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When It Just Ain't Right

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I’ve got wood..but not the type Frank is talking about over at Tech Jaws.

This is a piece that I knew was BAD.. and just wasn’t right. I beat myself up for 24 hours, knowing I totally missed the deal on this as well it being an unjust to my favorite subject.

This is a piece of work that will be auctioned off at a charity event coming up in February.  My husband did not understand my angst over it not being correct, but graciously spent several hours sanding it off for me.

I even asked my brother-in-laws opinion, and he said if I had to ask him, I knew it was not right! He always has an opininon.. most often times one that’s larger than he is.   I am not proud of this one, and it just pissed me off.. reworking pencil on natural wood is a pain in the ass.   I erased, re-drew, erased, re-drew and nothing, I just could not connect this time.

I highly suggest number one, if you are going to sketch on wood, as I have in the past, go lightly.  I mean that literally, it would have saved me time as well as Buck, but determined to get the darker shades down, I laid it on thick.. and the wood just soaked it up..and no matter how I tried, the mistakes could not be corrected.

There has to be a lesson in it right?  What makes us good? Going back at it and trying again.  Not wanting to butcher another guitar biting sketch, I opted for another favorite pic, really which one of them is not one of my favorites.  To many pictures of Stevie, too little time!

Walking away from a project or re-grouping early on is the best way of fixing something that is not going as you had planned.  We can all be off our game on any given day, I took a breather and with wood had clean fresh slate which is now turning into something that I can with confidence sign my name to.

Not all the work we do is perfection, not all the projects we are involved in can be “spectacular”, walk away with a lesson & a plan for the next one..

Do we even realize the vast amount of musician’s that are at our fingertips these days?

If you are a practicing musician or just thinking of picking up a guitar, here is a place to strut your stuff. It’s truly a fresh new Strat stomping ground, with discussions on Stratocaster, Telecasters and an Acoustic Café’ where the coffee could be brewing, the beer could be flowing and the knowledge is being shared.

Creative juices begin to flow when you surround yourself with like minded people. I am a firm believer in having more than one set of eyes looking at something it will get you a totally new outlook on what it is your looking at.

In this case you may want to pull out the ear plugs and listen to some practicing musicians and new musical talent.

There is a place for bass guitarists, but it’s lacking some action, so when you get a moment to set the bass down, why not go on in and share some of your throaty bass sounds.

With talk on the amp thread of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe vs. The Blues Deluxe Reissue or even just how to stop tube rattle & buzz, you can walk away with tips and tricks from players and pro’s and perhaps find some valuable resources.

Musicians Plaza has also opened up the floor to put your music talent out there, record yourself and sign on up to win a Bad Monkey Overdrive Pedal, a guitar players chance to get some exposure, show off your talents and see if you could be the lucky winner of a free pedal. Take a moment to register and introduce your self over at Musicians Plaza and see for yourself the talent that we are fortunate enough to see now through the digital highway.

Garage Band Gangs can now connect through that digital byway of the World Wide Web, it’s like an afternoon with your buddies, but they can be time zones away and with a completely different musical background and culture. It’s all about expanding your musical repertoire and musical network!

Owner of Musicians PlazaBrandon Roy started out strumming some acoustic songs by Edwin McCain. His world changed when he discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan’s performance at Montreux Jazz Festival which prompted him to go out and get an electric guitar. Feeling the blues down to his toes, he knew that’s what he wanted to focus on. As in any musician, fan or blue’s lover, once Stevie touches you, there is no turning back,you will investigate the late great’s that influenced his playing. With a line up such as, Howlin’ Wolf, BB King, Albert King, Albert Collins, Jimmie Vaughan or Lonnie Mack the chain of influences is made of solid blue’s steel.

Many great artists come before those that redefine the genre of music, Brandon’s intermixes the style’s of Stevie & Larry Chaney creating Musician’s Plaza is a place where his vision is a new generation of players that can come together and continuing to Rock our World!


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Living your dreams

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Johson Resonator Guitar

One of my dreams was to visit Austin Texas, and I did! You have 6th Street, Congress and Red River in Austin, where on any given day just grab your copy of the Austin Chronicle and you can find music of your choice. Walking the streets of Austin you could feel the energy of guitar players and musicians, current day and past.

One of my son’s dreams has always been to own a Johnson Resonator guitar, he is still working on the owning part, but in one of the vintage music stores that we found on South Lamar, he sat himself down in his worn out old Chuck Taylor Nike hi-tops and played for over an hour.

Walking the streets of Austin and finding off beat record stores, guitar stores and pawn shops was a daily activity. Winding down Congress Avenue and seeing a sign for a used Record store, we fell right in, turning the corner, walking the alley, up the sidewalk, down the flight of stairs, and into an old basement warehouse, to a little hidden LP haven, with boxes and boxes of great old LP’s, such as Pacific Gas & Electric, Box of Frogs, Ry Cooder – The Slide Era, Uriah Heep-Innocent Victim and “IF” Silver Cover.

Traveling to Austin, gave me a bountiful amount of energy, but yet the early morning hours were spent reflecting on one of our greatest guitar master’s that in my opinion ever hit the stage. Stevie Ray Vaughan, stoked ‘em, smoked ‘em and kicked America into a blue’s frenzy not like many others before him. No matter what venue he played his steamy and throaty licks on his ’59 beat up, un-beautified Stratocaster, people would come to life and begin a relationship with the Blues. He was living his dream, sharing his music.  Austin is full of artists, musicians and just interesting folks, Keep Austin Weird is seen on T-shirts & billboards alike.

I morphed Jake’s picture of him playing the Johnson in that back alley guitar store, into a drawing of one of the many Johnson Resonator Guitars that he salivates over. Capturing in time, a dream for my son, a memory he will not forget and a dream to strive for, this one’s going on his wall. Keeping him focused on living his dream.

~ Delve into your dreams and desires, and come out with your destiny! sdk 2008.

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Telecaster Guitar – Story & Sketch

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Telecaster GuitarGE Smith Sketch

Who say’s flannel is out of style?

GE Smith bangs it out on his line of Fender Telecaster Guitars with enthusiasm and passion often times in flannel shirts, my son is on to something!  

If you long for a Telecaster, but can’t afford the top dogs of guitars,  here is a interesting story written by the my dear husband Buck, on the right.  Albeit, I was hoping for a strat….

Written by: The Best Bang for your Buck

The Telecaster Guitar you see on the screen to the right, was made from a kit purchased from Grizzly Industrial.  It’s price will shock you, as well as the quality.  “The Best Bang for the Buck”, I have ever found.  Now I did modify the kit slightly from the original, but with all parts from Grizzly. 

Except for the bridge pickup, my modification was very simple and I got the idea from “Lindy Fralin”, (you will  have to do your research on that one.  Who is that man in the background on TV.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact The Best Bang for your Buck at buckaroo1953 at ameritech dot net.


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