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Group Grope – Link Lovin'

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Stratocaster Definition of Group…any number of entities (members) considered a unit
Definition of Grope…(slang) Grab or squeeze

Entering this thing called the blogosphere has been very interesting for this nature loving, rock and roll soul, hanging at the creek during lunch hours gal. It was Pink Floyd’s – Another Brick in the Wall that got me through high school, chasing my brother-in-law’s brother (thank god I didn’t catch him).

There are to many famous groups that come to mind, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Beatles and even The Highway Men who have shaped what we know as famous groups.

What made these groups? Their loyalty and their dedication to one another and their passions.

As a beginning Blogger and Internet Marketer, there are several people who have assisted me in driving my passion for blogging and posting.

This is my group grope to them…..

Rob over at The Bloggeries Forum, my first experience with bloggers, and quite a wealth of information to be had.

Frank over at Technology Blog & More, took his time, his knowledge to teach me and help me out of a terrible header and blog layout.

Stan at Razzball, who no matter what he posts on the forums makes me laugh and I find a tip or two from.

Acadia over at Superficial Gallery and the Bat Cave Forum where humor takes a twisted turn.

Small Business Brief Forum, where I met several nice people and gained some great contacts.

Entrecard – gave me a jump start with my new blog and quite a great resource to find fellow bloggers and gain some loyal readers.

Becky who was my mentor and taught me what a keyword was… she is supposed to be working on Reality TV Burnout but has been slacking big time!

SueZ a real Mark Farner Fan who sent my site onto Mark Bowsher and gave me some really great kudo’s

Mark Bowsher over at Mark Farner’s Website, who posted one of my sketches and gave me quite a bit of exposure, thank you.

Brian who runs Blogengage, what a great venue for us to post our blogs and our interests. This site has really done well, and is a great resource for anything blogs.

Sam and his Controversial Marketing Blog for giving me an honest critique that made me seek out Frank for a much needed makeover.

Danny over at Guitar Players Center for being a fan, being loyal and being honest, and from what I hear a kick ass guitarist!

Tony over at Hawkhost, who no matter what stupid question I instant message him with, he is kind, supportive and quick to respond.

I group grope all of you! Sending you some link love! Go grope some others, it may be fun.

To all those who have commented, there are to many to list, thanks !

“No Doubt” Delve into your desires and your dreams, and come out holding your destiny. sdk1988.

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Nominee for Young Blog Awards

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Young Blog Awards Nominee

I’ve been nominated for Young Blog Awards – check out it out – and throw a vote my way if you feel so inclined!

 Thank you so very much!.

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Entrecard Contest win 400 credits!

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400 Entrecard credits are up for grabs! General Marketing Blog is having a contest!  Entrecard is a great way to get to know fellow bloggers and find some fun niche area’s that can help enhance your traffic and exposure!.

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Feedburner Widget, text not working

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I had an issue that one of my readers pointed out and I searched several terms this morning trying to figure out why my text link would not work if you clicked the feedburner icon, it worked, but the text did not. 

I followed many instructions, editing the .htacess files, and the side bar files.  No such luck.  I had a RSS Widget with the data in it, and low and behold it is as simple as using a text widget with your feedburner code added.

What a bone head! I need to draw myself with a dunce cap on! And learn to read all the way to the end of the directions!.

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19 the Entrecard Forum

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I just started out the other day at work using Entrecard, I got a wonderful recommendation from a Fawnzy Entrecard Forum, for my personal blog. With some knowledgeable people and interesting tips for those of us that are just starting out on Entrecard!.

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Blogging Participation

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Blogging is all about community, and participation – Thank you to Ghing! for participating in my auction! If you are looking for a DVD this would be the place to go!

I would also like to thank Brian from Blogengage – sending traffic each and every day, thanks for your help, while I was struggling and learning!.

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