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Pencil Sketch from Photo of Sting

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This particular pencil sketch was done for Becky – Pencil Sketch of Stingfor those of us who know her, we know there are no others like her, Diana, the comment box is waiting for you….

I drew this on a rainy sunday afternoon knowing Becky’s birthday was coming.  With plans to go see Sting in concert I thought it was a great way to send her off for her weekend adventure to Washington. 

I first started out with several pictures of Sting, and have one where he sat solemly on a set of city stairs, in one quick view it looked like him, but this one captured his essence, it captured something celestial that Becky is all about with a little bit of help from photoshop, I added the moon in the background.  This pencil sketch was done with a woodless graphite pencil HB.

When I first met Becky from what I heard of her, I was not sure we would get along, it was.. Becky – The Woman, The Myth, The Legend all in an hour and a half interview.  I did not know whose shoes I was filling nor did I know if I could stand in them and walk with as much grace.   I never imagined what a true and honest person that I was about to meet.  I owe alot of my knowledge on SEO and Internet Marketing to her, and her thirst for knowledge was a driving force in my insatiable quest as well.  A friend that I will carry with me, no matter what road I choose to travel.  No strings, no judgement, and NO DOUBT!

Soul to Soul ~.

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Comments (3)