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Digging a Grave


How do you become associated to people’s work online in cyber space, the blogosphere or online marketing?

Through Social Networking by connecting with a variety of people and making friends through various networks.  But yet, the rules and regulations seem to change daily, or do not apply for the small & medium fish in the sea as they do for the whales.

On-Line social networking activity has come to the forefront in the last year, connecting people of similar interests as well as completely different niches, beliefs and opinions.

With the millions of blogs and websites that now grace our online world, can we possibly keep up with all the reading material that is at our fingertips from our friends in our networks? Sometimes we may over look a feed that comes through and miss something we really like.

Many social networking sites offer a way to “shout” out what you are doing, or give you a simple thumbs up button to pass along to your friends to let them know you are interested in a specific piece of online material.  Why is it now, with these functions being in place, that it’s the little guys that suffer, get banned and get booted from the system, to loose what they have worked so hard to acquire.  Enveloping their time in getting their reputations back?

It is people that drive the social networking sites, but who is it that deems they are not worthy to be able to submit what they feel is a good cause? If we have a good cause and want to get the word out, with the functions in place to be used, why are so many suffering from a ban of the material they feel is legit?

How can the small and medium fish get the word out there for someone to take notice, social networking was developed for this very purpose.  Who is rewarded on the social networking sites? Who get’s the notoriety? How do they get it?  Why is it that so many of the same people are the one’s that are always on the top and don’t get banned?

Many questions from a fairly new blogger….I am sure I am not alone.

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Mmmmm…not sure I have the answers to your questions as I’m not too hip on the whole social networking thing.

My observation is that the social networking gig is highly time consuming. I don’t know how people keep up with multiple networks. I can only keep up with one or two and not very well at that.

I think some people do a lot of it from work, perhaps? Dunno…



I am working on a site which try to solve many of the problems with
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The main problem with digg is the voting system.
When only top voted stories get on the front page it has
to be a subject that many can relate to,
which result in stories with a low information content.

Crowdnews solves this by using sharing instead of voting.
Every have a personal news page on which they can subscribe to other users and when those users share stories they will appear on the personal news page.

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I totally get what you are saying. When I started I tried to do the social networking thing but I gave up because it just took too much of my time…I guess in order for me to get dug or stumbled, I need to produce an article for mass consumption.

chriss last blog post..My Back


Simply, I would rather have six people who read my blog posts thoroughly and entered interesting and helpful comments, than 60 social butterflies.


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