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Couldn't Stand The Weather


My husband called the other morning and wanted me to put out a missing person’s report on one of his appendages, he stood in the brutal wind helping the commuters at the local train station with the fare boxes.

It was -7 that is “NEGATIVE SEVEN” degree’s here in the windy city and it’s outlying suburbs. What the heck am I doing here? What the heck is this weather good for I ask myself? I think of those penguin’s from March of the Penguins, and I wonder to myself, WTH good is it when you can’t even enjoy the outdoors, whose cruel joke is this?

As we head into Christmas the snow is flying and I long to sit in that blue hammock up there, our’s will be spoiled by the snow, and sadly he will most likely miss most of Christmas – so those of you that may be in the snow covered cold area’s, remember your workers out there that make those streets passable.  Give them a hot cup of coffee, a wave and a smile, or give them a winning lottery ticket so we can get the hell out of dodge!

A Stevie favorite – Couldn’t Stand the Weather and pretty tough to play from what the “boy’s” tell me.

All these years you and I’ve spent together,
all this, we just couldn’t stand the weather…..

Cheers to my husband for being out of these day’s sweetheart, Christmas will be in the tropics..

Peace & Merry Christmas.

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Ah, SRV, I don’t think the song was really about the weather.
Buck has a real mans job which means he is a slave to the weather.
He is a hero to the folks in your town. They would be F’ed without people like him.
Susie I know you will enjoy your holiday, make it so for your boy and husband. I am so great-full to have gotten to know you over the last year. A friendship that will last a lifetime and more.


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Oh, by the way it will be 78 degrees today and clear. Maybe you should spend Chritmas here next year!!

Dannys last blog post..More: Build a Guitar That Hits All The Right Notes


@Danny – I am glad those Jimi & Stevie notes continue to resonate from your house as well! Truly a bond that can’t be broken – for all those that they have touched and brought together.

My glass goes up, my heart sings and I wish you a happy holiday season my friend!

EVEN though – you don’t need a jacket or mittens.. I still love ya! I may be knocking on your doorstep soon! Get out the beer and the strat!


Whatever it may be…. creations is creation. If we talk about paintings, it is the fact that pencil sketches explains the truth than colored one and have experienced about it.

After all it is an art to show your creativity without pouring the colors and make it live from the nature…

Decent articles and creativity I have seen on your blog.

Thanks for invoking my memories that has been hidden from last 2 years…

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It is cold over here as well. I’m spending Christmas in Glasgow, where our show is…and it’s Freezing!

No matter about your husbands appendages…Yesterday there was a knock on my door and I opened it to find a small brass monkey, enquiring if there was any welding available.



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Brad: thanks, Brad.Jeff: I agree 100%. As much as I like Wood’s “straight” stuff, my pesaonrl fav is his cartoonier, big-foot stuff. He was just so damn good at it — he had the cartooning chops, but also the illustrative skills to take that stuff to the next level. I always think his work was most alive when he was cartooning. Teddy and the Pirates is FANTASTIC. Just like his Black and Blue Hawks and all the rest. And I’ve thought about the Prince Valiant question too. I remember reading Foster’s response to Wood’s sample, saying he thought Wood was an excellent fantasy artist, but not suited for the realistic and historical aspect of P.V. I wonder what would have happened if Wood had got it too – lord knows he idolized Foster. At that era for Wood, in the early 70’s, it might just have been the turning point for him: instead of banking on Bakshi making a film of the Wizard King, he might have lived out his life in peace doing Valiant…or gotten restless and gotten in a fight with the syndicate or Foster. Foster was, after all, one hell of a hands-on kind of guy with Valiant.


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