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Remembering the man and the music – October 3rd would have been Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 54th Birthday.  I was not one of the lucky one’s to have known Stevie nor did I ever see him play live.  My husband had and said as soon as he hit his first note – the crowd was silenced.

In the past year, I have been lucky enough to have become friends with someone that grew up with Stevie and he has shared with me his feelings and thoughts.

I did this pencil sketch for Cutter – this sketch is no longer in existence.  In place of it, lie’s a scar on Cutter’s hand and a story he was terrified to share with me, it took him a week to finally call me and explain what had happened.

Why things happen is anyone’s guess – why this sketch did not get to hang on Cutter’s wall is still a mystery to me, but within that mystery a friendship was born.

The loss of Stevie in the music industry was huge, but from the stories that Cutter has shared with me, it doesn’t come close to those that knew him personally.

I can not explain the connection I feel to Stevie through his music, or the passion that drives the drawings of Stevie – I sit with empty paper and his music resonates throughout my soul and when I look down, he has come to life on paper before me.

My heart warms because I feel I have come yet another step closer to knowing the man that Stevie truly was inside.  His kindness & compassion for others can be seen within his eyes and within his hands, watching his hands wrap around the neck of his guitars as he played with power & dedication because he wanted to share his talent and share his love of music.

He gave to us that did not know him,  a gift through song, he will continue to inspire me as time moves along.  I send a silent thought up to the heavens, for him to hear how even after all these years, he has continued to bring people together..

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Stevie Ray Vaughan – 18 Years After

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial
I wept at his grave, during a Midnights slumber
He told me to be brave, I had no idea whose spell I was under

He walked with me, among all the stones
Guaranteed me,Your never alone

Its on a hawks wings, that he does soar
He has challenged me, he’s opened a door

As his hat tipped, on that final song. The music, the man, lives on strong

As time continues to pass, its his memory that will flourish, and his music that will last.
His faith, his friends…continue to grow. He stopped on in, just to let us know.

During that midnight slumber… written by: Susie
18 years ago, on August 27th, four years to the date of his father’s passing, Blues Rock lost one of the best and it’s still obvious today that Stevie Ray Vaughan is an influence to many. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, are still revered all over the world.

A statement that I read from the boxed set collection was by Stevie’s brother – Jimmie Vaughan and I am sure it still stands true to this day, “The world misses his music, but I miss my brother” Jimmie was one of the biggest influences on young Stevie which continued throughout his career. (A Jimmie & Stevie sketch is on the drawing board)

Fans of Double Trouble and Stevie Ray Vaughan have gathered for the past 13 years for The Annual S.R.V. Memorial Ride down near Dallas, this year marks the 14th Annual Event. I sent some sketches down to Cutter Brandenburg to be raffled off for this years event as well as a piece of New Zealand Bone Art that I had purchased and hung on the Stevie Statue during our visit to Austin.
If you are a fan of SRV and Double Trouble, there is a great new book out by, Craig Hopkins called Day by Day – Night after Night, this is full of great pictures and information on Stevie’s life and a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.
I am passionate about drawing, and Stevie is an influence on perfecting a talent, and he is a fantastic subject to draw. Throughout the past few years I have donated a few of my pieces to charities for different events. If I can draw and help benefit someone in need, it’s good day!
The dark day that happened 18 years ago, effected an entire circle of people. Loosing a brother, a friend, a front man in a band. Loss happens to each and every person throughout the world, it’s not as publicized because we are not all in the lime light.
The people that are in our own circles, should be remembered each day, life is short. Cherish what is in front of you, around you and honor those that influence you and those that love you.


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Passion verses Addiction

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Stevie Rays Number OneWhen we have a passion for something that we love some may call it an addiction.  It got me thinking while I was drawing this sketch of Stevie Ray and his beloved Number One Guitar.  You can’t watch Stevie playing guitar without seeing the feeling and emotion he had for it.

Cradling his ’59 Strat as if she was a fine woman, I believe it was his passion for the sound and the feeling that he created with every pick of the 13 gauge strings.

