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Dallas Cowboys Release Terrell Owens


terrell-owensDallas Cowboys Release Terrell Owens

The move to cut Owens comes a season after the team gave him a four-year, $34 million extension that included a $12 million bonus. When asked about now cutting the receiver, one Cowboys source said, “It was the right thing to do,” alluding to the fact that the team is trying to create a more harmonious locker room..

A more harmonious locker room? With that amount of cash, who wouldn’t be harmonious?

These type of stories just amaze me, with the nightly news being filled with stories of folks loosing their homes, unable to feed their kids, yet, there is this amount of cash swirling around the locker rooms across the country.

I continue to wonder, how we got into such a crazy mess…

Is this type of mess all because of ego?

What makes one person worth a 12 million dollar bonus? And another person worth only 50,000 a year?  You can only live in one room, so why is it that over the last decade people needed 30,000 square feet of living space?

I would really like to understand how these salaries can be at such a premium when so many are struggling.  I’d also like to understand how at these salaries, why people can’t get along and why they continue to screw up such opportunities..

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Susie, the market demands the price. Lots of guys don’t earn their worth.
TO was a bad egg. every team he played for could not get rid of him fast enough, despite his great talent. Maybe he would look good in a Bears uniform!! lol. Not in “The Burgundy and Gold”, bad colors for him!!’

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I could not agree more Susie ~ I think we are all in a fine old mess because we have lost our sense of priorities. We can condone the payment of what seems an obscene amount of money, to someone in the entertainment business, yet begrudge paying others who support communities and work their butts off all their lives, whilst just keeping their heads above, with income tax demands, gas, electricity, food…..

….bankers were paid well and we used to respect them.

We are all in a mess and the culprit is Greed


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i think this was the right move, he had a lot of dropped passes last season, and he’s an emotional liability so i say they did the right thing, used him and lost him before he blew up. the cowboys won hot potato.

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