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Tropical Painting Palm Trees OceanIf anyone knows me, they know that I do not like winter. If it snowed two days a year, that is one too many. Christmas day with snow is fine in my book but after that, it’s bring out the beach towel and give me sand between my toes, a good book and the beach.

Oh-and do not forget the Corona Light – that’s a staple!

As life dicates, that is not yet able to happen. So, I find pleasure in painting and drawing the tropical sunsets and beaches.

Thanks to Island Lake Tanning & Travel – they book ‘em and brown ‘em and I give them a little taste of paradise during the snow filled dreary days.

Go figure, she owns a Tanning Salon – that would be Jennifer Koeppen and her husband Bob Koeppen owns a snow plowing company.

I have been able to display alot of my art work, from pencil drawings to paintings. Here is a piece of a piece that hangs in the salon. Alot of the material I use is found in the junk or in recycled piles that people have tossed to the curb. (thanks buck) This is actually a piece of old used cardboard that I took from Primeline, Inc. when I worked for Sully!

Please read on to find out more about Island Lake Tanning & Travel and give Jenny a call next time you want to take a trip – God know’s I wish I did! More on that story tomorrow!
Island Lake Tanning & Travel – “We book ‘em & brown ‘em!- 847-526-0680 211. E. State Road, Island Lake, IL. 60042 (next to Culvers on Rt. 176)

Conveniently located: 8.5 minutes from Lakemoor, 5 minutes from Wauconda, and 10 minutes from Mchenry

Monday-Friday: 8 am – 9 pm – Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm – Sunday: 8 am – 12:00
Any laydown bed $5 and $1 for standup

3 levels of laydown and the latest in tanning bed bulb technology. Come experience the strongest and quickest stand up tanning with a maximum exposure time of 7 minutes.
Your full service tanning salon has an in-house travel agent. When you book your next vacation, you earn free tanning to get ready for your trip.

Let Jenny book your vacation plans or just a trip home to see loved ones. She works hard to find the best deals and promotions for her customers!

New Customers print this out – and mention the Blog and you get a free laydown tan or stand up.


Offer expires December 31st, 2008.
Thanks for stopping by!
Soul to Soul.