Passion = Strong feeling or emotion
Passion =  the emotion of felling very strongly about a    subject
Passion = any object of warm affection or devotion

Addiction = A chronic relapsing disease
Addiction = Physiological & Psychological compulsion
Addiction = Uncontrollable craving, seeking and use of substance

When we do something that we enjoy, I have heard it referenced before that it is an addiction? Are we crossing an imaginary bridge when moderation goes out the window?

Whether it’s drawing, playing guitar, blogging, gardening or just sitting quietly reading a book, why is it that the guilt can set in? What has driven us to the point of stereotyping our desires to think that they could be an addiction?

I suppose this is where the term guilty-pleasures was born, but why?  Why is it that we should have guilt? If we continue to do something we enjoy, we continue to grow, learn & are able to educate others by our example.

It was the many guitar players before Stevie that drove his desire to play and furthered his success.  We all have someone we look up to or aspire to, with out their passion for what they did, wouldn’t we be left in a teach less environment?

We are all teachers and we are all students, we never know what can be created if we don’t continue to learn about our passions and express them in whatever form they come in.  Keeping a positive attitude is essential in reaching our success.  When we begin to feel guilty the negativity creeps in, and that can stifle your potential.  I will say that there are circumstances that our pleasures can consume us, and the boundaries between  passion and addiction become blurred, moderation is the key..

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Universal Love – Bloggers Unite

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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray & Jimmie Vaughan – Family Style

Tick – Tock

One night while sleeping in my bed
I had a beautiful dream
That all the people of the world got together
On the same wavelength
And began helping one another
Now in this dream universal love was the theme of the day. Peace and understanding and it happened this way.

May 15th – Bloggers Unite for Amnesty International

Coming together as a whole, coming together for a common cause is what get’s things done.  When we are passionate collectively we can accomplish the greatest things we imagined.  Learning from one another the barriers and road blocks in each others worlds and those worlds that we are not even aware of because we are so concerned with our own little corner of life, is what stops us from achieving. 

I am not versed well enough on many of the topics that Amnesty International is involved in, and only became aware of the May 15th Bloggers Unite Campaign just a few days ago, I would rather leave that to the probloggers and writers to drive all those points home. 

In 1983 “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie became his first #1 Hit, in the US and in the UK with Stevie Ray on Guitar.  Uniting here were two very different styles of people and musical talent, coming together to create. 

As a team people can create beautiful things, no matter what their goals are or what they set forth to accomplish.  .

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A lasting memory of Austin

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Heart of Texas Music was one of our favorite hang out’s down in Austin.   As mentioned in my previous post, one of my Stevie Ray sketches found a home with Ray Hennig.  Never did I imagine they would be as kind to display it front & center.

House of Texas MusicWhen we left the shop on Thursday, I figured Ray would hang the picture in the back of his store, he said he did not want it to get stolen.

Well, we stopped in Saturday before we left, and when Buck held the door for me, there in the front of the store, is my Stevie.

My passion for drawing Stevie is like no other, the lines of his face and that boxer nose of his flow pretty freely with any type of pencil.  He has a unique nose, from a surgery from when he was a young child.

I am completely honored that in Stevie’s favorite guitar store, hangs one of my sketches.   The store is filled with walls of guitars and nostalgia on the wall.  I spent hours walking around and reading about all the accomplishments of Ray and many of the players that have walked through Heart of Texas Music.  1002-1004 South Lamar Street, Austin!

Sitting in the aisle where Stevie found Number One, knowing he sat there for hours felt as if we were living a piece of true blues history.  A man that had a passion, but no cash, rose to fame because of his true love and dedication to what he knew he was supposed to do.  The feelings and emotions that were part of  Stevie’s soul, came out through his music, he left us with so much of it to enjoy.

But, let’s not forget the man, listening to Ray’s stories, behind this player, was a compassionate, humble and loving person.  For those that knew him, he left a mark way beyond his music.  For those of us who didn’t, we could only hope to be as dedicated and humble to our passions, family & friends..

