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Custom Pencil Sketch from Photo


Custom Pencil Sketch from PhotoThis is my son Jake, when we were in Puerta Vallarta last February.  We stayed at Club Meza Del Mar.  Which, I would highly recommend for anyone that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. 

Club Meza Del Mar was one of the first hotels to offer all- inclusive.  I have to say, the breakfast was over the top with variety.   The rooms are spacious, we stayed in a 2 bedroom suite.  Could you get better accomodations? Yes, but it is well worth the price.  We did not spend alot of time in the room, it could use improvements for sure, but if you are planning on alot of beach Vallarta Adventures whale watching trip.time, this is the place to stay.

This picture of Jake was  taken after a long day of whale watching and lunch & a snorkeling attempt at Las Caletas, it was extraordinary and absolutely beautiful little getaway and we had several whales that were following the boat, here is a baby that surfaced.  

I started this drawing a few months back,  and figured I would post it showing some points that need improvement.  If you look at Jake’s eye, you will notice that he does not appear to be looking completely forward, and that is throwing it off as an exact replica.  I used  charcoal on this drawing and had a heavy hand in the shading and blending. I need to adjust the tip of his nose as well, as you can see I have not captured the little ball on the end of his nose. 

I often have the problem of using to heavy of a hand with outlines and shading, which will cause issues, when you need to go back and erase and re-draw.  A lighter touch at the beginning of the drawing will help when you are starting out, it is so much easier to correct your mistakes..

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