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This is a bloggeries on Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys – that is an awful lot of b’s!
My subjects are quite diverse…and I did this sketch in a matter of 40 minutes, so go easy on me for the imperfections.

Sebastian Bach – Canadian Born – Heavy Metal Singer & Front Man for Skid Row and then there is Vin Diesel – Actor, writer, director and producer from New York.

Two totally different personalities and appearances.  What drives our desires for other’s and how can they be so diverse?

I can go from Old Country Western Music (yeah.. sappy, I know), but I grew up with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson & Marty Robbins playing on the radio, so it’s buried in my soul somewhere from years gone past.  I have no problem mixing it up and as soon as Willie’s crooning stops on Ladies Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, I can switch gears and listen to 18 & Life, so what are the reasons that we are attracted to what we are?

Big Hair or Bald Bad Boys, either one, I say diversify!

How about you ladies out there in the blogosphere? What are some of your tastes that are on the opposite sides of the spectrum?

Guys, feel free to jump in and let me know your lady taste that fall on the opposite ends as well?.

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Screen Painting

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Screen PainintThe canvas on this picture is an actual window screen, I had heard about this technique but had never given it a whirl.  Thus the investigation of how’s & what’s began.

Screen Painting is an old folk art style of painting that began in Baltimore in the early 20th Century.  It takes a little bit of patience, but the results are quite interesting.

The really cool thing about screen painting, is that you can still see out the window, yet people from the street can not see in.

I took an old door and had my husband paint the entire thing black, (another form of recycling) you need a dark backdrop to see your progress and coverage of paint.  In order for it to with stand any weather conditions you need to use outdoor enamel based paint.

Beginning with a light coat of either light blue or white, you need to make sure your screen canvas is completely covered.  The brush strokes need to be light so that you do not clog the holes of the screen.

I work my way from the top of the screen painting, down to the bottom,  getting the darker elements in first, that would be the outline of the tree’s, the darker sections of the grass, behind the bridal wreath.

I will sometimes add just a little bit of Folk Art Enamel paint to the tip of the brush to enhance the colors, I have not found a huge selection of color in the outdoor enamels, without spending a fortune.  I have had several people stop and ask about the two paintings that are on my bay window in the front, this is a great way to add a little color into your life and home..

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