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Pencil Sketch of Stevie Ray Vaughan with Number One & His Signature HatYeah, I know, it’s a repeat Stevie Ray Vaughan Drawing.  I originally brought two with me to allow Cutter his choice for the SRV Memorial Ride, but on our second visit to Heart of Texas Music on South Lamar Street, and meeting Ray Hennig, I knew that this picture was to have a home in one of Stevie’s favorite hangouts, and the place he first layed his hands on his ’59 Strat.  AKA Number One, the story behind that is a great one, I will share it the upcoming days.  Stevie was in Ray’s store each and every day.  It was great to hang out and just feel the nostalgia there.

Ray Hennig was one of Stevie’s closest friends, and what a kind southern gentleman he is.  Ray took the time to share stories about Stevie and several things that went on during those beginning years, and told us the story of how he would throw Stevie a pack of strings over the counter, when he would buzz in before he was going to do a show.

As we were getting ready to leave, Ray asked Jake what strings he used, and set him up with a bag full.  I got one of the greatest compliments that I have in my life, being that Stevie is such a passion of mine to draw, Ray asked if I would inscribe it to him, as I was doing so, he put his hands over Stevie’s mouth, and said the mouth looks good, and I have seen a lot of drawings of Stevie, but you really captured his eyes, and that nose dead on.

Ray was going to hang this in the back, so no one stole it, and I inscribed it – To: Ray, thanks for sharing your stories.

Susie Kleiner

~ Soul to Soul from Austin !.

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Austin, Texas, The SRV Ride & Bone Art

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After a long March, caulked full of bad news, the good news is, we will be in Austin, TX as you read this.  I am a huge fan of the book, Can’t Stop a Comet, by Cutter Brandenburg and have emailed with him back & forth since I purchased his book.  Pencil Sketch of Stevie Ray Vaughan with Number One & His Signature Hat

Some will argue, it’s not all about SRV, but it is about life, and it is about dedication of what friends and people do for one another.  The book is full of information of Cutter’s life on the road, and the people he met, and how they touch his life.

Life is short, NO DOUBT, take that for what it is,  use it, live it, learn it, and continue to grow it.  There is no going back in life, you may be able to correct the wrongs, but you will not be able to re-live the moment. Cherish the people around you and enjoy life. 

Stevie Ray is an icon, he is a legend, his music will envoke in you a person you never knew existed, take the time to listen.  My friend Danny over at Guitar Players Center takes time, each and every night, not only playing his own stuff, but playing the licks, the riff’s and the melodies of those that have shaped our world with music as great as Stevie, Jimi, Lighting and Buddy Guy, plus many, many more. 

As you read this, I am hopeful that I will be meeting up with Cutter and will be able to give to him the piece above, so it can be auctioned off at the 14th Annual SRV  Memorial Ride, along with a brand new piece of Hei Matau Bone Art from New Zealand.   I worked on this piece in one afternoon, dedicated and decided, that this would be the one that I would donate, it shows off the fine Hei Matau Bone Art that Stevie worn later in his career. 

WOW.. that’s truly why I have been drawing this magnificient man.. his bone structure is like no other, the boxer nose, the fine eyes, and those to die for big, beautiful Vaughan hands! When you watch Stevie, take a peek at his arms.. the veins popping and the hands just don’t stop as they hit those notes and cords with astounding passion and love for the music he has left us with. 

~ Soul to Soul


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Chase away your blues with SRV

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Drawing

Many years after Stevie’s death, Rolling Stone ranked him #7 out of 100, in their list of Greatest Guitarist of all time.

What makes a great musician? As in anything we do, I belive it is the passion behind what we are doing that drives us to greatness.  Life certainly can have it’s share of trials and tribulations, for some way more than others.  I wrote of Wellness Wednesday a few posts back, when you have the blues, winter blues or otherwise, remember your passions in life, and sink into one of them.  Even if it is only for a glimmer of a minute. 

