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I have seen alot of traffic in my statcounter looking for sketches from photo’s and thought I would share a recent drawing I did of my son’s bass player Nick and his Sister Kelly, his mother said it best when I got a comment in my email this morning and her words are the one’s I will share..

And, no, he hasn’t worn out his welcome yet ! But, I would love to get my hands on those curls and clean them up!

Tracy wrote – Trying to find something for my parents at Christmas is always a chore. I saw a drawing that Susie did of my sons band, and knew right away what I wanted.

I contacted her and gave her the photos of my children. Not quite sure if I wanted to do baby or them now, she sugguested both. So I  grabed both pictures that my parents love, and she sketched  them in chalk.

It was so awesome she truly has a wonderful gift.  So I bought the frame and placed it under the tree. My mother in-law came for a week visit. Every day she looked at the sketch and raved about it. Of course I did not get one for her, but something thing else that Susie is so talented doing, window art.

I had to get one for her as well, Susie was just delighted to do another portrait for me. And so close to Christmas. Susie is such a wonderful person. I urge anyone who comes to this site to use her for any drawing needs. I can’t wait to see the look on my parents face when they see her work. It is amazing.

Thank you. Tracy.

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Rancho Capomo Waterfall - Ecological Horse ToursThis weeks Make it From Scratch Carnival was hosted by The Common Room and with some great little recipes on there, just in time for the “New” Superbowl Show down.  Whether you are a New England or a New York fan, there are some recipes that should suit you.

One of the recipe’s that immediately stood out was the Mexican Seven Layer Dip. 

Yet again, reminding me we were supposed to leave for Mexico on February 4th.  This is a photo from our trip last year, during our Ecological Horseback Tour.  I added the writing at the bottom to create a postcard out of it.  The bus missed us, and we quite an enjoyable cab ride through the backwoods of Las Palmas Jalisico on our way to Rancho Capomo

It was quite interesting passing the Mexican Prison, as folks lined up with bags and bags of groceries and goods.  It was quite intriguing to me that you are driving through the woods, the mountains and the forest, and there is nothing around, then all of the sudden, out of no where, there is a taco stand or restaurant, with scads of customers. 

Staying on the Mexican theme, you can find Make it From Scratch Refried Pinto Beans to add to your Superbowl weekend.

Another great find, that tied into my Decoding Laundry article that was posted so kindly by Eve @ Confessions of a Housewife was Stop the Ride – 13 Ways to use dryer lint!

I was excited this morning as well to see that I got a 4 out of 5 Blog Review over at Bloggeries! Thanks to all involved in making that happen!

Back to Devin!.

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