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Have a Little Cheese with the Whine

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wine-grapes-paintingIn the suburbs of Chicago since the beginning of March the bad weather days have out weighed the good one’s by 5 to 2.

I don’t quite know what’s in the air, whether it’s the struggling economy – and who isn’t sick of that excuse. Or if there is a shift in the planets, or if the “I don’t give a crap” attitude is spreading like the swine flu.

I’ve noticed a change not only in myself but in others around me as well  others around me have been telling me that they feel just down right “crabby” for no apparent reason. Even the checker at goodwill felt it necessary today to tell me her “bad ju-ju”

Got me to thinking, what makes us crabby or down in the dumps and thought I would share some ways to shake it.

So, put down the whine and grab some cheese, I recommend Baby Swiss or top some popcorn with some shredded asiago!

Don’t listen to sad music, no matter what’s going on in your life, throw on some Aerosmith and listen to Steven Tyler Just Push Play!

Go buy yourself a car-jar from Yankee Candle that will bring back a fond memory – THANKS Krissy for the Sun & Sand recommendation – I think I’ll just go hang out in my car, close my eyes and think about Mexico, while listening to “The Guitar Hurricane – SRV – favorite of mine.

Spend one day a week with someone that makes you laugh, just because they are goofy.

Don’t repeat bad vibes or words over & over throughout the day, as Becky would say, let go, let god. Don’t dwell in other words.

Have a beer – Corona Light works well – Share it with your cat if he wants!

Write a note, not an email to someone telling them you have thought good thoughts of them.

Say hello to anyone that crosses your path today or tomorrow.

If your on a diet, eat something small that’s not on it.

Close your eyes for 10 minutes and remember something that made you happy, a time that made you warm & fuzzy.  A time that meant something to you that shook you to the core.  A time that was spent with a best friend, a finished project, a warm sunny day, a taco, a waiter that never allowed you an empty drink, a waiter that took a bite out of your hamburger.. anything positive that made the corners of your mouth turn up!

Spreading a good vibe is part of the process of creating a good self worth and a good self esteem.  My sister always said, it’s a good day when you can wipe your own back end and tie your own shoes.

Over & Out.

Comments (8)