I found this picture of Stevie many years ago and it has always been a favorite of mine.  Yes, I have always been attracted to “attitude”, this is a picture of Stevie that carries that attitude and the swagger of an outstanding musician.  The intesity that Stevie played with is incredible.   I have said it before, and I will say it again, if you have not watched Hug You, Squeeze You, go look it up on YouTube, at one point in the video the camera shoots him at an upward angle, and he glimpse’s directly into the camera, you can literally see the passion of the song in his eyes. 

I was working on this piece that was done with a woodless graphite, 97 4B with an extreme amount of shading.  I got to his muscular chest, and sat thinking, what the heck is wrong with this? I realized, I had his peacock tattoo drawing backwards, as well as his famed belt buckle, “The End of the Trail”, which still is backwards on the sketch above.

Take today to chase away your blues!

~ Soul to Soul – Susie.

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Entrecard Contest with a bonus

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100 Stevie Ray Vaughan PlateEntrecard Credit’s going on the auction block, along with my commemorative plate of Stevie Ray Vaughan and a blog review from Bloggeries!  I decided to do throw a contest, to turn over some of my art stock, this hand crafted plate was done by a woodsmith that lived next door while I was growing up.

The sketch was done in graphite pencil and a bit of charcoal.  To qualify for the 100 entrecard credits and the plate, which will be mailed to you via priority mail

To enter the contest – 

Comment on any post that you choose on Pencil Drawing Sketch Art make sure you make reference to the contest.

Stumble this post with a review

Pick any post on Pencil Drawing Sketch Art and blog about it. 

It doesn’t have to be long, just a ditty on Custom Pencil Sketches or what you may like about a particular piece.

I will choose the winner through and once I do will notify you by email – to obtain where you would like the commemorative plate sent to as well as the 100 entrecard credits and your review will be taken care of by Rob over at the Bloggeries Forum

Contest will end February 22nd!.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan's Hat – Painting

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Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Hat PaintingIt is titled “Top-Shelf SRV Music”  from Vintage Guitar Magazine

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Friends was released a few months back, and IMHO, no matter what Stevie plays on, or who Stevie played with, his style and his sound was always recognizable.

A true fan thirsts for the next album, the next concert, and the next street side appearance but in the case of our late great blue’s legend that will not be happening, we can only continue to enjoy what has been released and continue to be hopeful that there is more hidden in the archives and estate.

Have we heard better Stevie? I would say absolutely, someone gave me a track of Stevie performing I’m Crying and the lyrics are classic  heartache, soul searching and down to the knitty gritty of blue’s music.   The track I got, seems to date back some many years, but is it signature Stevie, I can hear it, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to at least one of his famous tunes and the scream of his guitar shakes my bones.

Everyone can critique Stevie & Friends in their own way, but for those of us who; no matter the day, no matter the mood, when you hear that first cord hit, you immediately feel a smile embrace your being, and you instantly are thrown into the depths of what Stevie Ray Vaughan was all about.  He was a man that walked a road not much different than most of us, with questions and uncertainty as he states in his AA speech on page six  he says….

I used to think that if it wasn’t done my way, that it was completely wrong and it couldn’t be anything close to right because you just didn’t know. I know it’s kinda, it’s…sometimes I found out that it’s real comfortable not knowing everything…

Chew on that a little my husband always says to me.. stop being an “in-charge”  do something that envokes your passions, do something that you love, and remember…..once in awhile, to use the words…”no doubt” they can be profound.  

I will confess, the spirit that guides me through life, aka – guardian angel, spirit guide… always uses the expression, “no-doubt” so I felt it fitting to add that to the bottom of Stevie’s Ray Vaughans Hat.. No Doubt, either don’t doubt what’s in front of you, or in awe.. you can sit back and revel in what is truly a miracle happening around you.

I painted Stevie’s Ray Vaughans Signature hat, because of it being an icon and a statement. I started this many months back on a solid semi-gloss back ground of a shabby piece of particle board, it had divets and grooves, that lent a bit of a challenge factor to the entire piece, trying to get the curves of the hat correct.  This was done entirely in acrylics, with a smidge of enamel paint for the edges of the hat, and the feather for texture.  .

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