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Close to You – Pencil Sketch From Photo


Couple In Love SketchI chose that title, because if you have not heard the song by Stevie Ray Vaughan or The Doors, please check it out.  It’s throaty, heartfelt blues.

It’s by Willie Dixon who had an influence over many musicians worldwide.

I wanna be close to you baby as I can get
Close to you baby as water is wet
Close to you baby as hair on your head
Close to you babe you better believe what I said

This is Miguel & Lleraldy and from his words to me, this is why he had this picture drawn, in his own words, let his lady hear them…

I chose this gift because I think its something unique, its not something you get as gift all the time, not like just a regular ole picture in a frame and these kind of drawings are hard to get sometimes and sometimes people don’t make em look alike.  So I think its something people will appreciate and I think that every time my girlfriend sees this sketch it will remind her of that special day, because this is a unique gift, so that’s why I chose this gift.

Now…I can tell what this person means to me.

Lleraldy means so much, she just plain and simple makes me happy.  She can turn my worst days into better ones with just a aimple  smile.  She’s a great and special person in my life and I’m very thankful for that.  She deserves the best and I want her to have the best Birthday ever.  I’m always gona be here for her and….. I LOVE HER!

Happy belated birthday Lleradly – I have had many conversations with many people through-out the country and through out life, and Miquel’s excitement and enthusiasm over this project made it easier!

When I do a sketch from a photo it’s a little tough, being self taught,   Many people do not grasp the concept that this is a sketch and not a photograph, it’s an artist’s interpretation, when I am given pictures of people, it sometimes is hard to see the real person behind the photo,  this project was one that through Miquel’s  excitement came to life very easily..

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As much as drawing and painting from picture reference is a big part of my process, nothing beats drawing or painting from life. I completely relate to the lack of a full understanding afforded by a photograph and that anytime an artist puts pen to paper interpretation is brought to bear. Not everybody might understand that, but I certainly do.

Very nice sketch!

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Every couple that’s in love should share the same excitment. There is nothing perfect in this world of ours. We have to make so, for ourselvies Live,Laugh,Love


This is truly beautiful.
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their eyes are very important


.-= soulMerlin´s last blog ..Happiness 5 ~ A Summer’s Day =-.


I agree with what Miguel said in that pencil sketches are a “unique gift” compared to a photograph. Sketches capture more than just a photograph – I believe they capture feeling also.

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