

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Bloggeries Affiliate Program – Webmasters Make some Cash! !

Many of you are aware of this little guy at the right of the screen, and if you are not, I suggest you hop over to Bloggeries. As you can see, in my book – total thumbs up!

I ran across Bloggeries Forum while searching out information almost a year ago now on blogging resources. The amount of information and knowledge available there is astounding. Even if you are a seasoned blogger, it is well worth the stop.

Bloggeries Affiliate Program has been launched and is up and running. I signed up today, since I am at home and quit my day job! I am finding things that I like to do.

Many stupid questions later, these folks have helped me along my blogging path and I have found several contacts and just a wealth of knowledgeable people. If you are unaware of this great opportunity check out the link below and sign on up! I just earned 10.00 on my first day of unemployment just for signing up..

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