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Everyone has a story to tell


Everyone does have a story to tell, but do we have the time to listen.

Terry Reid, started out with the Jaywalkers early on in life, coming into the public eye when the Jaywalkers were a supporting act for the Rolling Stones.  When Jimmy Page took notice of Terry Reid, he was interested in getting him for The New Yardbirds, which became Led Zeppelin – Reid had previous commitments and suggested Page contact Robert Plant, history was written.

Retiring his solo career in 1981he concentrated on session work for some time. Eventually he returned to the UK for a tour in 2005 one venue billed him as  “A Man with a Hell of a Story to Tell

Those stories that make us who we are, the stories about what makes us tick, do we share those enough with people around us?  Taking the time to remember those that touched our lives in a way that makes us smile? Do we do things for people that they will want to share with others what happened to them because of something we did? Something good, something self-less.  I read a post that Benny at Ya-ttitude wrote, 10 Suggestions for Success and point number 5 is a great way to start creating that Story to Be Told.

We – my husband, son and I ended up in Austin last March, as many of my readers know, the trip was fallout from my husband being denied vacation, even though he has twenty seven years seniority and loosing a lot of cash because of the cancellation it prompted me to book something else.  I knew Austin because of my love for Stevie’s Music and many of the other players that go through that town on their road to success.  The mantra is Keep Austin Weird and the Home of the SRV Statue right up my alley.

This is when I met Ray Hennig – A man that has a story to tell, if you don’t know about his career, and are ever in Austin, the walls are filled with newspaper articles, accomplishments and history.  A man that took time to tell me his story, has given me a story that I tell.   My son got to play every guitar he could ever dream of, I shook hands with a man who was friends with someone that I never got the chance to see perform, his entire establishment is filled with warmth, nostalgia and great people.  I have to say, Ray & Mary Jo Hennig are that “generous number 5 in Benny’s post” –

Mary Jo Hennig recently donated some guitar picks to go along with my “Little Soul for Christmas Ornament” Thank you for your generosity….

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Awesome – Awesome!!! Great history in this blog and boy it could have changed if Terry came on and didn’t advise Jimmy page to call on Robert Plant.

Frank Js last blog post..Cyber Bully Mom on Trial


What a generous referral. Little did he know!
No telling where he would be now if he took up on the offer!

Danel R. Lehrmans last blog post..My ‘Experience’ Will Last a Lifetime


Great story!!! Love reading your blog.

Deb DiSalvos last blog post..Are you ready to rock???


Hi Susie ~ A great opening paragraph

“Everyone does have a story to tell, but do we have the time to listen.”

That is food for thought…especially with older people who just want to have a chat, when we feel we must get on with things.

Just to slow down and listen can make someone so happy.


soulMerlins last blog post..Obama and the Great Bear


You certainly hit the nail on the head with your post. Very few of us make the time to hear each others stories and our lives would be so much richer if we did. Thanks so much for reminding me of this.


I love the opening lines of this post. Listening is a rare, precious skill.
Terry will be back in the UK again this year in May, here’s the link if you’re interested:
His gigs are worth catching. A true lost legend.

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