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What can you do with old?

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What can you do with old?

I am not talking issues related to Lipitor, or those old left overs that have grown mold that we may be able to turn into antibiotics, I am talking another persons junk can be your treasure.

Here is a door that I swear must have been used for those little people that lived under the stairs.  I know there was a movie like that, before the one that John Goodman starred in – The Borrowers..but for the life of me, I can’t remember it.

so.. back to the drawing which I just realized the glare on it..stinks! be it ! I did this very 3 Dimensional, using dried grass..and birch bark if you take a look at the birch tree on the right of the screen…the bark was not painted, it is hot glued on..and it’s real.  Thanks Joseph Standing Bear.

The sand on the walkway is actual sand that I collected in the dust pan after my husband decided he needed to tar the cracks in the foundation outside our steps.. and the only way to sop it up was sand….but that sand was tracked in my house and used in the painting.

The dried grass at the very bottom left is real another brain child of mine that has gone mutant.  I planted pampas grass…pa—my ass it should’s every where, and invasive.. I highly recommend against it, unless you have an old door that a fraction of the grass can be used.

This piece was done with two pieces of cardboard that I used as my canvas.  I used cardboard that was used to ship an auto-scrubber. read it right.. an auto scrubber.

The legs that my husband made to support the old door were made from old pieces of base board that would have gone in the garbage or been burned.

So there you have it.. thats what you can do with old!.

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Standing the Test of Time

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Standing the test of time, is certainly what this Southern Rock band has done over the years, still with it’s same 3 piece line up.

ZZ Top rocked into my bedroom as a teenager, they have expression & durability when it comes to creating those foot stomping, roll the windows down, put it in drive and turn the dial as far up as it goes and drive.

Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill & Frank Beard have formed a unique and fantastic career.  Truly a team of individuals that have created an image.  Being offered 1 million to shave their beards, Gibbons & Hill declined.  They are who they are and their act continues to be successful.

ZZ Top did a video for Sesame Street with a muppet version of themselves singing – ZZ Blues.

Billy Gibbons appears briefly on the Television series Bones – as Angela’s Father.  An astounding musician, Billy Gibbons formed ZZ Top in 1969 and their career together, standing the test of time is approaching 40 years. My son believes Gibbons is one of the best guitarist ever, I asked him why? “He is precise and meticulous when he is playing and never makes a mistake.

I think we all make mistakes, but do we stand the test of time with such dedication to correct them?

With statistics that show, the average 1st marriage divorce rate is 50%, 2nd marriage 67% and finally the 3rd marriages 74%.  I would say, we do not stand the test of time.  We can take a lesson from the loyalty of the 3 members of ZZ Top, going into any project, relationship or job.  It’s all about the dedication, putting your best effort into any project that you are working on takes focus and it takes acts of selflessness.

Dedication to “things” is not always easy or comfortable, but to excel at anything, it’s the foundation of the end results.  We get what we put into it! Whether it’s a relationship, a band, a project or even a marriage.  If we continue to dedicate ourselves to the final outcome, success will be achieved.

This is a piece art on what I call a  recycled project.. as I paid for my Corona Light, the store was getting ready to toss out a bunch of old cigar boxes, well, wasn’t Buck happy when I paraded in the house with a stack of old boxes for him to sand and prep for some artwork to be applied.  It’s done with a 97-HB Woodless Graphite Pencil and a light coat of lacquer.  A great keepsake box for your Southern Rock – ZZ Top fan.  Contact me for details.. info at

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Continuing my Touching Others Lives Series, I give to you the focal point of the drawing.  Which is being placed in the center of my recycled, thrown away, let’s put it in the landfill, discarded item, that I am going to transpose into a usable, conversation piece with a stunning array of art!

Let me introduce you to – Al Kooper, a survivor of the rock and roll lifestyle, we picked up his book called Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards when we were in Austin.

Al Kooper was, what’s called a Session Player, having to know how to play anything, anytime, when the phone rings, a musician for hire.  Now with his band Funky Faculty, he has laid down so many tracks on Teen Records, that we are not even aware of whose behind the music.

Touching Others Lives, in a quiet existance of which so many of us are not aware of the impact and the music he added to our lives.  Playing on This Diamond Ring performed by Gary Lewis & The Playboys.  The story of how Al came to play with Bob Dylan on Like a Rolling Stone is something only his words do justice, pick up the book. Blood Sweat and Tears, started in the head of this session musician, creating a marriage between blue’s,  rock and a horn section.

Can you imagine a man of this stature teaching you music? Well, for a short while he did teach but with a disease that took 2/3rds of his eye sight, he had to give that up.  He is still sought after for tours & lectures as well as DJ’ing

This is a man who has Touched Others Lives, when you are sitting at your computer, or standing in line at the store, just think about those that you may never see behind the scenes, the one’s that in some off-handed way have touched your lives.  If the stock boy didn’t stock, we would not find what we need, if the IT Pro didn’t stay behind at work until 2:00 am, we would not have smooth running computers, there are so many more behind the scene’s people that we have in our lives, that each and every day.. they have touched our lives..

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Recycled Light Switch Covers

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Hand Painted Light Switch PlatesLights Out!

But not for these bad boys that I had found in the summer months during junk days!

These are light switch covers that I found in a box, there had to be over 50 of these switch plate covers at the curb waiting for the garbage truck.   Waiting to end up in the land fills.

Metal, Ceramic and Plastic switch covers, from one slot to four.  I took the ceramic one and had my husband sand it down, and I put a base coat of flat white spray paint on it, and I added the tropical sunset to give it some flare, using enamel craft paint by Anita,

I mixed solid black with an amber red to get the dark water’s.  The three slotted light switch has silica sand embedded in it, and gives a bit of a glow in the evening so that you can actually see where the switch plate is at.  With beads of real sand and a bit of texture, it is a beauty in any sun room.  Using several tones of blue for the water, and combining white gives the depth as the beach scene meets the horizon.

I shot them with a glossy lacquer to give them more protection from wear and tear in rooms that are have more frequent traffic. 

I love finding items that have been disgarded that I can bring back to life by giving them a unique look and turning them into works of art.  There are many different forms of recycling, and if you are unsure if there is a recycling collection center around, check out Earth 911..

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