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Where Have All The Men Gone?

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wolf_pencil_sketchWhere Have All The Men Gone


Where have all the men gone? I see plenty of woman, youth and children, but fewer and fewer men.

Who will guard the camp?
Who will teach the youth and children?
Who will provide for family, the elderly, the disabled, the future of the people?
Who will fight the battles and right the wrongs?

I see what are supposed to be ment. They look like men, but sadly, they act like the youngest of our children.  Instead of children’s laughter or tears, I hear these men children crying that they did not receive their due, receive enough praise, be fed when they decided they hungered, have what they desired.

I hear the whining, complaining, cursing, bemoaning, gossiping, and aggravation coming from them.  I witness others being embarrassed, hurt, pained, torments by their actions.  I watch our Elders praying for a little peace, our woman beg for a little comfort, our children become confused.

How are the children and youth to learn anything from men whose temper tantrums and actions show them to be children themselves? Something is wrong, very wrong.  Something here can do more to destroy our people that all the other problems combined.  If we allow this to continue, we will loose another generation.  They will not know how a man is supposed to act or how a man truly conducts himself.

What example do they have to follow? What men do they have to look up to and admire and patter their life after? Our young men need this.  Our small boys need this. Our elders need this.  Our young woman need this. Our little girls need this.

Are there any men out there? If so, please join our few, protect our camp, teach our youth and children, listen and learn from our Elders, accept what Grandfather bestows on you and remember our teachings. What you need will come.  What you desire will be bestowed, if deserved.  What you accomplish will be seen by all without puffing of chest, strutting, demanind, cursing or acting like children.  Consider that maybe if it did not come, it was not meant to be.

I got this out of a Native American Newsletter, several years back, it still stands true, when you turn on the nightly news, and governors, senators, and people in the public eye are whining, crying because they were wronged, when in actuality it is their actions that brought on the wrongs.

We have service men fighting, defending and wishing they were home to enjoy their families… the brave, the warriors…

Lead by example, teach and be taught, and put your big boy pants on!.

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Something to Believe In

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“Thirteen years later, their homes destroyed, their buffalo gone, the last band of free Sioux submitted to white authority at Fort Robinson, Nebraska. The great horse culture of the plain was gone and the American Frontier was about to pass into history.

I watched Dances with Wolves last night and that was the closing line in the movie.  Above, I give to you Leonard Peltier a Native American that has been imprisoned in our country since 1975.  I don’t have enough room in a single post for the details of this long on going case, I suggest you read his story for yourself, it will open your eyes to a what has to be deemed as one of the strongest of warriors in our time.

Have you ever believed in something so strongly it is part of you? The Eagle and The Buffalo of which Native American’s hold sacred are part of Leonard’s soul.

While watching Dances with Wolves, and no matter how many times I do, the peacefulness of these people is astounding, Kevin Costner says to himself in the movie…They were a people so eager to laugh, so devoted to family, so dedicated to each other. The only word that comes to mind is harmony.

I have danced with my friends before at pow wow’s, of which during so many of their elders are honored and cherished.   Midwest SOARRING is based out of the Chicago Suburbs and many years ago I started doing some volunteer work with them, and I have seen what kind, gentle hearts our Native American’s have for not only their families but strangers as well.

We have lost touch with that in our every day lives, we worry about what we were unable to purchase for Christmas or a gift we wanted and didn’t receive.  The gift we have is our every day lives, those around us that show us compassion and love.

Take a moment to read, take a moment to close your eyes, think of your innocence and think what it must be like to be wrongfully imprisoned for so many years,  where freedom is just a memory.  Having to dig deep within those memories and deep within the moral fiber of a culture, is how I believe Leonard must keep his faith and his strength.

I am posting some information that was passed onto me from Harvey Arden who has worked with Leonard on several projects;

~The Play’s the Thing to FREE PELTIER!~

Friends–Leonard Peltier’s stage play MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE is a
soul-transforming theatrical experience –a mesmerizing living expression
of his own words, his own pain, his own dreams–as well as the suffering
and dreams of his People.

As co-playwright with Leonard, I have given outright my entire
co-playwright’s share, plus quite a few personal thousands, to In Peace
Productions, created by Keith Rabin specifically to make a reality of
Leonard’s play.

Please reach into your heart and your soul and your pocketbook to help us
stage this play and bring Leonard’s continuing CRUCIFIXION–33 years on the
Cross of American Injustice–to center-stage of AMERICA’S CONSCIENCE.
It’s time we took Leonard down from his Cross.

We seek patrons, donors, sponsors, theater folk & plain old long-suffering
Peltier supporters bless’m)–to assist Keith Rabin and me in bringing this
amazing production on tour to cities and rez communities around the nation
and abroad this spring  ’09  & onwards.

Leonard is now 64 . He’s been in prison since he was 31.

I ask EACH of you personally to step forward NOW– and assist us with
ideas, theater info, purchases of CDs,  books or Peltier support Items all
available at

And–yes, please–reach into your heart and make a modest donation to In
Peace Productions right on the website. Keith Rabin has already gone
deeply into debt to create a  legit professional production company touring
the U.S., Canada and overseas  in 2009-2010.

To assist in funding Leonard’s wondrous play, the following hard-to-find
books authored/edited by Harvey Arden  have been donated for sale at

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