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Eye of the "TY"ger


Ty Hurd

Sitting on the famous steps that Rocky trained on in front of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, sits a blogger by the name of Ty Hurd, I first ran across him on the Entrecard forums, reading his blog from time to time and picking up some great pointers.

I would also stumble upon him as well, and we got to chatting back and forth and he sent me a link to The Top Affiliate Challenge, where he is a contestant for the web’s first real time reality show, which will be starting to film in July.

Ty’s story of the how, what and why he joined this challenge inspired me to morph him into a place he belonged, he wanted something, and has gone after it.

Being an avid reader of John Chow he opened his feedreader one morning….and read about the Top Affiliate Challenge, a point where he pondered what he wanted to really do with his blog, be content with it as it was, or take it to the next level.
Ty HurdWell, as you can see he decided he was going to climb those stairs, and get to that next level, I get the impression, there are no stairs to steep to climb for this guy.

He did a few auditions, and they went extremely well, but his latest one, a Spoof on Mythbusters video, has as of this morning given him a score of 79.10, which is 10 points higher than the 2nd place runner up.

Ty’s excitement to work with the man that actually inspired him to begin blogging has been a driving force behind the great video’s that he has used as auditions.

Receiving the highest score from the producers of over 150 other video’s was an accomplishment in itself” said Ty.

Staying in the top 10 to become a contestant Ty is continuing to strive for success.  With dedication and flare, this is one guy that deserves to be heard.  Check out his latest audition clip and while your there, hit the number 10 and vote,  give him some kudo’s for seeing what it was he wanted, and going for it.

A phrase you will see often in Ty’s blog is…”just take action and see where it takes you.



Hey Susie,

WOW – I’m so flattered. The sketch came out great! I can’t thank you enough for your help, your votes, and all all your Support in general. It means the world to me!!!

Keep on keepin’ on! Your art rocks and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!



I don’t know which one to praise, the clip or the drawings…I guess I’ll do both. Great Job you guys.

Chriss last blog post..Prom Night


Ty is a great guy, he deserves it!!


@Chris – Thank very much
@Teasas – I think so too, and have only known him for a short while, but who.. pizazzz is his style!


Wow! great drawing & great vid! Love the play on words in your caption. Both of you are amazingly creative.


well done ty , that was really good
and the vid really puched you to the top 🙂

ameos last blog post..manage passwords / arting ads [ firefox ]


well friend really loved your blog.indeed very best design i have seen.
i do review other websites in my site.u can chek the blog promotion section of my blog. and also would you like to have a link exchange with me.
hope to hear from u.
have a nice blogging time


[…] First off, a big, fat, huge,  gargantuous, googleplexian large danke to Susie from!!!  Not only is this woman an incredibly gifted artist, a talented writer, and an all around great person, but she’s been a huge supporter of mine during my endeavor to get on the Top Affiliate Challenge.  Besides voting for my like every singe day, she was kind enough to do an incredible drawing representing my campaign and post about it on her blog. […]



Awesome post and the sketch is pretty cool also, looks just like him. I’m Devin Hunter another top affiliate challenge reality show contestant. Ty is a good guy and someone to vote a “10” for. While you are at, I have aligned with Ty, so feel free to vote Devin Hunter a 10 also. Check out the site while you are there, catch up on the blog and the forums.

Devin Hunter

Devin Hunters last blog post..This was Fun, you should do it too!


[…] touching others lives through written word.  A few months back, I did a post on a blogger – Ty Hurd I had drawn a picture of Ty to promote his online campaign to win the Top Affiliate Challenge.  He […]


She is absolutely goergous! I swear you must hire models for your sessions I love the pictures that include her darling little girl as well. What a special time with wonderful memories captured by you!!


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