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Being Among Friends – Wake Up Call

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There is something said to being among friends! I won’t put any names here, and I know within a few short hours, I’ll be getting a call!

Yesterday, I got a call, one that made me realize what terrific friends are out there to be had, not only in one instance, but in several yesterday.  What a wake up call … if we pay attention to the little things.

The beautiful woman, who made us dance!

The kind gentleman who told us even if it was overcast, what a glorious day it was to dance,  as he sipped his lemonade!

The old friend who gave us many wise words that have meaning for all.  Here is only one line….(When you point a finger at someone, stop….look…. how many fingers are pointing back at you??)

The first text message wishing me a happy birthday from someone whose sense of humor is over the top.. go look at, he’s expanded my vocabulary.

The friend that said he left me a voice mail singing me happy birthday, which I never got, and not sure I believe he did, but I could actually use that as a marketing piece.

Lastly, but not least, the friend that called and called me a dumb ass, when HE didn’t know when my birthday was!  That friend called to talk about some issue’s that could have turned to larger issue’s, for that I thank him!

This is where friendship becomes a bridge in your life, and you realize there are people out there that are willing to put themselves, their troubles and their joy on the line.  Concern over fallout, of issue’s in our lives, of emotions that we may be struggling with, of situations that don’t make us look the best when exposed.

A garbage can is a garbage can, no matter what you choose to use it for, it holds our trash!

Friends don’t see it that way, it’s all of that, the that’s  that draws one to a another, the good, the bad, the ugly and of course the joy we feel when we know we are loved, in every way, shape or form.

Wake Up…

Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call


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Finding yourself in Muddy Waters

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Muddy Waters is considered “The Father of Chicago Blues

Following suit of some of the greatest Blue’s Artists, Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters was playing guitar at the yearly age of 17.

Having an appetite for all genres of music, blues, jazz, rock and country gave this blue’s man a fully rounded arsenal for music.

When you “Muddy the Waters” so to speak, you are making a situation less clear to yourself and to those around you.

When you need help, do you ask? When you screwed something up, do you come clean? These situations can be two-fold, but are necessary in your own success.

I read and learn from experience, and have stumbled upon many people in the online communities as well in our every day lives, that are willing to help and willing to teach.  But, there is a flip side as well, there are many that do not have the tolerance for questions or do not understand if you make an error. B

Let us imagine if Son House, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters would have been unwilling to teach and to inspire.   Muddy Waters had a hand in getting Chuck Berry’s first record contract, because he was willing to help, teach & inspire!

If such greats allowed attitude and ego to get in the way, would we be minus “Johnny B Good?” if so what song would Michael J. Fox have jammed to in Back to the Future? Would the inspiration chain have been broken? Great inspirations, can lead to great success.

From it’s original release in 1958 to 1985 in Back to The Future –  Johnny B Good is a great example of the inspiration chain and how other’s can lend a hand in history.

Ask for help when you need to, and admit when you made a mistake, it will be more easy to be corrected.  If you are on the flip side of that, what is it going to hurt you to give 10 minutes of your time and or, give an empathetic ear?.

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Thinking About Yourself

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Thinking about yourself and what makes you tick, I was tagged…so I had to sit quietly and dig into myself.

I was tagged by Evita, and didn’t know it until I caught up on my reading – she writes wonderfully and has such an insightful blog you can go there to realize faith & love reach out from every aspect of our lives.   Evolving Beings

Tagging is reveling yourself and things people don’t know about you – so here goes, I’ll give it a whirl.

I find the emotion of jealousy to be a turn off, in any aspects of life, it’s a wasteful emotion.  Yes, I have been envious of people before, I am not a saint.  But when we let envy turn into the all encompassing jealousy that’s when people loose sight of focus.

I listen to Old Country Western from time to time – I am a rock/blues gal, but the roots of Mom’s kitchen radio still sing in my heart and if I want a happy memory I listen to sad songs. Oxy Moron yet, Willie, Waylon, Johnny & George Jones could belt out a tune.  It seems to transport me back to Roberts Rd where I grew up.

I wish I had gone into the medical field, not sure as what, but it has always peeked my curiosity – Being the “in-charge” as my husband call’s me, when I am in those situations at Doctor’s or Hospitals, I want to be in the know or be in-charge!

