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Any Given Sunday – Mike Ditka Drawing

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Mike Ditka

The Coach” as he is known in Chicagoland, had a way about him like no other.  Never at a loss for words, he said it like it was, how often would we like to do that? 

Not giving into political correctness, this famous moment in time was captured as he did what he did so well, let people know, he didn’t care what they thought of him or his tactics. 

I have a list of some folks I would like to do this too, someday, I may just gather up enough courage! So, I guess you could say, this is my silent way of doing so…..

Yet, all that pent up anger and tenacity did not help his health, he was fun on Any Given Sunday.

With the NFL Draft in full force, we Chicago Fan’s can not forget a living legend.  With hopes of a season that will bring us victory.  Over the years our quarterback situation has absolutely gone down the tubes, we don’t have that sassy attitude anymore from the Ditka Day’s.  Our offensive line needs to be re-adjusted to protect the man in the pocket or just protect the man that has the ball. 

In spite of the seasons past, I will forever remain a Bears Fan, blue & orange is in my blood, from the early 1980’s betting a friends father a buck a game, to sitting in the basement with my own father, and screaming for a win. 

I call my office/studio my happy place, 2 of the four walls are painted blue and orange with Bears Curtains flying in the late April wind’s, autographs of some of the greats.  I have a few items that will remain forever close to my heart, thanks Dan Hampton – I remember your kindness each & every day, and it’s been several years.  (A story for another day) Those that know me, know how this famous stranger touched my life and another’s who lost her’s.

I wish we would have found Ditka’s Restaurant on our journey downtown several years past, but Buck had to much to drink!  Ironically enough, the original pencil sketch you see of Mike Ditka was recently auctioned off at the 3rd Bi-Annual Prime Line Seminar and it was won by a Green Bay Fan.. Bruce took the drawing quite graciously, and said it would find a home somewhere in Wisconsin.  I am hoping it’s not a dumpster, but I was assured, he knew who would end up with it.

Bear Down Chicago Bears…..


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Devin Hester DrawingI have heard the quote, “the year that was” referring to the 1985 Chicago Bears. 

As we tune into Super Bowl XLII, on Bears fans mind is more recently Super Bowl XLI, where Chicago fell apart and quickly allowed one of the most glorious plays (IMO) to go down in history without a win to back it up.

Even with subzero temperatures and frigid winds, Devin Hester continued to keep fans in awe and visiting teams on the their feet as the ball flew threw the windy city air. 

As promised at the beginning of this drawing, I release my Super Bowl Day Drawing of Devin Hester. .

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Devin Hester Sketch – Superbowl Blues

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Devin Hester - Chicago Bears - Superbowl BluesFebruary 2007, Chicago fan’s flew flags, and prepared for a long anticpated Superbowl.   Party preparations, excitement was in the air like the blizzard of 1967 &1979. 

The city stopped during those snow storms. Last year, Bears Fan’s stopped at any chance they could to discuss the upcoming game,  all over the city,  Monster’s of the Midway.  The Art Institute Lion’s doned the Chicago Bears Helmet’s. 

92 yards for a touchdown at Superbowl XLI, we sat with racing hearts and sweaty palms, with anticipation of a Superbowl celebration.  Well, we all know how it ended, and as the Superbowl weekend kicks into gear, I decided to draw a tribute to a player that has held his own, and held the ball for:  

  • Most touchdown returns in a season – (6) (2006, 2007)
  • Most touchdowns kick and punt returns in a season – (6) (2007)
  • Most touchdown returns as a rookie (6) – (2006)
  • Most touchdown returns in one game (2)** – Against St. Louis on 12/11/2006 and Denver Broncos on 11/25/07

As the weekend get’s underway, this sketch, done with a General’s Woodless Graphite HB, merging three of Devin’s famous poses into one 18 x 18 sketch, it will be a Bear’s Superbowl at heart!

Stay tuned for the finish product!.

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