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Fourth of July with Mark Farner

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Grand Funk took us by storm in the 1970’s and their music is still legendary, I know it is in my house,  Mark Farner Sketch“We’re an American Band” screams from the ipod on a daily basis.  This song helped Grand Funk get into the homes of a vast array of listeners giving them quite a following, still to this day.

Grand Funk or not, Mark Farner is still going strong & still playing producing some astonishing riffs. I just stopped by the official Mark Farner Website to find that there is now a “Captains Crew Fan Club

Mark’s latest CD – For The People has a line from the that very song that says…”The Spirits of Time…” this post is for all those past spirits, that have served our country and served our needs, protected our lives, unbeknownst to us, giving us our independence!

Think back to 911, the day after, the hour after…..I recall the true genuine concern for others that happened that day. People were blind sided as we watched, and people united and came together that day, they reached out to one another, strangers who held doors open, gave up their places in line.  We need to get back to this type of genuine concern and politeness.

Keeping with his own style and still sporting the long rock & roll hair, Mark continues to be for the people.  I say lift a glass to the spirits of the great musicians, as well as the one’s who continue to lift our spirits when we are down and sometimes just give us good old foot stomping, hair flinging rock & roll to enjoy for years to come.

Happy Fourth of July All!

Remember the people before us, who gave us our independence..

Comments (5)