I have been seen at Gilda’s Club reading fortunes for one of their annual events, dressed like the gypsies, beads stacked up on me like Mr. T, long eyelashes, bright red nails and a long, long wig. Because of the comments and the urging of many that I have read, this has taken me into more of the depths of the spiritual world that is around us trying to communicate, I believe there are spirit guides with all of us, I continue to work and meditate often so that I can hear mine when he speaks.

I volunteer for an organization called Midwest Soarring Foundation, a Native American group that started out with trying to repatriate the 10’s of thousands of remains of our Native American’s that  are stored in the basements of city museums.  It’s a group that has grown now into educating people on Native Cultures and teaching the correct history of their people.   I handle all their memberships and have been volunteering for them for almost 15 years.

I would like to travel to Greasy Grass and lie down where so many had lost their lives.  Where so many fought for what they believed in, I wonder if their energy can still be felt? They fought for their families, their food, and their environment, as it was when it was The American Frontier.  There is a scene in Dances with Wolves, when Kevin Costner comes upon a hill, as he makes his way to the top, the land is vast, green and it seems to whisper “peace”.  It is no longer like that, but when you close your eyes, you could imagine anything and I am pretty certain you could feel something.

I am supposed to tag some other to find out more about our cyber buddies – so here we go..

Danny  – Guitar Players Center

One of my first online blogger connections – can’t wait til April!

Judy – All Things Vocal

Only knew her through a her famous song – Until I Met You – and one day.. I found this extraordinary singer as one of my fans on Stumble! One of my Fans? I’ve been listening to her.. since I was on Roberts Road!

LaTeasa – Teasas World

With a great insight to marketing and someone who loves the world around her.

Carol – Medium in Training

Carol just started her blogging venture and is a dear friend of mine that deserves all good things to come to her from this point forward!

Dennis – Visual Thoughts Photography

An old rocker at heart, with some totally inspiring photography

Mickey – Do Something Even if its Wrong

My sister – She lurks here often, doesn’t comment much and was angry I didn’t name her in my cabinet, SHE wouldn’t want to be in the cabinet, she’d want to be in charge. This will push her to update her blog that she hasn’t since October!!!!!!!!!!.

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Opening the doors to Inspiration

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Inspiration from our Mentors

Mentor = a trusted counselor
Inspiration = unusual creative activity of the mind

Putting the two together creates a phenomena, and when we get the chance to meet up with someone that we have looked to as a mentor, watch out for the creative hurricane to begin.

Carol Moxley of She-Lives and Bass-ically Speaking had the chance to interview one of the most talented woman bass guitarist in our history. Carol Kaye – The First Lady of Bass.

In one of the quotes, Carol Kaye say’s…”Your whole demeanor changes when you change that inner voice that keeps you locked up in chains.”

Competition in every aspect of our daily lives is overwhelming, in every adventure we seek there will always be someone who came before us that did extraordinary things, someone we can learn from. We do ourselves in when it comes to mentoring those around us, and those that have the knowledge that we seek do the same by locking themselves up for “security” reasons.  Whether it’s job security or emotional security or just down right ego.

For Carol Kaye to take the time to allow Carol Moxley to do an entire series on her life as a musician,  struggles in a male dominated industry and the challenges she faced throughout her career, she not only became more of a mentor to Carol Moxley, but she became a mentor to the bloggers that visits She-Lives.

Ego’s too big to give you the time of day are appalling to me and offer up absolutely no inspiration what so ever…last year, I contacted a local radio station – WLUP in Chicago, and wanted to donate some of my artwork for a charity drive they were having, I can’t fork out cash, as many of us can’t,  but I have had great success in generating cash for charities with pieces of art work that are auctioned off.  A single bar stool with Stevie Ray Vaughan went for 465.00 a few years back.  The emails I sent to the local radio were ignored and when I left a note on one of their blogs, I was told “The artwork on this site, looks like vomit on a White Camero after eating black crayons.” Very nice, huh, extremely professional..not.. Needless to say, my radio dial has never hit 97.9 again, and I do have a screen shot to back that statement up.

Remember, we touch everyone’s lives somehow, keep your thoughts positive, keep your options open, keep the communication going.  We never know how we touch people when a little bit of time is spent, we can walk away better people, we can walk away with new experiences and new friends.  Carol Kaye gave something to Carol Moxley that she will always treasure, she gave her time and her thoughts….

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